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Samurai's Appliance Brand Recommendations, 2nd Edition
  April 2013
Presents another award-winning issue of...
Samurai's Updated Appliance Brand Recommendations
Huzzah!  The long winter has ended and your quest is at an end:  The Samurai reveals the Good, the Bad, and the butt-Ugly in the Second Edition of his coveted and ballyhooed Appliance Brand Recommendations white paper.  
Don't be a sucker for the appliance manufacturer's marketing hype-- get the low-down straight from the horse's ass himself.
Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen: Enchilasagna
Do you like enchiladas?  How about lasagna?  Well, what could be better than both of these combined into an awesome belly-filling dish of Enchilasagna?  Mrs. Samurai shares another of her secret recipes in Mrs. Samurai's kitchen.  
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