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On September 5th, at a meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA, Maury Silverman was kicked out of the room by Chairman Randy Dennin, ceo of Capsugel, a subsidiary of Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world.

Why did Dennin throw Silverman out of the room?

What is his agenda, and how can we best combine our energies to stop it?

We have a deadline of October 15th to monkeywrench Pfizer's agenda to set the dietary supplement industry up for a blow beyond which it would not be able to recover, and the purpose of this article is to help you connect ALL the DOTS, so you can FULLY SEE how DENNIN has been pulling the wool over the eyes of vitamin companies, health food stores, and the consuming public, world wide.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that the dietary supplement industry is so meekly ALLOWING this man to lead them all to the cliff, but he is very skilled at doing spin control and is the consumate politician... we can't afford to underestimate his cunning or his skills....

Maury Silverman is the mildest mannered person imaginable, and one of the staunchest advocates of health freedom I've ever known, anywhere in the world- and thats saying a lot because I have travelled to many countries doing this health freedom work. Maury is well known and liked throughout the dietary supplement industry, and is known for his total integrity and extreme unselfishness.

After distributing 1500 copies of my article "Europe Threatening To Ban Dietary Supplements International Assistance Needed To
Stop Draconian EU Vitamin Laws" http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html and ANH's material oriented to the American industry- see http://www.alliance-natural-health.org and click next to the US flag) Silverman went to attend the meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA as the Alliance for Natural Health's official representative, because Rob Verkerk and David Hinde were unable to attend, being very busy in Europe.

He sat down in the room and waited for the meeting to begin. People were milling around. On a literature table in the back of the room, he'd deposited several copies of my article, along with ANH materials. Suddenly he was approached by Karl Riedel, former co chair of the Joint International Committee, now removed as co chair due to politics which resulted in Dennin being reinstated as Chairman.

Riedel said to Silverman "Maury, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but you're going to have to leave. Randy Dennin is not going to allow you to participate in the meeting because you've been circulating John Hammell's article all over the show floor."

Upon being told this, Silverman got up, and walked up to Dennin, to whom he said: "You've never met me before, but I'm only here to learn, and to express my views about what we must do to defend this industry from attack. Its clear to me that you have an agenda, and that you oppose a level playing field. Its not hard to tell this because you're engaging in censorship, which is un-American and Despotic. Due to your actions, I can only conclude that the things John Hammell is saying about you must be true."

With that, he exited the room, and based on Dennin's (Pfizer's) political influence, this Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA, which as recently as the end of June had unanimously backed the ANH lawsuit, suddenly did a one hundred and eighty degree turn...... to do the bidding of Dennin/Pfizer and to ABANDON ANH in their moment of dire need....


The week before Expo East I received an urgent email from health freedom fighters in Europe expressing shock that my IADSA EXPOSED website, formerly at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com had been removed from cyberspace. Obviously, Dennin is trying to cover his tracks.

I immediately put the site back up in multiple locations at

but its very clear that we're up against a FORMIDABLE adversary. After the NNFA trade show in June in which the Joint International Committee (minus Dennin who was not present) voted UNANIMOUSLY to back the ANH lawsuit, NNFA's Legislative Director Kim Smith was advised NOT to alert the rest of the NNFA membership to the dire need to back this lawsuit.

The man who told her not to sound the alarm was Marc Ullman, legal counsel to some NNFA member companies, but not NNFA's legal counsel who is Scott Bass.

Ullman is either not seeing the big picture, or he may be compromised, and there is no way to know because since he's not NNFA's legal counsel, he's not subject to their conflict of interest disclosure bylaws and there is no way to find out who his clients are. (Not that we can trust Scott Bass any more, we KNOW he has pharmaceutical clients because he SAYS so right on his website at http://www.sidley.com/lawyers/bio.asp?ID=7770 but I strongly doubt if NNFA has ever demanded that he provide them with a complete list of his clients in accordance with Article 14.3 in their bylaws.

In any case, Kim Smith had no business IGNORING the UNANIMOUS decision of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA upon the advice of an attorney who is not subject to NNFA's conflict of interest disclosure bylaws.

It would not surprise me at all if Dennin's company Capsugel (Pfizer) has retained BOTH Marc Ullman AND Scott Bass to represent them in order to INSURE an ability to SQUELCH any decisionmaking coming out of ANY NNFA committees that might get PAST Randy Dennin's watchful eye in order to BLOCK decisions that he does not approve of from reaching NNFA's membership at large...



In June, Scott Bukow of Metagenics introduced Rob Verkerk and David Hinde when they made a power point presentation about the ANH lawsuit at the Joint International Committee meeting of NNFA and AHPA when they were given the unanimous support of the Committee.

Bukow did an excellent job of explaining the extreme importance of the ANH lawsuit, especially to the more innovative companies in the industry, telling them that the EU Food Supplement Directive was going to force them to file very expensive safety dossiers in order to keep on using any of the 300 some odd manufacturing ingredients now BANNED by the Food Supplement Direcitive and that it would be FAR CHEAPER for them to contribute to this lawsuit, than to pay the exhorbitant expense of compiling and filing safety dossiers which the EU could easily reject and disallow.

Apparently, the companies that turned their backs on ANH once Dennin regained control of the Committee must be fearful of crossing the man who sells them their capsules. They're afraid of his political influence within the industry. They must be afraid he could mess with their pricing, and give better pricing to competitors if they cross him, or something. Whatever it is, when he talks, the blindly allow him to lead them to the cliff like so many SHEEP, and I am not sure if there is ANYTHING we can say to them to wake them up. Massive spin is done against my message. Whenver any NNFA member reads my articles and gets concerned, they call Kim Smith and she tells them to ignore what I'm saying, that Ullman says its "not true."

