Fall 2012 Newsletter
It's Your Platform. Own It.
It’s the height of the election season.  Candidates and the parties are all a buzz about platforms – the set of actions and ideas they support in order to appeal to the voting public.
The idea of carefully and consistently communicating who you are and what you believe in order to appeal to others is an often overlooked component of attracting top talent in an increasingly competitive market.
While a political candidate has months (if not years!) to communicate and appeal to voters, hiring managers have only weeks (if not days!) to appeal to top talent.  Being presumptive about what prospective talent knows about you and your company is never a winning approach.  It gives others the opportunity to define you in the candidate’s mind.
Latest from the Blog
Here are a few recent posts from The Pachera Group Blog about interviews and career management:

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The Moment Your Candidacy Is Over
We’ve heard press and pundits over the years declare a candidate’s race for the job over – often after a ‘one-liner’ or a paragraph where they say something either too vague or too stupid for the populous to give them a second chance. Guess what?  It happens all the time in interviews too... Continue Reading
Talent is your most valuable asset.
The talent for finding it is ours.™
What Your ‘Advance Team’ Says About You

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Get Out the Vote!
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Job Postings
Our team is in full swing – here’s a sampling of what we’re working on now:
VP of Experience: Online retailer with a strong identity is looking to bring their experience to the next level
Windows8 Exec: Build a team on the newest platform.
Head of Marketing: Well-polished and articulate star will shine bright with this award-winning cloud service marketplace company with global reach.
VP Finance: Join this fast-growing early stage SF SaaS company as their top financial exec and build a world-class team.
Innovation Director:  Ideate and develop advanced product and service concepts for the connected home space with an iconic global brand.
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