It has been a fantastic year for Hey Elbow. This spring they released their debut album ”Every Other” and since then they have been constantly on tour. Sweden, UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland and this fall they are, amongst many other shows, also going to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Brazil. Large is the crowd that has been wrapped in their landscape. 
After the singels ”Blanca", ”Martin" and ”Ruth" we are now releasing the new ”Rael" together with a genius video directed by Björn Wahlström. Roller dancing through a working class Malmö. Welcome home. 
Hey Elbow - Rael
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2015-09-09: Ja Ja Ja - Molotow - Hamburg (DE)
2015-09-10: Ja Ja Ja - Flux Bau - Berlin (DE)
2015-09-18: Chateau Neuf - Oslo (NO)
2015-09-19: Debaser Strand - Stockholm (S)
2015-10-01: Waves - Vienna (AU)
2015-10-09: Söderhamns Teater - Söderhamn (S)
2015-10-28: Stormvarning - Royal - Eskilstuna (S)
There is no legitimate reason to talk about time when it comes to the revolution. It is ongoing, continuing and without end. What would we be if we reached our goal, what would be left of us. What remains if we eliminate the struggle. Maybe it is better to embrace the eternal longing and instead slowly participate in the extended, but never ending destillation of the world. Like the offspring between Dumas three musketeers and the Herrey Brothers they work in the dark, refusing to give up, and willing to fight if they need to fight. They will probably be the last one of us standing.
Björn Wahlström - Video director. 
With their foundations in jazz and musical education, combined with an interest in noise, improvisation and freedom, they make oddly haunting pop music with a unique and personal expression. None and all of the three members are fronting the band, a democratic philosophy that gives the flugelhorn as much space as the singing, the electronics and the drums. 
Atmosphere and weight, emotional charge, beautiful melodies and a minimal restraint in combination with a joyful experimentation production-wise, are all contributing components which make it hard to forget Hey Elbow once you’ve heard them.
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