Learn Dutch Fast on German Television
Monday, May 23rd 9-10 a.m.
Dear ,

In case you wondered why the Learn Dutch Fast lesson schedule still hasn't been updated:
It has been very busy here ;-)

Last Friday, I heard that the German television would come Wednesday to film a lesson day at Learn Dutch Fast.
It was a great day! Very interesting to see how filming works. I was very nervous, but there were two fantastic students to join the class and the crew was very nice.
In fact, I knew the reporter, he was in my "Total Immersion 1" course the week before... and he did his interview with me all in Dutch (a first time for him)!I was so proud of him!
It was funny that the order of the activities had to be different than would have been logical... For example: I bought the groceries the day before, because the cooking was filmed before we all went to the green grocer's to film there.
So I'll have to eat the same meal tonight ;-)

I had a lot of help from many friends. The reporter requested some of his favorite activities from the week before, including offering a drink at a café. The owner of the café was okay with filming at his location, but he preferred not to be on camera. So we needed a stand-in waiter. One of my students helped me out ;-)
We ended the day with a "Dutch Activity":
portrait drawing with Ton de Kruijk.
He offers short workshops during summer, so check it out
We filmed for 5 hrs, but the item will only be 4 minutes long... I'm very excited to see the results: Monday between 9 and 10 a.m. (ZDF)
I would like to thank everyone who helped to produce this item!
P.S. The schedule will be updated this weekend!

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That was it for now!
Tot ziens!
Sylvia Clements, Learn Dutch Fast, www.learndutchfast.nl