IAHF List:  At this link you can watch a thought provoking interview done by Del Bigtree with three INCAPACITATED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS (All NURSES) who are now DISABLED because they took the COVID-19 "Vaccine". Please share this with EVERYONE, especially if they are CONSIDERING getting this "jab"!  Also show them https://NOJABFORME.INFO
At this link you can watch a panel discussion led by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with four other doctors discussing the fact that COVID-19 injections are biological weapons, and what to do about it. Below I have notes from the discussion, and below my notes I have several ideas for you and your family that can save your life!
April 23, 2021 
Dr. Larry Palevsky., Pediatrician
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Osteopath, M.D.
Dr. Carey Madej, 
Dr. Christine Northrop, OB GYN 
Dr. Lee Merritt, Navy Trained Orthopedic Surgeon
Key points:
1.            Dr. Christine Northrop
                ⁃             mRNA injections contain Polysorbate 80 which is known to shut down ovarian function. For example, Gardasil vaccine for HPV uses Polysorbate 80 resulting in infertility among women.
                ⁃             Symptoms like swelling of genitals (scrotum, breast), Erectile Dysfunction in non-vaxxed could be a bioweapon the body is transmitting.
                ⁃             This mRNA is NOT normal immunisation. Instead, the body is producing a synthetic protein that cannot be shut off.
                ⁃             Possible modes of transmission is via saliva, urine, feces, sweat, blood, seminal fluid, flatulence.
                ⁃             Spike protein cross reacts to Syncitin 1 & 2 which is essential for the placenta.
                ⁃             Theory: something is being produced inside the body and is adversely affecting others.

2. Dr. Carrie Madej
                ⁃             Nano-lipid particles found in both Pfizer and Moderna shots uses nanotechnology or nanobits as a form of hydrogel which produces its own voltage!
                ⁃             This substance can do many things like “trick your body” to accept synthetic on-demand drug delivery system, suppress your immune system to get into the cell.
                ⁃             “On-demand” aspect can be triggered to deliver payload and used as a biosensor to collect data like your thoughts, emotions, etc.
                ⁃             The substance has the ability to act thru WiFi and can transmit & receive energy thru impulses.
                ⁃             Can react to 5G, smart devices.
                ⁃             Could impulses or frequencies be triggering the transmission?
                ⁃             Theory: EMF Frequency if inside these devices act like an antennae and can transmit under hydrogel.
                ⁃             Possible patterns of a Radiation/EMF toxicity to RBC which could explain the nose bleeds, hemorrhaging.

3. Dr. Lee Merritt - trained in the USN, Orthopedic surgeon
                ⁃             J&J vaccine - worst of the 4 injections.
                ⁃             Nano particle lipid is called Matrix M. This contains an adjuvant (saponin) that can lead to bleeding because it strips erythrocytes and damages endothelium and causes lymphocyte destruction.
                ⁃             How is it done? Spike protein can be transmitted?
                ⁃             2 different technologies - DNA technology vs RNA technology

4. Dr. Larry Palevsky.
                ⁃             This is NOT a vaccine. 
                ⁃             Everything in it is a complete lie.
                ⁃             Clinical presentation of the poisoning of the blood.
                ⁃             Spike protein can attach to any receptor all over the body. This spike protein is responsible for causing disease symptoms - brain/neurological, loss of O2, loss of taste/smell, hypo/hypertension.
                ⁃             Why are we injecting in our bodies to make spike protein—the very weapon creating the disease?
                ⁃             Other pieces of mRNA maybe inside the shot! We have NO IDEA what’s inside the shot. 
                ⁃             No idea if we can turn it off.
                ⁃             Those injected are the pariahs, the lepers
                ⁃             ACE-2 Receptors not as prominent & ubiquitous among children, thereby not attaching to the spike protein.
                ⁃             Other treatments to treat SARS-CV-2: ozone, iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide, TCM, homeopathy, hyperbaric 

