IAHF List:
Within this alert, I include this very controversial article, and my most detailed thoughts on how all of us can defend ourselves successfully against the unbridled evil discussed within it....
As a natural born iconoclast, its probably easier for a rebel like me to fight back against the elements of coersion than it is for some of you. I had the advantage of growing up in a military family where life was,shall we say, Darwinian- it was truly a "survival of the fittest" situation in which my Navy commando father often woke up the whole house while screaming bloody murder due to some flashback from his time in the Pacific during WW2 where he lost over half his men, and where he was relentlessly bombed by Japanese planes and where he led an elite unit called Argus Unit 1 as a preinvasion landing Task Force that is a big reason why we still speak English in America.
From dad I learned that Freedom is never free- its something we must fight for every day, otherwise we could lose it. From him I learned the SEAL's motto- "Move, Adapt,or Die" and I live by that.
Dad was a functional alcoholic who stayed sober during the week, but on weekends he liked to plow through a couple cases of beer and really get plastered. At times he was violent, and dangerous like the time when I was 5 years old, and I witnessed him throw my 14 year old brother Doug through a sheetrock wall, leaving a silhoette. On the way through the wall, he hit his head on a stud and was knocked stone cold. All dad did was toss a bucket of cold water on him to revive him, and as he spluttered while coughing the water out of his lungs, dad knelt by his ear and screamed at the top of his lungs "you will never oppose me again!"
Doug's crime? Well, disobeyed dad's direct order to get his butt outside and cut the lawn (!!) We were watching the '62 Mets on the tube in the basement, and dad snapped the TV off just as our team had the based loaded, were behind by one run, there was a full count to their clean up hitter and one pitch would have decided the outcome of the game.
Navy families can be like this. Sometimes people like my dad have great difficulty separating their roles as fathers and as commanding officers.... I grew up having military inspections of my room, and if dad couldn't bounce a quarter off my bedsheets, he's really give me hell. It turned my brothers and I into rebels. I got even with dad by blowing up his cigarrettes with gasoline when I was 11 years old, and when he tried to retaliate I knocked him cold by ambushing him, by sticking a 2x4 between his legs while hiding in the bushes as he went running directly opposite me while trying to catch me in retaliation. He tripped and knocked himself cold.
The strange part about this was I honestly think dad realized from this that he'd "trained me well" because he didn't seem all that upset about it after he regained consciousness. All of this was excellent practice for fighting the New World Order!
Dad was a real life James Bond, one of the guys who trained the original Navy SEALS in '63 when President Kennedy created them. He was a cold warrior. He had a duel career as an electrical engineer at Bell Labs where he was a Defense Contractor, and one of the world's foremost experts on ICBM's and shipboard anti missile systems. He was a child prodigy who built his first ham radio by age 11, and he learned Morse code by age 9. He could speak several languages.
He is one of the reasons why the Russians never launched on us... er, at least not SO far..... that could change though, and a lot of other countries including the Chinese and North Koreans could also launch on us with the satanic Obamination's direct assistance, I might add. Dad was also a Captain in US Naval Intelligence. I am sure he is rolling in his grave as he sees the danger we're all in today with this traitorous, totally evil so called "President" who is so actively dismantling our military while doing all he can to corrupt our country.
If you'd like to read a couple of very interesting books about how the Russians are the world's master chess players who don't just play on a chessboard, but who play chess in real life with the whole world, check out New Lies for Old, and The Perestroika Deception by Anitoly Golitsyn (highest level KGB operative to ever defect to the west and watch this you tube by Colonel Lunev, the highest level GRU operative to ever defect to the west.....Its about how the Russian Spetsnaz troops intend to invade America with suitcase nukes... also read his book Through the Eyes of the Enemy...
America is weak, and we have been duped... we have been set up like bowling pins to be destroyed, totally destroyed.... Any of you who have not been planning for total societal collapse by growing food, and by getting out of the cities should seriously develop contingency plans while you still can. One way is to move here where I live and help me organize people here in Point Roberts, but you might want to check out this video by Joel Skoussen, author of the North American Guide to Safe Places as food for thought if you aren't sure what to do or where to move to.
Friends, my brother Steve was a volunteer in the United States Peace Corps where he built school houses, and drilled water wells in French West Africa for many years, working in several countries.
He wanted to be the opposite of our father. Dad was a good man in some ways, but Steve and I decided that we wanted to work for peace, to be sort of the opposite of our dad in many ways. Dad was a tortured individual, it bothered his conscience that he was involved in the development of weapons of mass destruction, and when I was 14, he flipped out and landed in a mental hospital. He killed himself the slow way, via alcohol and cigarrettes, one reason why I have made it my life's mission to educate people about health.
