Concentration Camps From Rex 84 & Newly Built By Kellogg Brown & Root Await US All......How to Protect Yourself & Your Family From the Coming Financial Crash & Martial Law.... The George Green Audio File Will Help You Wake Up Family and Friends---- Hear it below!


At the end of this alert is an audio file of a very sobering phone conversation with financial expert George Green, (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. (National Assn. of Securities Dealers) and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher.)

Green's opinion is that we're likely to see an enormous economic collapse in the USA around the end of September/ beginning of October, and he says its likely to put us under martial law.Listening to this will help motivate you to prepare, and you can use it to wake up more people who fail to grasp whats going on!

Green cites several reasons to support his strong opinion. After listening through the audio file once, I went back, listened again, and took notes. Then I did some web searches for information that would corroborate what he's saying and I found a lot that does. It does not definitively prove that Green is correct in his prediction since theres no way anyone can prove an opinion, but it does give weight to his concerns. If you're pressed for time, and can't read this whole alert, at least scroll down and listen to this audio file and take the recommended actions to protect yourself and your family, doing so could save your life! 



Congressman Ron Paul warns us that if H.Con Res 362 (which declares war with Iran) is signed into law, just the act of signing it would cause the price of gas to shoot up to $6./ gallon. 

H.Con Res 362 would be a declaration of war against IRAN, something which Israel and oil interests desperately are trying to trigger off.  See open letter by Kucinich against H Con Res 362 at  We must kill it to stop another senseless war!  More on this below.

Everything you're hearing in the mainstream media right now about Georgia's attack on South Ossetia is spin intended to back Bush's assertion that the Russians were the aggressors in the situation, when the facts prove that CIA Proxy Georgia in fact initiated the genocidal attack (because South Ossetia lies at the crossroads of key oil and gas pipeline routes), (during the first day of the Olympics) and that Russia was left with no option but to retaliate in defense of the defenseless civilians in apartment buildings who were shelled, and murdered, wholly without provocation, and also to protect oil pipelines running through their territory which the Neocons and Israel seek to control.

Ignore all mainstream media spin on this- The truth is that US/Israel/CIA proxy Georgia has just engaged in genocide by murdering thousands of uarmed civilians in South Ossetia in cold blood for the simple reason that they want to control oil and gas pipelines. (You can see from this how dangerous a martial law situation would be here at home- these people are ruthless. Human life means nothing to them.)

Watch this interview in "Russia Today" of an American living in South Ossetia who says the attack by Georgia was America's fault I agree with him, and we can't continue allowing our foreign policy to be dictated by Israel which controls Congress via AIPAC, they're trying to trigger off War with IRAN and a Third World War.

Victor Nalein Raevskiy, Senior Researcher from Moscow says in this news interview that the US and Israel prompted this action by Georgia against South Ossetia saying that the reason for the attack was to try to grab the airfields there to use as a staging area to attack Iran, noting that Tehran is only 500 miles away from South Ossetia. They note that the distance between S.Ossetia and Tehran is less than the distance between Paris and Berlin. They note that South Ossetia is a Muslim territory. They're saying the US and Israel have been building airfields in Georgia to Nato standards, reconstructed to western military standards for the purpose of attacking Iran.  I believe him and not our Neocon controlled media.

Email these links to your Senators and Congressmen and tell them not to buy into the mainstream news spin or to what AIPAC tells them.

Not surprisingly, at the Olympics in Beijing, Bush chastised Putin by demanding that Russia remove their forces from Georgia immediately. This won't do anything to help US relations with either Russia or China, and its a clear indication that the ruling elite who control Bush are trying to get us into a war with IRAN (or even WW3) (no doubt as a distraction intended to coincide with the end of the government's fiscal year which comes at the end of September- be sure to listen to the audio file below to hear George Green's sobering analysis.)

Congressman Ron Paul has been warning all of us in recent radio broadcasts to contact Congress in an effort to get members of congress to withdraw support for H.Con Res. 362 which amounts to be a declaration of war with IRAN. See the current list of cosponsors here, and if your Congressman is on this list tell him or her to remove themselves- that theres no evidence IRAN has ever done anything to deserve our attacking them, and that this effort to get us into a war is clearly being initated by oil interests and by the American Israeli Polical Action Committee (AIPAC).

