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Dear colleagues,
As the new year begins, so does our work continue for the Smart Cities Exhibition and Conference for South-East Europe (7-9 March 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria).
In the first newsletter for 2017 we would like to introduce one of our exhibitors dealing with development of infomobility solutions, as well as some of the event's partners.
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Interview with Marina Doubell, Business Development & Customer Care, INNOVA
INNOVA is an Italian SME and this year is going to take part in the Smart Cities Exhibition. Can you tell us more about INNOVA and the solutions you are going to present at the event?
INNOVA was founded in 1989, specializing as a technology provider in the Earth Observation sector. The main remote sensing technology on which the company operates is the processing of satellite images acquired with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) used in various civil and military related applications, primarily for monitoring and control of the territory.
In recent years, the company has expanded its business by developing services and applications in the infomobility sector, and more specifically, in systems based on GPS satellite navigation and GALILEO. In this context, the company's activities are based on the use of satellite navigation integrated with other technologies (e.g. RFID, Mobile applications) for the provision of dedicated services:
  • monitoring of vehicles in the logistics, public and private transport sectors,
  • integrated management of urban waste collection cycle,
  • development of innovative solutions, including mobile apps, with a Smart Cities perspective.
At the Smart Cities Exhibition we will be presenting INNOVAMBIENTE, our solution for the Management of Urban Waste Collection based on cloud technology.
Your main activity used to be towards the space sector, including remote sensing technology, but recently you have developed new services and applications towards the mobility sector based on satellite navigation. Can you elaborate more on your newest innovative solutions in regards to Smart Cities? What type of projects have you already realized?
Our Infomobility division is expanding rapidly. We count today with three different lines of infomobility services, all innovative solutions within the Smart Cities context:
INNOVAMBIENTE, our Integrated Waste Collection solution, has been designed to aid modern society’s move towards a zero waste linear economy that maximizes reuse and recycling.
INNOVAMOBILITY is our solution for the monitoring of vehicles in the logistics and private transport sectors
BUS TRACKER, is our solution for the control and management of Urban Public Transport. The system is modular and in its most complete version integrates the management of information systems on the ground, such as intelligent e-bus stops and display totems, to provide information and multimedia.
Partners of Smart Cities 2017
Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA) is the professional facility management organization of Bulgaria. BGFMA plays a vital role in popularizing and enhancing the prestige of the Facility Manager profession in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe. As an active member of EuroFM and IFMA the Association is an organizer and participant in a variety of international events.
BGFMA represents most of the leading companies which provide full FM services – technical, infrastructural and commercial; others that provide real estate management services, as well as providers of individual services such as cleaning, IT, maintenance and others. Some of our members are companies with large property portfolios, which had elevated facility management at senior corporate level, such as banks, insurance companies, large outsourcing companies and others. In-house facility managers, as well as property and asset managers are also members of the association.
The whole information about the event partner can be found here.
  At the beginning of 2012, the polish smart grid market lived to see the inauguration of the first professional portal about the industry – Smart-Grids.pl.
On the basis of the website Smart-Grids.pl was issued magazine Smart Grids Poland. In the Smart-Grids.pl to date are published the latest information from the smart grid market. The website discussed the following topics: measurement, power management, electricity infrastructure, IT/ICT services, intelligent energy etc.  We also handle issues of legal conditions for the development of smart grids and we present trends in the market.
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