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Moses walked his Israelite followers in circles in the desert for 40 years before initiating the invasion of the Holy Land. He realized that two generations of people born and raised in slavery would have to die before he could depend upon them to have enough fighting spirit and spunk to attempt the invasion.

None of us HAVE 40 years to walk around in circles waiting for enough vitamin consumers to develop the fighting spirit and the spunk to read Congressman Joe Barton the riot act and DEMAND he give us congressional oversight on the FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico. Each one TEACH 10, eacth 10 TEACH 10,000!!

By now many of you have signed read and forwarded this petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body. As of 5:03 pm on Friday April 21 2,497 people have signed.


Congressman Joe Barton, the guy who we need to hold oversight hearings on the FDA to stop the illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, is the sponsor of legislation that would hand control of the internet over to big telephone & cable companies- see http://www.savetheinternet.com/ He's sponsoring this legislation because he's been accepting thousands of dollars in political contributions from ATT, Verizon, Comcast, etc. His actions threaten to shut down sites like IAHFs. This threat is very real as you will see by going to the website above and a critical vote takes place next tuesday on this.

IAHF has joined such diverse groups as "Move On" and "Gun Owners of America" as part of the Save the Internet Coalition recognizing that unless Barton,Rush, and other corrupt congressmen aren't stopped, the internet as we know it will be destroyed. It would take forever for you to open any small business or non profit organization website because they wouldn't be able to afford to pay the extortionistic rates the huge phone companies want to be able to charge website owners for their site to open quickly. See this http://www.savetheinternet.com/=threat to see how the removal of Network Neutrality, (the Internet's "First Amendment") would negatively impact you.

The only way we're going to get an oversight hearing from Barton is by getting a HUGE number of signatures on this petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body combined with massive grass roots action inside Barton's congressional district. If any of you have him as your congressman please let me know and lets be in touch by phone. I may need to spend some time inside that district and will need help to do it. We need to generate a movement inside his district on this issue to really force the issue. We also will be engaged in a DC lobbying campaign soon on this issue working closely with an allied organization, but our strength lies in our grass roots numbers- and I need all of you to do far more to alert people to sign the petitition and to read this article: http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3259061.htm

Every day I've been doing my due diligence by reaching out to more and more people and groups, but I need a lot more help from the rest of you or we won't have a chance to overcome the corruption we're up against, and I don't have 40 years to spend wandering around in the desert going around and around in circles with you folks waiting for enough of you to develop the fighting spirit and spunk needed to trumpet this message from the rooftops. Want to continue living in America? Want to continue living in Canada? Don't like the idea of being forced into a North American Union patterned after the EU as a prelude to having genocidal Codex restrictions imposed on your access to dietary supplements?


Its been said that those who have never lost their freedom don't even really know what that word means. I believe it. Over 20 years ago I was a political prisoner during 4 long years mired in mainstream psychiatric hospitals where they almost killed me with shock treatments and toxic pharmaceuticals before God's vitamins saved my life after I smuggled them in to the last hospital I was in. http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html I have no illusions about what we're facing and that keeps me fighting hard every day.

Today, all of us are up against Rockefeller and his UN collectivists. These genocidal killers think THEY Are God. They think they have the RIGHT to tell us what we can and cannot ingest into OUR bodies, because they regard OUR BODIES to be THEIR POSSESSIONS. Aaron Russo hits the nail on the head with his new film "From Freedom to Fascism" (See trailer at http://www.freedomtofascism.com )

You might think Russo and I are exaggerating, but I assure you I am NOT. The reason I KNOW I'm not is I've been fighting the FDA for the past 17 years in an effort to defend consumer access to dietary supplements and I've seen the FDA do nothing but consistently IGNORE the rule of law and do anything the pharmaceutical industry WANTS them to do.

The only exceptions have been those rare times when the courts or Congress has put a choke collar around their necks and jerked really hard to keep them in check, and anytime this has happened, its ONLY been because enough people got steamed up enough to raise enough HELL for justice to prevail.

I would not have escaped the hell of the psychiatric gulag if I hadn't smuggled in the vitamins that turned my life around after mouthing the toxic meds they tried to force me to take. I had to hide my vitamins in a cavity gouged out from the underside of my foam mattress and take them secretly and the sad thing is that its still the same today as it was back then- orthomolecular medicine is still massively suppressed.

We cannot allow the sovereignty of America, Canada and Mexico to be destroyed, and it will be our OWN FAULT if we don't do enough to try to stop it!! How many friends and family have you called on the phone to alert about this? How many have you forwarded my messages to? How many health food stores have you attempted to get to visit http://www.nocodexgenocide.com so that they could come to see how they're being lied to on this issue by NNFA, CHFA, IADSA and the other trade associations?

I don't know a BETTER way of trying to stop the planned destruction of the USA than by challenging the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter by pressuring Congress to stop them from breaking the law.

When we passed DSHEA in '94, vitamin consumers generated the largest volume of letters to congress in the HISTORY of congress, but TODAY we see the FDA trying to get away from the express consent of the governed by taking steps intended to literally DESTROY our country!!

I am OFFENDED by this, and you should be too! You should be offended enough to not only sign this petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body and reach out to a lot more people to urge them to sign, but to also help inside Barton's district if you happen to live there (please let me know if you do.)

Hopefully, you'll contribute to IAHF http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113342.htm to assist me in travelling to DC for when IAHF and the allied group we're working with send a lobbying delegation to discuss this issue with Barton's staff, and if you live in the DC area, hopefully you'll consider volunteering to accompany us to the Hill on this issue.

This is a true grass roots battle. We are the fife, the drum, and the guy with the bandage around his head. We're not going to lose, because we're going to fight til hell freezes over and when hell freezes over we will fight on ICE!! Remember this: we are fighting for our most basic cherished liberties AND for our health freedom. If THAT isn't worth fighting for, than I don't know what is.

THANK YOU for caring. THANK YOUR for calling, emailing, faxing, and doing anything else you can think of to wake up more people.

Next week I'll be carrying this message to 200 orthomolecular physicians and numerous small, innovative vitamin companies at the ISOM conference in Vancouver BC, and they'll in turn spread it to all of their patients and customers, who in turn will spread it to everyone they know because THEIR LIVES depend on it. Some of YOURS do too, so please act accordingly because no one person can carry this load alone!