Note at the bottom of the list that some have removed themselves due to our pressure.Call your congressman via the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to oppose H.Con Res. 362  If they're on it, demand that they remove themselves as sponsors as 4 members have already. Also take action against war on Iran here


Several different questionable sources have made the allegation that "WW3" had "started", that a gigantic armada of US led Naval Forces were steaming toward IRAN. The alert rattled off an impressive list of names of warships stating that they had just concluded a war games exercise called "Operation Brimstone". While it is true that this wargame exercise recently concluded, and it may be true that some additional US warships have recently joined the fleet near Iran's coast, it is NOT true that they've initiated a Naval Blockade.

If this were true, Russian and Chinese satellites would have noticed, and both countries would have called an immediate meeting of the UN Security council and would have made statements in the media to denounce this act of war. It IS true that theres a huge fleet of US, British and French naval vessels hovering off the Iranian Coast, but it is not true that they've initiated a blockade which would be an act of war. If enough of us oppose war with IRAN, we just might be able to keep it from breaking out.

It is obviously true that tensions are heating up in the middle east, and they DO bear close ongoing scrutiny, but its not useful to our cause to automatically accept anything we see online as true without checking it first. The truth of the US economic situation is horrifying all by itself! Theres no need to try to dramatize it by spreading false rumors of war- its always most useful to have no less than the truth!


LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO FILE  Keep in mind Green's CREDENTIALS: A former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher.

In an effort to check Green's facts, I made the following transcript of his main points which I did my best to analyse via a web search, and I provide the results of that search here. None of this proves anything conclusively since you cannot prove an opinion, but it does lend considerable weight to the view that it makes sense to take steps to get out of harms way because its better to err on the side of caution in this sort of situation. I created this for you to show to sleeping friends and family members who don't realize theres a need to take action to protect themselves! Please urge everyone you know to listen to the George Green interview, and below my notes here- see info on what you can do.

1. At the beginning of July, the Bank for  International Settlements in Switzerland, which is  owned by the thirteen Banking Families under  Rothschild, stated that it wanted to audit the US Federal  Reserve.  Bush reluctantly had to agree to this, but with the  proviso that the audit would not be conducted until he has left  office.  However, when the truth inevitably leaks  out about the state of the US economy on 30th September 2008, (the end of the US Fiscal Year) the Bank for International Settlements  may no longer be prepared to accept the US Dollar. [Bank for International Settlements:

2. With the realization that the Federal Reserve  has been pumping two billion US Dollars a day into the economy in a forlorn effort to try to keep the US afloat, the US is  now construed as 'the poor kid on the block', the 'bankrupt of the world'  and nobody is prepared to lend them anything
.  Foreign  governments have said 'We will no longer take your  bonds'

["Foreign Investors Veto Fed Rescue"
["Why Foregn Banks Aren't Buying"]

3. This situation has  resulted in worldwide repercussions:  for example  China, which is the biggest  US creditor, has told US importers that they may not pay more  then 20% of the total cost of their goods in US Dollars

4. Also since the beginning of July,  Germany has announced that it will no longer  accept Euros from eight of their fellow EU members, the two  countries with which they are most concerned being  Italy and Spain

[Indicator of Global economic collapse: "For Europe An Economy on the Brink"

5. The Real  Estate market is expected to go down by an additional 50% from its value on 16th July.  Because of the  collapse of the Real Estate market, which is expected  to lead to at least a further 11 million foreclosures within the next 12  months, US Banks are no longer prepared to trust each other, so  inter-bank lending has virtually ceased. Foreclosures effect the whole banking situation.

[Housing Lenders Fear Bigger Wave of Loan Defaults ]

6. This has had a knock-on effect on would-be house  purchasers. Like the old days, anyone who now wants to  get a mortgage has to put 20% down and to satisfy the lender that their  job is secure, that they've had the money in the bank to pay the mortgage for at least the last 90 days.

