04/09 Machineries Of Joy live @ BodyBeats Night @ Bar Mondial

BodyBeats Productions presents:

Machineries Of Joy - Live!

(100% E.B.M.)

(presenting new album)
A evening filled with beats, bleeps and chants .... A night to remember for the electroheads amongst you!
Doors: 21h00                                                       Damage: € 8
Afterparty as usual with DJ BOYTRONIK & ALBI VOOMBASTIC!
12/09 The Klinik + Vomito Negro + Monolith @ Muzik Kantine

BodyBeats Productions & Musik Kantine



We are pleased to announce our first joined venture festival with our friends and colleagues from the renowned South German club Musik Kantine (Augsburg). They will have indeed the honor to host the first club concert ever, since the reunion, from Electro / EBM Legend THE KLINIK. With the other resurrected Belgian cult band VOMITO NEGRO and electro wizard Eric Van Wonterghem’s solo project MONOLITH it's almost an exclusive Belgian Electronic Body Beats festival. Luckily Ant-Zen Kultact P.A.L. is representing the German beats too! After the gigs you get even more Electro, EBM, Industrial, Minimal & New Wave with DJ Thono, NT (Augsburg) and the Pagan DJs (München). More info on www.musikkantine.de
19/09 DJ Borg + DJ Boytronik Limelight Nights @ Aalmoezenier

BodyBeats Productions & Hivemind Productions


(Every 3rd Saturday of the month)

On these nights, obviously inspired by the legendary parties at Antwerp’s Wave/Goth/Electro temple of the '90's ‘Limelight/Follies’, we try to revive the atmosphere and ambiance of those club nights without being, just like then, too narrow-minded!
will spin some of the best danceable Wave/electro/industrial & alternative music that is out there.
Guest DJ ANGEL-X (Syndroom/Kompas) will spice up the evening!
YOU are ALL invited to come and party!
And … oh ... yeah! Don't forget to put on those school uniforms girls!

02/10 Body Electric + Lizard Smile @ BB nights @ Bar Mondial

BodyBeats Productions presents:

(THE Sister Of Mercy tribute cover band)

(Glam-Goth-Rock presentig new album)

Openers of the night are LIZARD SMILE who will present us their 2nd and brand new album 'Wayward'. All those who missed out on their fantastic performance at the Gothic Festival this summer, be there! BODY ELECTRIC on a stage filled with smoke can fool even the biggest Sisters Of Mercy fan. The only difference being they enjoy playing all those SOM classics for you!
Poison Door: 21h00                                  Damage Done: € 8

13/10 VNV NATION - Faith, Power & Glory @ Hof ter Lo / Trix

BodyBeats Productions is proud to present

(Electro-Future-Pop, UK)
support bands tba
With their successful concert in 2007, in front of an almost sold out Hof Ter Lo, in mind and the new album 'of Faith, Power & Glory' out, we at BodyBeats decided make them pass by Antwerp once more.

Doors: 20h00                                                 Concerts: 21h00 
Damage : € 22 / € 25              Tickets & info: www.bodybeats.be
27/11 MESH - A Perfect Solution - Tour 2009 @ Hof ter Lo / Trix

BodyBeats Productions is proud to present

(Electro-Synth-Pop, UK)
+ INFORMATIK + more bands tba
Bristol's e-pop-icons MESH are back! It's been three years since MESH released their last studio album, the highly acclaimed "We Collide". Now, working with Dependent Records (Europe) and Metropolis Records (North America), the band is back with a new single, a new tour, and a new album: "A Perfect Solution".
The perfect occasion we thought to have this Electro-poppers rocking Hof Ter Lo for the first time!
Doors: 20h00                                                 Concerts: 21h00 
Damage : € 20 / € 23              Tickets & info: www.bodybeats.be
And a grasp of some more things to come ...

12/09 VOMITO NEGRO + MONOLITH + THE KLINIK @ E.B.B. Festival - Augsburg - D
19/09 LIMELIGHT NIGHTS @ Den Aalmoezenier - Antwerp - B
12/12 VOMITO NEGRO + THE KLINIK @ Downhill Festival - Sittard - NL
19/12 BIMFEST 2009 @ Hof ter Lo / Trix - Antwerp - B
So, musical & party friends, that's all for now ... But rest assure ... there's is still more to come!

Check our website www.bodybeats.be for more info and even more upcomming concerts!

Thanks for your time and support!