When Dad emerged from the psychiatric system a few months later, after violently flipping out and beating the near living shit out of a half dozen cops who attempted to tackle him when he ran amok in the lobby of Riverview Hospital in Red Bank NJ during a psychotic break, he was stripped of his Q clearance (top secret clearance), and finished out his career doing ordinary engineering work that couldn't hurt anyone, and that really helped him clear his conscience.
He was the son of two artists, and I always found it incongrous that the Navy had been so damned successful at turning this deeply sensitive and basically gentle man into a hardened killer, one of the forerunners of the SEALS, but growing up under his "command"was the best training I could ever have had for providing the leadership I attempt to provide to all of you on the IAHF list, because he taught me to think outside the box, and to survive.
I will always be greatful to my dad for teaching me to see through the mainstream news spin, and for teaching me to believe in the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and in the United States Constitution, and also for helping me see through the bullshit promulgated by scum like the Rockefellers and their ilk.
All of this brings me to this very shocking, and thought provoking article which I, as a person who hates evil, urge you all to read and to really ponder.... I'd be curious to know all of your thoughts about this...
I feel that all of us have been set up like bowling pins, and thats one reason why I moved here to Point Roberts 12 years ago. I could see the writing on the wall, it was apparent to me that one day we'd all experience the planned collapse of the US dollar and I saught this place out as a much safer place than most parts of America....
Although I distrust the Canadian government, and hate socialism, and although many Canadians have been brainwashed to be good slaves of the N.W.O., I still feel insulated by Canada from the utter madness festering in America that ushered the gay, communist, traitor known as Barrack Hussain Obama into office, and it would not surprise me much at all if our Creator unleashed his wrath on our Nation by having the Chinese, Russians and North Koreans launch on us, for we have been hijacked by evil... that much was painfully clear from what happened on 911, from the Masonic imagery on the dollar bill, and from a slew of other things that I think you've got to be pretty damn blind not to see.
Call me crazy if you want, call me "one piece short of a loaf" for thinking this way, I don't mind. I'm not asking anyone on the IAHF list to think exactly as I do, it would be a pretty damn boring world if we were all the same. I'm not demanding you become a Christian, or a Libertarian as I am. I realize that people from all walks of life, from over 60 nations, and from every sort of ethnic and philosophical and religious background are on the IAHF list, and I hope I don't piss anyone off to the point where my views alienate you.
My view though is we could prevent WW3 from breaking out if we could only get sulfur into the hands of enough people. If I could, I'd personally bring it to the Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and US government officials,and I'd urge all of them to drink it twice a day since it neutralizes acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine, and they'd be far too busy making love to continue making war.
My view is that as a group, if we could preach "the Gospel of Sulfur" to enough people,we could educate them to the fact that if you get enough oxygen into your cells, pushing the toxins out, by merely drinking sulfur water twice a day, we could seriously destroy the profits of the world's #1 investment industry: Big Pharma, and as a person who was victimized by those whores during the 4 years they had me in their clutches, I really enjoy earning a living by getting people off all of their toxic Rx drugs by helping people recreate the sulfur cycle in their bodies!
I also feel that if we could establish enough local currencies, all over America and the world similar to the Berkshare, we could really flip the bird to the UN, the Bilderberg Group, the Masons, and such satanic pieces of crap as the Rockefellers and their ilk.
Today I sent this email out to several local people here in Point Roberts in an effort to interest people in working together as a team to create a local currency as a buffer for when the dollar is crashed by the Obamination...
If any of you would like to move here to help me in my efforts to live free in an unfree world, please contact me and I can help you to move here. Of course I might boogie offshore at some point, but I might also stay here, not sure yet, am weighing many options right now....
Am sending this to all of you as food for thought in an effort to stimulate your thinking, and if you'd like to help me please buy mass quantities of sulfur, thats a good way to assist me if you can't move here to work directly with me.
Please read my letter below and forward this whole alert to more people, and please repost it to more websites! There is safety in numbers! Please encourage more people to sign on to the FREE IAHF double opt in email distribution list
and to DONATE to my efforts here.
Point Roberts Friends,
and others, everywhere, who refuse to live in chains:
Please read this narrative about Building the Cooperative Economy http://www.fourthcornerexchange.org/brief_introduction.php  and please let me know your thoughts!! I like what Francis has written here. He was part of the creation of the Brixton Pound in the UK, and I feel sure that he could deliver a thought provoking talk here on the Point about the wisdom of either creating our own alternative currency, or tying in with the one he already has in motion.
My reason for writing this morning is that I need help to awaken a sleeping Point Roberts to the wisdom of either tying in with Francis Ayley and his Bellingham based Fourth Corner Exchange, or to create our own alternative currency right here on the Point, something that I think would be much easier if we had Francis come up here to speak to a group of people that I hope PREP will formally help to assemble, perhaps via an article that we could get Meg Olsen to publish in the All Point Bulletin in order to assemble the largest possible crowd. Jeff Wilmot tells me we could rent the firehall very inexpensively, and that it would be a good place to hold a talk of this type.