[Fannie Mae To Lift Mortgage Fees- Raising Loan Costs

7. You   may have seen Bush go on television to tell everyone not to worry as  the US Government-sponsored Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  will guarantee the safety of their bank deposits.  However, the truth is that the FDIC can barely raise 30  cents on the dollar to cover its potential liabilities; and Bank of  America and Wells Fargo are in a similar situation

The FDIC has published a list of failed banks (36) so far: If even just one more big bank the size of IndyMac and 10 regional banks collapse, FDIC would not be able to insure any more banks. If Wells Fargo and Bank of America collapsed they'd socialize the country and a State of National Emergency would be declared.

[Leading Economist: Dollar Faces Outright Collapse-]
Global systemic crisis / September 2008 - Phase of collapse of US real economy!-Global-systemic-crisis-September-2008-Phase-of-collapse-of-US-real-economy_a1298.html]

8. Some Banks have already started telling their  depositors that they cannot withdraw their own  cash.

9. It is universally  accepted internationally that the US Dollar is going to collapse by the  end of September 2008some foreign banks  have already started to refuse to take U.S. deposits
and, since  the Patriot Act, if you do manage to send money to a foreign bank,  they are required to report the fact to the USG, who will make you  prove how you obtained it and if you cannot do so, they will automatically  label you a 'terrorist' or a 'drug dealer' and confiscate  it.

10. The Bank of South America  is trying to organize its own currency for use within the South  American continent when the US Dollar finally crashes,  based on an initial provision of seven billion  dollars

11. Many countries have stopped accepting dollars as payment for oil.

11. As at July 1st, the  Japanese stock market was down 12%, the  Australian stock market was down 18%,  the German stock market was down 22%the Indian stock market was down 36%;  and China's Shanghai Exchange was down 50%

12. Within the  next year, the DOW is expected to fall from a high of 13,000 down to between 7500  and 8000

13. Everyone is now  desperately trying to get liquid; and Oil, Gold  and Drugs have become the only universally accepted world  currencies

Although more oil drilling is occurring in the US, we haven't built a refinery in roughly 20 years [actually 32 years] and it takes 3 years to build one. So even if we started doing a lot of new drilling in Alaska, a bottleneck on refineries would block this drilling from any immediate ability to lower fuel prices. Currently most oil drilled in the US is shipped offshore to be refined.

[Finally- A New Refinery ]

15. The only  sensible advice is either to change dollars into other currenciesor buy gold and silver (while you still can, because  the US is likely to make it illegal to own gold)
; and stock up on canned food, the  price of which is going to go through the roof.  Already the  major canners have reduced the size of cans by 20% to preserve stock  whilst also maximizing their profits.

16. Already 80% of the cost of an apple in a  supermarket is due to energy costs; and this proportion is likely to  rise.  We have already started to see the situation where growers, producers and importers have stopped  supplying many basic foodstuffs because the price of oil has meant that  the cost of getting it to market is more than they can hope to sell it  for
The food shortages that have resulted are likely to  become even more acute because the USG is talking of introducing price  controls.  Who will be prepared to continue to supply the market  when they are sustaining increasing losses?

[Forget Oil- the New Global Crisis is Food
[ Food Shortages Herald New Era of Hunger

17. The falling value of the dollar has created  artificial shortages because other countries can  now buy US goods cheaper than they can produce them  themselves.

[Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Inflation is  expected to rise by 35 - 40% by the end of this year in real  terms.  Gasoline 5 Dollars a Gallon everywhere. (Government published rate of inflation is inaccurate because it fails to account for rising gasoline and food prices.)

19. Following the collapse of the US Dollar, the Euro  is also expected to collapse.  In fact, Russia is  already negotiating with Germany about a new currency
.  [Indication of a Global Economic Collapse shown in this article:

20. The Iranian Oil Bourse was set  up to trade oil internationally in Euros (see: the  submarine cables were conveniently cut.