4.            Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
- There are 89 vaccines ready to go
- J&J is the worst of the four. Uses adnovirus shell (common cold virus) which could account for the common transmission/biggest “shedding”
- it is NOT a vaccine but an injection of foreign genetic material.
- NOT shedding but transmitting, could be activated by 5G and may have EMF properties
-Astra-Zeneca shot uses chimpanzee adnovirus.
5.            Remedies
- Keep your immune system (microbiome) healthy! Health is an inside-out phenomenon.
- Ivermectin (IVN) everybody will benefit because it blocks the spike protein on other Corona viruses from binding to the ACE-2 receptor cells, no side effects, no complications. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Dosage by weight, 10 mg/ kilo. 1 pill every other week. Has been in use for 60 years.
- HCQ (over 70 yrs in use) works against Corona virus and binds to Sigma 1 & 2 proteins. Suggested dosage: 400 mg, 3x every other week. 
- suggests to be on both HCQ and IVN.
6.            Where to source IVN and HCQ:
- Frontline doctors
-Holistic practitioner
7.            what to test:
- Vit D levels. If < 30, less than 40% chance of being in ICU. But ideal Vit D levels 80-100 (therapeutic level)
-Check Zinc level (between 7-12)
8.            Other concepts
-Vibrational issue - stay out of fear, have a good mindset, stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.
9.            Dr. Christiane Northrop
- 432 Herz tones can change ones DNA
-Gene Decode talked about a Morgellons protocol. Take a bath with 1/2 mL organic soap and alfalfa pellets. Lie in it and submerge your hair/face. Use a black light and you can see the nano bots/hydrogel come out and go to the alfalfa. Then take a shower with Dr. Bonner’s peppermint soap, use gloves to dispose the alfalfa and gloves so no re-contamination. The AI particles are partial to negativity/fear.
-This is a war between good versus evil. We need to bring the Christ centered light (blue light) of St. Michael the Archangel. This is our moment.
-Our fertility as a human race is under attack! 
-Get into inspired action, get together and get the word and this information out beyond the censors.
10.          Dr. Larry- get together with people without shots and fight back. Purpose of masks and lock downs is to separate us. Our leaders are NOT our leaders. We have lost our Republic. Turn our power into our own authority.
11.          Dr. Carrie Madej - get together 1x a week. Physical connection, synergistic connection. Go to https://freedommeetup.org/ to defend and support each other.
-The Love Frequency (Schumann resonance) is the highest frequency and spreads 6 feet from your heart.
-Hugging, praying, cooking, dancing, singing
-we are in a frequency war
-we have the power and where we are at is in the Book of Revelations.
-There is NO bioweapon that strong that can defeat us, for we are spiritual beings and we adapt. 
-This is a hard war because it is also in our minds.
-Don’t expect any government to come and save us. 
-We are NOT alone. We have Jesus, and there is a higher power at work.
-Bathe in Bentonite clay, great for removing and detoxing heavy metals once a week.
12.          Dr. Lee Merrick - there are a small number of people pulling the strings. Focus on the lynchpin— look how badly they don’t want us to find out about HCQ and IVN? We need to stop the psyops and protect people’s ability to protect themselves with medication.
-We have to wake up the SHEEPLE and warm them they are going after our children.
-They NEVER spare the Kappos!
-This war is a patio war. The next one may not be. We need to stop the immunisation push/passports.
-60,000 adverse reactions have been reported to the CDC, over 3,000 deaths from these shots — how can they still be pushing vaccine passports?
Go to: Covidvaccinereactions.com. 
-We need to stop the vaccine passports. 
-Pay attention to legislation in your state

