Newsletter #52 - November 2016
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Who, what, where?
Every month we give you an update on the projects that have been completed by our applicators with Liquid Rubber®. Some are large (in terms of volume), others are smaller, but this way you get an impression of the many possibilities with Liquid Rubber. If you have any questions about these projects, please contact us.

Facade sealant with Liquid Rubber HBS200 
A facade needs to be sealed against water- and air penetration. Liquid Rubber has right product for both.

This facade was build from prefab concrete elements that were placed in a steel construction. One of the unique characteristics of Liquid Rubber is that it adheres to both surfaces. Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied on the inside of the facade on all the seams and joints to realise a solid air tightness.

On the outside Liquid Rubber was applied on all the connections from the steel frame to the prefab elements as well as all outside joints. This ensures that all the water will stay outside and will not penetrate into the construction.

This building is located in the harbor area and thanks to Liquid Rubber it is protected against all weather circumstances.
Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)

Sill connection with Liquid Rubber HBS200
The bottom of a window- or door sill is always a critical point to seal. Rain water can find its way in very easily if the sill is not sealed correctly.

Liquid Rubber HBS200 ensures a durable sealant on the connection from the facade to the sill and adheres to all kind of sill material. Liquid Rubber adheres perfectly on wooded sills but also on all kind of plastic sills. Liquid Rubber HBS200 can be applied directly to the sill and the connection to the facade. A geotextile can be placed in the still wet Liquid Rubber to bridge the joint. Afterwards a second layer of HBS200 can be applied to seal the entire connection.

A very easy and durable way of sealing a critical connection like this.

Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)
Concrete sealing with Liquid Rubber BelowGrade 
Liquid Rubber is known for its constructive sealants. This project is a very good example of a constructive and functial sealant.

During the construction phase of this new parking garage, Liquid Rubber Belowgrade was applied directly on the concrete floors. Liquid Rubber ensures that the entire floor is waterproofed according to the standard. The project is 15.200m2 in total and the huge advantage of Liquid Rubber is that the applicator is able to apply 1000m2 a day.

After the Liquid Rubber is cured, a new concrete floor will be placed on top of the Liquid Rubber. This is the final deck where the cars will drive and park on.

We are very proud of this applicator and this job. It shows the functionality of Liquid Rubber, again.

  Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)

WinterGrade during the frost
Winter is here and the temperature has been feezing for several times already. For construction, this is a terrible period to work.

Luckily we have a product called WinterGrade that makes it much easier to work during these cold days. Liquid Rubber WinterGrade can be added to the HBS200 and makes it able to apply the product up to -10˚C. This allows Liquid Rubber to be applied during the colder days this winter.
If you have any questions about the Liquid Rubber application possibilities during the frost or if you want to order the product, please contact us via or via +31297 58 78 66.

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