Hi everyone,

With the loss to the Titans on Christmas Eve, the Bills playoff hopes are toast. But, if you had suggested in August that the Bills would be in the playoff hunt in the second-to-last week of the season, most people would have laughed at you. You know, it feels a lot like 1987 -- an up and coming team, some rough edges (and some holes) but we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Things are looking up in Bills Country, and when was the last time we were able to say that?

Now, on to the unpleasant business which is the NFL -- "No Fan Love" -- flexible schedule. The New Years Eve game against the Ravens has been moved, with only a few days advance notice, to 4:15 on Sunday. Unfortunately, the late start means that the Harp will not be able to show the game. They are having a New Years Eve party, for which tickets have been sold for $50 each, and the staff needs to close the bar at 4 pm in order to prepare.

Previously, the plan was to open the bar for the Bills game and close immediately after. But the league has put the interests of television (read: advertisers) ahead of the interests of the fans -- you know, the people that actually care about the games -- so we get screwed. Thanks, NFL. Thanks a lot.

We're working on some alternate arrangements and we'll pass them along to you if they pan out. A lot of places have New Years Eve parties scheduled so it's not a slam dunk. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year, everyone... except you, NFL!