IAHF List: To keep your microbiome (immune system) healthy: take these steps:
1. If you are around other people who have made the mistake of being injected with these biological weapons, keep in mind that they are now shedding toxic variants that are harder to fend off than ordinary COVID-19 (which is 99.8% survivable.) If you have to work or be around people who have taken the jab (which turns people into biological weapons), you should see number 5,6, and 7 above: Get and start using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin. Have your vitamin D, and Zinc levels tested in a lab such as Lab Corps. You can order this labwork via the Life Extension Foundation. Take the steps below to keep your microbiome (immune system) healthy!
2. If you know anyone who has taken the jab, show this to them, explain to them that they now have antennae in their body that send and receive electrical impulses and it is not safe for them to be around wifi, cell phones, or EMF from cell phone towers, especially 5G. Let them know that these jabs are part of a weapons system that includes wifi and 5G, and being around Electromagnetic Radiation puts them more in jeopardy of injury or death from the jab which is intended to kill and injure us, also to sterilize us and to turn us into cyborgs. Advise them to stop using SMART phones and get land lines. Advise them to stop using WIFI and to use paint that insulates and protects from EMF:
3. Everyone should take these steps to keep their microbiome (immune system) healthy: Re-read this newsletter
Drink sulfur water every morning and at lunch time, the amount to use is a teaspoon per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day, and drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day to flush out the toxins being released from your cells by the sulfur (eg: if you weighed 200 lbs, half your body weight in ounces is 100, which is a gallon of water per day. So if you weigh 100 lbs, drink a half gallon of water per day to flush out toxins being released from your liver, kidneys and cells by the sulfur. (Hydrating while taking sulfur helps avoid a Herxheimer's reaction caused by toxins flooding the bloodstream because you've driven them from your liver with the sulfur. Unless you flush these toxins out by drinking enough water, you could have migraine headaches or flu like symptoms! Just drink more water if that happens!)
To properly absorb nutrients from the food you eat and from supplements (including sulfur), it is very important to remove the mucoid plaque from the walls of your small intestine where you absorb (or don't) the nutrients from your food and supplements. Over the course of a person's life everyone develops a thick BARRIER of mucoid plaque that BLOCKS proper absorption of nutrients, and it contains within it RESIDUE from EVERY TOXIN you've EVER INGESTED! These toxins LEACH into your bloodstream, acidifying your blood, wrecking your ph balance, putting you far more at risk of developing cancer and other autoimmune diseases!
To best protect yourself from COVID-19, you MUST REMOVE this mucoid plaque! When it comes out, your energy level will soar! The first time I ever did this, I was in my mid 50s and my energy level became like I remembered it when I was 11 years old! Its well worth the effort to do this!
Take Intestinal Formula #1, one capsule per night before going to sleep, and keep adding additional capsules each day as needed until you reach your goal of having three easy, no strain bowel movements per day! Intestinal Formula #1 contains cascara sagrada, and other herbs which synergistically trigger peristalsis (contractions of the abdominal wall) that create CRACKS in the cement like mucoid plaque and start BREAKING IT DOWN so you can REMOVE it from your body!
I can't tell anyone how long it will take to remove their mucoid plaque, for me it took more than three weeks, but for some people it might only take 5 days or so. You will see it in the toilet bowl when it comes out and you will also smell it because its the worst smelling stuff that ever comes out of your body! When mine came out, I had to RUN from the bathroom while hitting the fan motor!
Once you meet your goal of having three easy, no strain BMs per day you are ready to ADD Intestinal Formula #2 to your program, and also to start making smoothies that will include Super Food Plus. Intestinal Formula #2 contains Bentonite Clay that acts like a magnet for pulling toxic heavy metals from your stool, but you don't want to take it without first taking Intestinal Formula #1 because it can be constipating. Once you have achieved your goal of having 3 easy no strain BMs per day by taking Intestinal Formula #1 then you can add Instinal Formula #2 and you can also start making the smoothies that contain Super Food Plus that will be your food until you have jettisoned your mucoid plaque.
The Super Food Plus contains all the world's best superfoods, you mix two scoops in a Vitamix or similar high speed blender with distilled, filtered, or bottled water and your choice of organic fruit, also chopped organic garlic and organic ginger. For fruit I used grapefruit, apples, kiwi, lemons and limes. The idea is to give your digestive trace a break from solid foods while you break up and remove your mucoid plaque! You do Bowel Detox as the first part of a program of cleaning all your organs of elimination which include your Bowel, Liver/Gallbladder, Kidneys and Blood, but this is the first step!
Its a good idea to add Echinacea Plus to your smoothies. Echinacea Plus contains Echinacea, Garlic and other ingredients that boost your macrophage cells and killer T cells. This really strengthens your immune system! You can also add Magnascent iodine which strengthens your thyroid gland, giving you a lot more energy!
I have done this Bowel Detox and other cleanses and have guided many people to help them do it too! Its not hard, but if you don't do it, you won't have the strong immune system you need to properly protect yourself from COVID-19, or to help you be your healthiest as you go through life! Every change of seasons I do one quarter of this cleansing program in order to maintain.
Another good idea is to get a Nebulizer with a mask: nebulize 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide! This kills all viruses. Its easy, and inexpensive! Learn more here.
Please share this newsletter with friends, family, coworkers.... anyone you know! Especially urge them to watch this interview that Del Bigtree did with the THREE INCAPACITATED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS (all nurses).  Also show them https://NOJABFORME.INFO  NO ONE should have to go through what those incapacitated nurses are going through! We need to warn people!
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