Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to give anyone who has been wondering, "Hey. . .what's happening with all that money we raised on Charity Day??" an off season update!
For anyone who did not see Jeff's post, we raised $4,400. . that's right. . .FORTY FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!  All of that money was sent directly to Make-A-Wish MA and RI!  So, that brings our contributions to Make-A-Wish MA and RI to this:
2013:  $3,200
2014:  $3,400
2015:  $4,400
That's $11,000!!!  Holy smokes, you all are absolutely crushing it with donations and your generosity continues to amaze us each year!
Now, what does this all mean?  Where is our money going?  In MA and RI, the average cost of granting one complete wish to a child battling a serious and often life threatening illness, is $8,000.  We hit and surpassed that mark this season!  The Bills Backers of Boston are officially going to grant one complete wish to lift the spirits of a deserving child!  That is so exciting!! Our coordinator at Make-A-Wish has informed us that it may take 2-3 months for our wish to be assigned to us, but once it is, we will receive a package/information regarding the wish we granted!  That will be really rewarding.  As soon as I get that information from our coordinator I will share it with all of you.  
None of this could have been possible without the generosity you all showed the past 3 Charity Days.  Whether you gave $1 or $200, you played a crucial role in granting this wish to a local child.  Cheers to you!
Even though I have thanked them profusely in person, we want to formally thank the members of the Charity Day subcommittee who helped the day run so smoothly.  It would not have been so successful without your help!  I want to thank the ticket selling team of Sarah Haseley, Aimee O'Connell, Emily Lawless, and Jay Haseley (and anyone on their ticket tearing team I might have left out!!).  I want to thank the ticket selling (and tearing) team of Mike Hedges and the Bills Backers Mens Holiday Choir!  I also want to thank Jim Sweeney and Cindy White for helping with set up and break down, and pretty much any task we needed throughout the day.  Thank you to all who donated a prize to our raffle!  Just thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
Hope to see everyone tonight at the Sabres Road Crew Event tonight!  Uber has snowmobiles right?!
Your Bills Backers of Boston Committee
Kristen, Tim, Jeff, George, Darrell, and Chris