Kat Bits
This & That from January 2021
a publication of StudioKat Designs
 Issue #4
So... a lot has happened since last we "talked"... I've made really good progress on our next new pattern but what we've mostly been tied up with this month is that both my husband and I somehow managed to contract the Covid-19 virus. YUCK! We were fortunate enough to have only had relatively mild cases and we're feeling much better now. I'm still dealing with headaches & fatigue but nothing so severe that a little dreaming & scheming about quilt shows can't fix, right? And speaking of Quilt Shows, let's get started!!
2021 Quilt Show Update- Last month I shared that I found a little synopsis of what show's are still in and what show's are out for the remainder of 2021.... And then I neglected to share the link so you could read it and print it out if you liked. I know, that was dumb, so I'm making up for it now by sharing that information HERE! Sorry about that folks, better later than never, right? And speaking of which... I'm SO excited to let you know that we've added a show to our repetoire this year! It's called A Mountain QuiltFest and it will be in beautiful Pigeon Forge, TN and... I... Can't... WAIT!!!!
The Secret to Perfect Leftover Rice-
I don't know about you, but everytime I try to reheat my leftover rice it ends up like eating little pieces of.... well, gravel! That's the way it always was anyway until I ran across the PERFECT way to heat up leftover rice so that it comes out fluffy and delicious once again!  Check it out HERE!
Maybe a "Car Choir" is your Answer?  
One of the things I've MOST missed for the past year is our weekly orchestra rehearsals, but luckily we're a small group & have generally been able to meet on one another's porches during the interim, but not so for my choir "buddies"! But here's an idea you might just want to pass along to YOUR choir director?
A Brief History of Peanut Butter-
I must say that I'm not a "Nut" for peanut butter for I do enjoy an occasional peanut butter & banana sandwich! But whether you Love it or hate it, I think you'll enjoy this brief history lesson!
Effervescence fabric is FINALLY here!-  You know what's a mystery to me? How L-O-N-G it's been taking to get fabric from suppliers right now! I ordered this Effervescence fabric way back on Sept 17th, when the ErgoMatic design was still basically a gleam in my eye & yet...
it just came in this week! Yikes! As hard as this year has been on us pattern designers, I can't even imagine how much MORE difficult it has been for fabric designers! I sure hope there's a few of them left to inspire us when this mess is over but in the meantime, if you've been waiting for this fabric to arrive, you can find out more about it and order some HERE
2020- the Year in "Things"Who would have guessed last year at this time that these 10 things would come to rule our lives in 2020? Click HERE to see if YOU agree?
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In closing- 
Thank you to everyone for reading Kat Bits. I'm excited for this year, I appreciate you, and I can't wait for things to be better for ALL of us! So that's it until next month when I'll look for you around the 15th for Kat Bytes & again at month's end with this new format, Kat Bits!  

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