I’m not looking to “walk point” on this idea of creating a local currency here on the Point, or of possibly tying in with the existing 4th Corner Exchange because I have the wisdom to realize I’m a lightening rod for controversy, but I am hoping to catalyze the idea in the hope that someone who is more respected and better liked than I am might consider being the point person to bring this forward, so if anyone can suggest someone like that, or if anyone I’m sending this to might like to be that person, that would be cool!
At the risk of appearing arrogant, I believe I can read the Tea-leaves better than a lot of people about what is actually going on in the world outside the mainstream news spin because I get paid (as a consultant) to do this by the Life Extension Foundation in Florida , and I’ve been their Defense Early Warning System (D.E.W) since the early 90s when they first hired me to handle their PR campaign that successfully kept them out of Federal Prison in the aftermath of an armed Fedstapo raid on their headquarters in which the D.E.A landed a helicopter on the roof, while the Florida State Police, the Broward County Sheriffs, the FBI, and FDA used a battering ram to knock their door down only 5 minutes before they were scheduled to open for business for the day.
You will see me prominently mentioned in Saul Kent’s account of our Victory Over the FDA.
It is very important to realize the reasons why our Foundation was raided. We were raided because we help people live long and healthy lives, which is the opposite of what the UN and Bilderberg Group want. We were also raided because we represent a massive threat to the profits of the world’s biggest investment industry, Big Pharma, which has a business with disease. (Read the article at this aforementioned link titled “Death by Medicine” by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD
It has been apparent to me for a long time that the world ruling elite seek to cull the human herd, and that they have a well oiled genocide campaign in motion even though most don’t perceive it due to their deliberate gradualness in how they are “springing the trap.” They are deliberately “boiling the frog slowly” in the hope that most of us won’t lift a finger to prepare, so we’ll all be “sitting ducks”, ripe for the slaughter when they pull the plug on the economy and we go under their intended martial law. (See this episode of Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, discussing FEMA Camps and Fusion Centers.)
Here in Point Roberts we are blessed to have numerous visionaries  including such people as Judd Meraw and Steve Wolff, two of the mainstays of PREP along with Kelly Kiniski. Please forward this to Kelly, and please let me know his email address and phone number, I’d love to go to his house to discuss this with him and Joyce. I discussed this today with Jeff Wilmot who thinks maybe Henry Rosenberg might be a good person to lead an effort to create an alternative currency here because he is very diplomatic and gets along well with everyone, and he has a lot of leadership experience due to his work with the Food Bank, so maybe someone who knows him might forward this to him?
We also are blessed to have such visionaries as George Wright, and Naomi Schucart (sp?) who have worked very hard to create the Point Roberts Food Coop, and we’re blessed to have such unselfish people as Ernie Loreen, and Henry Rosenthal who have done so much to create the local Food Bank.
I am too controversial a person here to walk point publicly on any initiative of this sort due to my very strong views against Obama who I know to be nothing more than the errand boy of our would be “Masters”. I refuse to bow down and worship any man, for me, as a Christian, that is idolatry. All Obama is is an extension of George Bush since the same corporate scum who controlled Bush also obviously control Obama,and the sooner people on the Point can grasp this very sad reality, the sooner we can all join forces, moving beyond divisive “left” v “right” labels which are INTENDED by our would be overseers to keep us all divided up so we can’t ACT in our own best interests, joining together for the common good.
My grandmother was a proud member of the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution. My ancestors were amongst the first European settlers on this continent, and they were leaders. The Agriculture school at Rutgers University in New Jersey is called Cook College, and it is named after George Hammell Cook, one of my forebears. My ancestors were amongst the first settlers of Rhode Island, and New Jersey on my father’s side, and Georgia on my mother’s side.  I know my family history because my father’s mother painted coats of arms for people, and was an expert in geneology. She loved to research family histories, so I know my own family history which helps me to feel a sense of who I am, and where I would like to go in the future. I also don’t want to ever be a slave because my ancestors had a deep sense of FREEDOM, and they were willing to fight for it. All of us today can learn a lot from their example.
