Hey all! 
It's been a rollercoaster offseason for Bills fans. The highs of Andre getting the call to the Hall of Fame, the lows of mourning Mr. Wilson's passing, the unknowns of the future ownership situation, and the debates of if EJ is the guy or is Sammy worth next year's first rounder. 
We're still a few weeks out from regular season games at the Harp, but we're gearing up for this week's pre-season kickoff. It's the Bills vs Giants in Sunday night's Hall of Fame game! 
The Harp is closed on Sunday (no events at the Garden) so we're going to have a Bills Backers field trip over to their sister bar, MJ O'Connors in back bay. We've confirmed the game will be on WITH AUDIO. 
Here's the info:
Kickoff - 8pm
Location - MJ O'Connors - Back Bay
(there are two locations, this is the Back Bay location - NOT the waterfront location)
Transportation - Green Line to Arlington
If you're planning on going, please click "Like" on our facebook post so we can give a rough estimate for staffing.
(here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BostonBillsBackers/) 
Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming season at the Harp! We'll be posting info on the facebook group, twitter account, and email list. 
Hope to see you all on Sunday! 
-Bills Backers of Boston