IAHF List: Unless a lot more people hear IAHF's urgent message about the dire need for all of us to detoxify our cells, liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination, at the present rate, cancer is expected to double by 2030... fully one in two of us are expected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer unless we proactively take steps to prevent it.
At the same time, we have a massive explosion in the rate of obesity and diabetes- please examine this data and let is sink in, below we will see how to reverse these dangerous trends!!-
With increased sugar consumption, and decreased physical activity, we're witnessing a massive explosion in the rate of type 2 diabetes all over the USA and the World. At the current rate, one in every three people is expected to have type 2 diabetes by 2050. This would overwhelm our medical system, there is no way society can afford the costs already involved!
Just as with cancer, each of us must do all in our power to prevent type 2 diabetes, and if we have it, we must REVERSE it, which CAN be done by getting enough oxygen into the cells!
Did you ever hear of GLYCATION? When sugar molecules crosslink with proteins, they wreck havoc throughout the body, creating non functioning structures throughout the body: heart attacks, kidney failure and nerve damage, for example.
Sugar crosslinking with proteins makes cell walls THICK, blocking the hormone insulin from carrying glucose into the cell for FUEL, causing you to feel chronic fatigue! 
Your mitochondria (the powerhouse within the cell) can start producing ENERGY when enough OXYGEN can enter the cell.
(When cells produce energy in an anaerobic environment, one of the byproducts is lactic acid, which makes you feel SORE! You can prevent lactic acid buildup by drinking sulfur water prior to exercise! For this reason many of my customers are endurance athletes!)
Drinking sulfur water twice a day unglycates the cells, making them more porous, more permeable, allowing oxygen to flood in, so you have ENERGY!
When glycation occurrs in your brain, you get Alzheimer's! Your ability to mentally process information slows to a crawl!  This doesn't just happen overnight, it happens over time and can be prevented!
When insulin can't bring the amount of glucose into the cells that you need to burn as energy, it gets stored as belly fat, a huge cause of type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, and heart attacks.
Thus GLYCATION is causing huge cause of type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, chronic fatigue and Alzheimers that can easily be prevented by using sulfur- to get oxygen into the cells using sulfur!
For a more in depth understanding than I'm presenting here, read Sulfur Deficiency- 

A Possible Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue

by Stephanie Seneff, PhD
YOU HAVE EVEN MORE PROBLEMS! KEEP IN MIND THE RULING ELITE'S GOAL IS TO KILL 9 out of 10 of us in order to have a transhumanist society of robots, as they seek to biologically microchip us via the nanofibers being sprayed in the chemtrails!
Friends, I can't wake up the masses on this without your help! The ruling elite have decided that we have to go, that we're expendable, that we can be replaced with robots as they simultaneously intend to turn us all into non reproducing, microchipped cyborgs- hardwired into the borg, the NSA fusion centerssion centers, like so many bleeting sheep via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails--- unless we monkeywrench them via detoxification!
They have very openly announced their intentions to do this via
This slideshow  which was created in July 2001 by NASA's chief scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell in a presentation titled "Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare [ Circa 2025 ]
Especially take a very close look at slide # 43 which reads as follows:
A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized "dust" which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various  "Patholotical Missions."A wholly   "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.
On slide 9 they've announced that humans have "gotten in the way" of evolution, which they clearly feel must give way to cyborgs and robots, artificial intelligence.
On slide 13 they show what they consider to be the "ages of man" and the direction they're trying to "tweak" things via their clear efforts to exterminate us.
On slide 45 they announce their intention to use beam weapons (scalar waves such as HAARP) against us. (We are now officially "the enemy" of these evil ruling elite Plutocrats who are very openly seeking to exterminate us via chemtrails, and beam weapons, all of which are discussed in this slide show.) They announce their intentions of using specific electromagnetic pulsed frequencies to control our minds and bodies to jam our immune systems to weaken, kill and enslave us. "Smart Meters" are clearly part of this extermination campaign.
On Slide 66 they chillingly announce the "Increasingly critical human limitations and downsides" clearly showing that we must "give way" to the intelligent robots which will develop the ability to reproduce themselves.
On slide 99 they presage 911 by chillingly announcing that we would observe "the capture, torture, and killing of Americans in living color on prime time TV...."
Please watch this youtube which does a much more thorough job of analyzing this slide show than I have here.
Friends, I've been in the business of awakening people to threats like this since 1989 when I first started professionally fighting the US FDA to protect consumer access to dietary supplements, so I speak from experience when I tell you this: DEAL IN VOLUME!!
Most people who you try to discuss this stuff with simply won't believe you. Its "too scary" and since they didn't see it on the evening news it "can't be true." They're "busy", and right now a lot of people are focused on summer vacations. Hell, I am too, but I'm still keeping my hand in. I can't just SIT on information like this and pretend I never saw it, especially when I have at least PART OF THE ANSWER FOR PROTECTING US.
This summer when you're travelling, please do what I do:
1. Strike up conversations with strangers anywhere you might be, it might be with someone you meet at the beach, at the lake, while waiting in line in a store, and ask them if they have seen this film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
(Thats at least a starting point, and tell them about Sulfur for Health which they can learn about detoxification....
2. With unusually AWARE people, or with people who you are closer to, especially family members, with people who TRUST you you might be able to get further.... you might be able to actually SHOW THEM this NASA  slideshow in which the elite have detailed their war against humanity in shocking detail.
3. The importance of "sharpening the saw" so you don't BURN OUT in the face of knowing this horrible, depressing stuff. Friends, sometimes people ask me "John? How do you do what you do without burning out? My response to that varies depending on who asks me, and in what context, but in general, I never stop praying, and I exercise a lot. Drinking sulfur water twice a day also really does help to neutralize acid caused by stress that is dumped into the small intestine.
All pain is some cells cry for OXYGEN..... what the NASA killers are in essence attempting to do by spraying us all with sub micron sized toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, mycoplasma, antibiotic resistant bacteria, nano particles, etc is to FUMIGATE US! ROB US OF OXYGEN that we NEED to have STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEMS!
My grandmother was the world's best watercolor flower painter. She was a brilliant woman who won the Beck Prize from the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts for a painting that appeared on the cover of Women's Home Companion magazine in 1931.
When I was a young kid, I'd sit in her art studio in her 300 year old farmhouse in Red Bank, New Jersey and I'd watch her paint. She could concentrate so well that she'd block out all sound around her. I remember her telling me that there is a battle going on inside each of us, a battle between forces of good and forces of evil, and its up to us which force wins in the end.
Please don't sit on this information, friends! Please help me to call it to the attention of as many people as you possibly can even if that means forwarding it to someone, then picking up the phone to specifically TELL them about it to URGE them to read it for themselves!
Anyone can sign on to the FREE IAHF double opt in email distribution list via which they too can join you in piercing the veil of all the illusions. We oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely, and the TRUTH is not in them, but if we all work together, we can educate lots of people about the huge healing properties of sulfur, one of our Creator's most important elements!
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