(They love being told what they want to hear- which is that they can "go on back to sleep, NNFA and IADSA are "handling things.")

Oh yeah, they're "HANDLING" things, alright. NNFA is a Cartel "cutout". They're being controlled from the top-down via a handful of key people, not all of whom grasp that they're being used. Things are done on a "need to know" basis, so many good people are being jerked around like marionettes, but don't even realize it.

The rank and file members aren't paying any attention because they're too busy going about their daily business and they just ASSUME that the organization they pay big dues to is in FACT protecting them. After all, they DO send out alerts about things like Durbin's bill (S.722) which is not moving due to the Ephedra Education Council which has been ably containing it (only has 3 cosponsors) and they don't GRASP that Durbin's bill is serving as a distractive red herring right now, keeping them from focusing on that which Dennin and Pfizer don't WANT them to focus on, the ANH lawsuit.

Keep in mind that Dennin is a member of CRN, NNFA, AHPA and UNPA (all of the American vitamin trade associations) and that via IADSA, which he chairs and which he created as a vehicle to directly counter IAHF, he is manipulating all the OTHER trade associations world wide, PRETENDING to defend the industry from pharma attack, while in REALITY he is SPEARHEADING that attack as a controlled opposition group.

Keep in mind that in 2000 the Pharma Cartel OPENLY ANNOUNCED their intention to harmonize American vitamin laws to the EU. They did this via a group which Dennin figures prominently in, the Dietary Supplement Working Group of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, and the press release detailing their intentions has been "hidden in plain sight" ever since at http://www.crnusa.org/shellnr112000.html "US and EU Leaders Agree on Principles to Harmonize Dietary Supplement Regulations"

Keep in mind here that CRN never lifted a finger to try to kill the EU Food Supplement Directive, they WANTED it to pass, and when you examine their membership list at http://www.crnusa.org/who_omc.html and see Bayer, BASF, Cargill, Monsanto, Pfizer, etc its not hard to see WHY!!!



Keep in mind that many large, well known networkmarketing vitamin companies includuing Mannatech, GNLD, Rexall Sundown, Shaklee, NuSkin, and others are also in CRN and they're all being advised to NOT GET INVOLVED with the ANH lawsuit, and they're adhering to this advice, not knowing any better. The corporate people who make the decisions are often far removed from the reality of this industry, and they just blindly listen to what CRN tells them figuring that they're "the experts" and that they pay "big dues" and just can't believe they'd be misled this way. Obviously, they're not thinking about the implications of joining a "vitamin trade association" that Bayer, BASF,Pfizer etc, are members of.... but they SHOULD!

Please get this article to them via their top distributors!!!! We're finding its much easier to get support for the ANH lawsuit from the DISTRIBUTORS of these CRN member network marketing companies than it is to get it from the front offices of these companies!!

Many of them are publicly traded on the stock market, and the top brass are fearful of taking any actions that might anger investors, and THATS what we're REALLY up against. Many of the investors are trying to steer mergers between vitamin companes and drug companies..... and they control the Boards of these companies in many cases, so there is only so much even the top distributors can do unless they fully grasp the need to go to WAR over this with their companies...


So, how can you help counter Dennin's evil actions? Doesn't it make you angry that he threw Maury Silverman out of the meeting, and that the Joint International Committee, which had previously unanimously backed ANH suddenly turned their BACKS on ANH due to Dennin's manipulations?

What you MUST DO is get this article to anyone you know who is a network marketing distributor for any of the aforementioned CRN member companies: MANNATECH, GNLD, REXALL SUNDOWN, SHAKLEE, NUSKIN Tell them to get this message to the distributors with the biggest downlines and for them to urge everyone in their downline to make an immediate donation to the ANH lawsuit via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org or via wire transfer or international money order.

Then, you must take this message to every health food store within a 50 mile radius of your house, especially if they're a member of NNFA. Tell them they cannot trust Kim Smith, Karl Reidel, Dennin, or any of the top brass at NNFA and show them this.

Tell them to contact me at 800-333-2553 and tell them to make an immediate donation to the ANH lawsuit at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org Tell them to get on the IAHF email distribution list for updates via http://www.iahf.com

Notice that I'm not asking for donations here to IAHF. I really could use them, but I'm not asking for them because I am a team player. I don't want to lose my access to dietary supplements, and I am quite sure you don't want to lose yours, but you will if you don't do more to help with this because come October, we'll either have the additional $50,000. we need to be able to get the $100,000. matching funds a large network marketing company is putting up, or we won't.

If we don't, there will be no way to stop the ongoing falling of the dominoes, and we can't let that happen. Its not easy to expose a gradual, incremental agenda of this sort. People at times have accused me of "Crying wolf" but I am not. The takeover we're up against was very carefully designed in such a way as to make it very hard for people like me to even show people that its taking place, it was designed NOT to arrouse a public backlash.

Well I don't know about you, but I am OFFENDED that Dennin had the IADSA Exposed website blasted out of cyberspace the week before Expo East, and thats why I put it back up in so many places. I am OFFENDED by his manipulation of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA, and I am OFFENDED by NNFA's Kim Smith who is clearly doing the bidding of attorney's who are not disclosing their client lists in accordance with NNFA's bylaws.

Members of NNFA should vote with their feet, and the best way to do this is to support the ANH lawsuit and DEMAND that NNFA do the same, and if they don't, they should QUIT and form a NEW Trade Association.

Please print this out and show it to people. Please forward it and post it on your website. Permission granted to use this in articles. The clock is ticking....

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World