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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 18, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia
October 2009

Local Council Notices
Pittwater Council has proposed that the waste service contractor, United Resource Management (URM), trial the use of a recycling collection vehicle on Scotland Island for a period of approx four recycling collection days commencing Monday, November 9, 2009.

The intention of the trial is to reduce the need for the number of recycling bins to be transported from the mainland to Scotland Island every Monday, as is currently the case, and also to reduce the risk of recyclables polluting the Pittwater waterway during transportation back to the mainland. Additionally, with the introduction of the recycling vehicle placed at Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, all of the recyclables collected during the day would be able to be recycled.

The recycling collection vehicle measures approx 10m long by 2.5m wide and it is intended to park this vehicle at the base of Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, adjacent to the incline of the road (where the general clean up materials are placed awaiting collection and trucks or vehicles park). The area on the southern side of the base of Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island (in front of the stone wall) is currently subject to investigations regarding unauthorised landfilling and proposed remediation action and is, therefore, not appropriate for the recycling collection trial. 

It is requested that this area be vacated of all building materials, equipment, trucks, vehicles, boats, etc. for the duration of the recycling collection trial days - approx 8.30am to 3pm.

If the area is not available, the trial may be limited by the need for a larger parking space for the collection vehicle.

The recycling collection process is proposed as follows:

A dual compartment recycling collection vehicle would be barged onto Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, on the recycling day (Monday) for operation between the hours of approx 8.30am to 3pm (depending on quantities collected from the households).
Recycling material would be collected from households on the Island as usual.
Once the recyclables were transported from the households to Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, they would be placed into the rear of the recycling collection vehicle so that the recyclables are kept separate within the dual recycling compartments of the vehicle.
One compartment in the vehicle would hold the paper recyclables and the other compartment would hold the bottle/container recyclables.
This process would continue until all recyclables were collected from households on the Island after which the recycling vehicle would be barged off the Island.

It is intended that this alternate collection methodology be trialed for approx four weeks prior to consideration of any permanency.

If the trial were to be successful then it would be intended that permanent signage be placed at Cargo Wharf, Scotland Island, so as to dedicate a parking space for the recycling collection vehicle each Monday between the hours of approx 8.30am to 3pm.

Please see attached “RECYCLE RIGHT” information regarding appropriate/inappropriate materials and quantities for collection or you can find this information in the Pittwater Offshore Directory.
  • Large boxes not flattened and sized to be contained in the recycle crate will not be collected. 
  • Each household should have 1 x recycling crate for bottles/pet and 1 x recycling crate for paper/cardboard. 
  • Only material contained within the recycling crates will be collected.
If any householder does not have one or both of these recycling crates, please email cassgye@spin.net.au
Comments and feedback during the trial are welcome from the Scotland Island Residents’ Association, residents and/or contractors. All comments will be considered.

Any comments should be forwarded to Council by:

Mail: PO BOX 882, Mona Vale NSW 1660
Fax: 9970-7150

Attention:  Robina Warburton
Principal Environmental Health Officer
Pittwater Council

Phone:   9970-1141
Internet: www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au

Council Proposal to Prohibit Drinking at Church Point....
Another point of view....
Dear Editor,

Thomas Stevens Reserve has been a traditional meeting place of the offshore community for many years, and indeed a meeting place of the Indigenous people of Pittwater for thousands of years.

For thousands of years however, drugs and alcohol were never part of those meetings. White settlement introduced alcohol to Indigenous Australian communities and we have witnessed the devastating effects of its abuse on the traditions, cultural practices and families of Indigenous Australians.

Members of our community have serious drug and alcohol addictions.

In response to the eloquent and passionate letter published in the PON last week our community has to get real about alcohol and drug abuse.

Pittwater Council has received 12 letters of complaint about alcohol and drug felled aggression, sexual harassment and intimidating behaviour at Church Point towards women. Of those letters 10 have been written by women in our own community.

Thomas Stevens Reserve is a meeting place for our celebrations and ceremonies. This is not the problem, the abuse of alcohol and drugs at Thomas Stevens Reserve is the problem. Pittwater Council has asked us to discuss the issue and put forward possible solutions.

Our community cannot gloss over the bad behaviour of a few individuals. Our community needs to come together and discuss drug and alcohol addiction in our community, it needs to discuss rules of appropriate conduct and engagement at Thomas Stevens Reserve so that the most vulnerable people in our community feel safe and are treated with dignity and respect.

Name withheld

You Asked..
House Sit in November.
I am looking to house-sit a property at Scotland Island for 4-6 weeks Nov onwards.
I love the area and need a quiet space to do some writing.
If it works out it could be a periodic ongoing arrangement.
References available.
Please contact Val on valdenny7@hotmail.com. or 0438600346

Val Phillips

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