 I feel culturally attunded to my native American ancestry also, I am part Narragansett, and am as much at home in the sweat lodge as I am in any Christian church. I am painfully aware of all the evil things that have occurred in the name of Christianity which I realize has been used to perpetuate genocide. I am very good friends with Reverend Kevin Annett, who has been nominated for a Nobel prize for his efforts to expose how the Church has been used as an instrument of genocide in Canada- see http://itccs.org/
The first thing we must all do here is to realize that we are an extended family. We must get PAST labels such as “left, and right” for we are all neighbors. If one our houses were burning down, I would hope we’d all just join together to put the fire out, and not worry about labels such as “left” or “right”. As a Libertarian, my view is the best government is the LEAST government, the BEST government is the one that stays out of your life and leaves you the hell alone! When I used to live in a hippy commune in Virginia called High Flowing Community, we had our own alternative currency in Floyd County called Floyd Scripp. You could do anything with Floyd Scripp. You could get your car repaired with it, you could buy a pizza, etc… It directly supported all of our business ventures at the local level since you couldn’t spend it anywhere but in our county, so it helped us all.
To get a better understanding of how an alternative currency could help all of us here in Point Roberts and in Whatcom County, and even in the cross border community in nearby Canada since the US border is a man made creation that we can ignore if we choose to, I hope more people will examine the Berkshare, which is the most well developed alternative currency in the USA- please watch this brief educational video from CBS News about how Berkshares are a recession buster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWAXQBT6dn8 The EF Schumacher Foundation (“small is beautiful”) was a driving force in the creation of this creative local currency. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a local dialogue about doing something like this here on the Point? When I brought this up to Pam Sheppard, she liked the idea, and so have several other people I’ve talked about this with.
Somehow, more of us most come to grasp the sad reality that our biggest enemy is UN Agenda 21, the population control agenda created by the world’s most powerful families for the sake of killing most of us off so that they, and their progeny, can have this planet for themselves, and they control the Federal Reserve. Yeah, I know this might seem too “far out” for some to grasp, especially for those ardent Obama supporters who just can’t grasp how something overtly genocidal could “possibly” happen “under his watch.” People must come to grips with the fact that he is not our friend, all he is is a tool of the Banksters, he’s their errand boy, he’s a skillful politician which means he’s lying whenever his lips are moving, much like any of the Bushes. As a Libertarian, I distrust both political parties equally which is why I was on this documentary film with friends from both the “right” and the “left” (Ron Paul, and Peter Defazio, two friends who I’ve been fighting the criminal FDA with for years: We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom. Anyone harboring any doubts or reservations about me should watch this film. I’ve been risking my life for the cause of freedom for years and have had attempts made on my life due to stances I’ve taken to defend access to everything we buy in health food stores.
It is my hope that a lot more people here on the Point will somehow come to grips with the fact that we now have a BIPARTISAN movement here in America against UN Agenda 21, the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control that came out of  the Earth Summit in Rio in ’92. I have read this entire document, and urge more people to familiarize themselves with it, and with the Bipartisan movement that has been courageously blowing the whistle against it.  See http://www.freedomadvocates.org www.americanpolicycenter.org  www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com
If you have the guts to watch something very controversial with a totally open mind,  please watch the videos in this expose….. not for the faint of heart!!
Does it make any sense for us to chain ourselves to the Federal Reserve, to the allegedly “almighty dollar” when it is clearly in the cross hairs of people who seek to destroy it and bring us all to our knees? Ever study the Masonic imagery on the dollar bill? See discussion:
Doesn’t it make sense for us to either tie in with the Fourth Corner Exchange, or to create our own similar Alternative Currency here for the sake of having it to fall back on when and if the shit hits the fan, something that seems increasingly likely, and by design?
I welcome any thoughts on anyone with the courage to wade through even some of what I’m saying here. Watch this video which goes into an in depth examination of the Masonic imagery on the one dollar bill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUc_cp4dmjs also see this: the real meaning behind Illuminati symbolism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNOGR-tAzSI  Wouldn’t you feel safer if we had an alternative currency here in Point Roberts to provide a buffer from these genocidal killers evil plans? I sure would!
Please forward this widely! If you’d like to discuss any aspect of what I’m saying, please call me at 0352, or if you are in Canada or anywhere in the USA at 1=800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America, or drop by my house, I enjoy talking with anyone about stuff like this, regardless of what you believe about literally anything.
Point Roberts is an extended family, this is a place where neighbors help neighbors, and no one locks their doors. It is my hope that it will always be that way, and I believe that if we create our own local currency, that it would serve as a safety net when the shit hits the fan, which I feel not only will happen, but which is also planned. All Francis told me he needs to come give a talk here about local currencies would be at least a dozen interested people!
Jeff Wilmot told me we could rent the fire hall as a place to hold a public lecture for this or almost any other purpose…. Whaddya say? Please let me know if you’re interested, I sure hope some more people here are thinking along these lines even if we’re not exactly on the same page. This just makes sense to me, and I hope it does to a bunch of you, and to some of the people I know who live far from Point Roberts who I am also sharing this with. Feel free to forward this widely, especially to more people in Point Roberts!
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
Sulfur for Health
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