We have encountered an issue when repeating on the same frequency with the iGR:

If the Tx and Rx frequency are identical (say Tx = 461.025000 AND Rx = 461.025000) then 'after a while' the Rx/Tx (Green then Red) LED will stop flashing which indicates that the radio has stopped repeating.

Turning off CSMA mitigates this issue, however new firmware which fully mitigates it is available here:


The ZIP file at this location contains detailed instructions, the update tool and the latest firmware version.

In addition: we now recommend turning off CSMA from the front panel if doing same-frequency repeating. (Click the right arrow button until CSMA is shown on the top, then click the center button until ‘OFF’ is shown.)

This issue did not affect cabled operation or cross-frequency repeating and it is exasperated by FEC=OFF and noisy RF environments.

Also, we now have repeater cables for X91+, X900+ receivers in stock again. Additional cables for iG8, iG9, i80, i70, R10, R12 are expected early next week.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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