21. You can forget about the NAU's Amero.   The Amero is off the table - the Canadian Prime  Minister said 'We're not going to support a bankrupt country'; and Mexico  is so corrupt that nobody knows where they're coming from

21. In the future, South America  will be one of the safest areas on the planetThey have ample commodities and very little  debt.  Not everywhere is ideal (in some countries you would  need to live in a defended compound).  Ecuador is  close to becoming self sufficient in food terms

22. Kissinger and the population reduction crew  are trying to get WW3 started before September 30th (end of the US Fiscal  Year), then Bush can suspend  everything
.  Israel and the US are working out the details to  attack Iran to start WW3. 

23. Of the US  population of 300 million, half are over 50 and most of the kids can't  read or write.  Sport and entertainment are what has been used to  keep everyone going.  When (rather than if) Bush  calls a National Emergency, if you are over the age of 44 only if you have  a use which 'they' want will 'they' be prepared to keep you  alive.  Moreover, what law will we have which says that we even own our own homes?
24. Everybody must  downsize into small self-contained and (as far as possible)  self-sufficient communitiesPeople will  have to forget their 'wants' and to concentrate solely on what they  actually need to survive

25.  In short, we are marching towards our self-imprisonment.  I'm  ready to get out of harm's way. I know high ups who will tell me when  it's time to leave.
<> ) but, just when the bourse was ready to go live,


1. Urge more people to listen to George Green's audio file and to see my notes and info on corroborating website. Bear in mind that in my last alert I showed you a NY Times article indicating that they're predicting 11 million more home foreclosures will occur over the coming months. That will be the financial equivalent of a Tsunami hitting our economy.

2. Grasp that when the banks collapse, anyone who hasn't gotten their money out before the collapse to put into other currencies, gold, silver, and groceries is going to be scared, hungry and desperate! They'll be looting supermarkets which won't be resupplied in a martial law situation. Don't let yourself be one of these people who gets caught unprepared! Go to websites such as  or to your local Health Food coop and stock up on affordable, nutritious bulk food supplies. Be sure to get some 18% Bear Spray to defend your food reserves.

Be sure to also either stockpile water or have a means of collecting and filtering it, even if you have no electricity. A Berkey water filter works good for this  Heres info on how to build a simple solar still:  Heres info on how to build a more complex solar still: Try this out now before a possible crisis! You can't live long without water, and theres no way of knowing in a martial law situation if you could still get it at your tap because often water is turned off by military troops trying to control a population. 

3. Bush would declare a National State of Emergency if Bank of America and Wells Fargo collapse or if just one more bank the size of IndyMAC collapses along with 10 regional banks. The FDIC only has the money to insure roughly 30 cents on the dollar, not even remotely enough to cover the trillions of dollars on deposit.

There are many companies that sell gold and also junk silver coins. Recommend you draw down your bank account, put money into precious metals, other currencies, food, and also have some cash in small bills ($20s, $10s and $5s). Take it out now while you still can!

If you live in a large metropolitan area, I urge you to locate a place in the country that you can get to quickly where you'd have a better chance to survive than in a city. If you can't relocate to your safe haven, at least figure out multiple routes to it in case you encounter road blocks during martial law. The book Strategic Relocation- North American Guide to Safe Places  can help guide your thinking. If any of you would like to relocate to Point Roberts where I live, let me know, there are houses for sale and rent here.

If you live in a small rural town, try to organize local people now by showing them this information and previous alerts I sent out which are archived at The last alert ( explains how the ruling elite are tampering with the temporal lobes of our brain in order to make us more sheeplike. 

Remember, this is the part of our brain that deals with self preservation and critical thinking. If you have trouble alerting people, this is why you're having trouble. Just accept it and move on, don't be flustered!  Deal in volume, don't waste time on any one person. Plant seeds of awareness. Your goal is to try to get as many people in your area prepared as possible, so that at a future time you can organize your own local division of labor for growing food and other essential tasks geared toward your mutual survival and well being.

Do not rely on FEMA to help you! They aren't in the business of helping us, their goal is to "reestablish order" and they have concentration camps to put us into which have been built by Kellogg Brown and Root to add to the older Rex 84 camps:

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