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Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery
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Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery

Plant extracts have been used for thousands of years for their aromas and natural healing powers. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to balance you emotionally and physically. Lava beads are ideal for adding oils as they as porous with natural perforations.

Essential Oil Benefits
The smell receptors on the upper surface of the nasal cavity are linked to the limbic system of the brain, which governs the body’s emotions. This is why certain odors make you feel relaxed or trigger memories.

How To Use
All you need do is use your fingers to rub a few drops of oil on the beads. Or you can use a roller bottle to do the same. However, be sure to use quality therapeutic-grade oil to avoid any adverse reaction with the skin.

Which Oils?
Experiment with your favourite oil and others to see which you like the best. Some like peppermint or citrus for a quick energy boost – others prefer lavender and Doterra blends for relaxation. However, some citrus oils can cause the skin to burn in sunlight over long periods of wear. You can also try mixing different oils for effect.

How Long Does the Scent Last?
A drop or two will last about 2 to 4 hours, and remember to allow a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the bead for wearing, to avoid staining clothes. More oil with last up to 24-hours.

Lava Beads

What Are Lava Beads?
Volcantic lava beads are great for dramatic winter jewellery. Everyone should try some.

The inexpensive stone is surprisingly light, making the present fashion for large chunky jewellery, comfortable to wear. The chic usually-black beads are also available in many different shapes and sizes allowing creative designs. Some are even dyed brown, and others brighter colours.

How They Are Formed
Lava beads started life as molten rock over 1,000 Celsius in a volcano. Most rock deep inside the Earth’s interior is not molten. This molten rock is spewed out of the erupting volcano and flows in streams until cooler air freezes it solid.

Sometimes the flow can travel as fast as 30 km/hour on steep slopes and reach tens of kilometers, destroying everything in its path. However, usually it moves less than 1 km/hour, giving people time to move out of the way.

Lava beads promote strength and fertility. Bringing stability in changing times, driving away anger – and helping one to understand a problem in order to spring back to a stronger position. A very grounding stone that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth.

Lava bead jewellery
Beads from these rocks make very unusual earthy jewellery. Used as pendants or parts of a necklace, these unusual black beads ooze style and mystique, drawing attention whenever worn.

When admiring lava bead jewellery, people will ask, “whatever is it made out of?” This ensures all the mystique and power of a volcano are in your design!

Designing Lava Bead Jewellery
Take advantage of how light these beads weigh, and try making long earrings to match large lava bead pendants for necklaces and bracelets.

Mix different sizes and shapes to make the design interesting. Because most are jet-black, they go well with any colour or style of clothes, making them more appealing, and so easier to sell.

By their nature, these beads create an earthy rustic style – ideal for “wild” outdoor jewellery, especially for late-in-the year or Halloween. And as most are large and powerful in a design, you need fewer beads to make your piece, saving you money

Lava + pearl & Lava + Coral Beads
Lava mixed with pearl or coral can produce striking jewellery!

Lava bead finish
Although looking coarse with tiny holes and cracks, most of these beads are polished to feel smooth, making your jewellery comfortable to wear.

To see our many lava beads click MrBead.co.uk or MrBead.com

Madeleine Marsh & Broom Broom Jewellery

Madeleine Marsh is an original jewellery and sculpture artist in London. Her handmade designs have a sense of fun, and are commissioned one-off or produced in small limited editions.

She learned her style at Lycee Francais de Londres and Trinity College Cambridge, where she wore vintage clothes and collected antiques. Following by studying fine arts, she formed her own company Provenance, researching paintings and antiques for international dealers and auction houses.

Madeleine is well published: ‘Royal Mistress’s Jewellery’, and her first book in 1993 – before appointed Editor of Miller’s Collectables Price Guide. She appears in and advises the BBC Antiques Roadshow and has been seen on This Morning (ITV), Car Boot Challenge, Great Food Live and numerous documentaries and radio.

Today she concentrates on designer jewellery and sculpture. With designs telling a humourous story with a love of life, drawn on her experience in art and antiques.

Madeleine has mudlarked (beachcombed) the Thames for many years, finding inspiration for jewellery. What was once thrown into the river as rubbish hundreds of years ago, can now be dug up as antique.

See Madeleine’s next exhibition on her website: http://www.madeleinemarsh.com
Some of her work at Madeleine’s Gallery

Bead Fairs

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15% off all orders at the above stores - the more you spend, the more you save! Key LAVA at checkout now, as offer ends Friday 20th September 2019.

No minimum order, but can only for used at MrBead.co.uk or MrBead.com.
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