How to Protect Yourself from SIBOS, Don't Be a Piece of Their Inventory.....Doom's Day Seed the Arctic...
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Here are some important NEW life saving, health protecting tips from IAHF to help defend your health from our genocidal would be overseers as the biological attack we're under keeps intensifying! Please share this information with friends and family as there is safety in numbers!
Would you believe that in addition to chemtrails, GMO Foods, fluoridated water, toxic food additives, and toxic pharmaceutical drugs (while the threat of Codex looms over our access to supplements) we're now also being attacked by live oral vaccines being air dropped on us?
In Texas they've begun a program of dropping live rabies vaccines on us from the air which puts livestock, pets, and children (as well as all of us) at risk. Drug giant Novartis is behind this latest outrageous genocidal action which you can learn about from this video clip.
How long will it be before this evil genocidal "anti rabies" program is spread to more states and countries ostensibly to "protect us?"
In some previous alerts about chemtrails I showed you the Georgia Guidestones and urged you to take notice of the fact that our would be overseers have carved a message into solid granite in several langauges of their intention to reduce world population down to 500 Million which would mean killing 9 out of 10 of us. I refuse to be culled, and keep exploring this in order to learn new ways to protect myself and to help all of you to enjoy perfect health despite this effort to make us all sick!
In this alert, I'm providing you with several new pieces of information that are critical to your long term survival and to your being able to maintain good health in the face of this ongoing biological assault!
In previous alerts warning you about Bilderberg perpetrated population control maneuvers, I've urged all of you to protect yourselves from this biological assault by using my sulfur  which as I've explained is the best in the world because it is not made via a high heat distillation process which damages the sulfur crystals and which also contains no silicon dioxide which interferes with sulfur's uptake to the cells. I've explained how sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing for improved oxygen transport to the cells, and improved waste transport from the cells. I've explained how sulfur bonds with all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us from aircraft to safely remove them from the body.

So, what is this evil they called "SIBO" anyway, and why should we be concerned about them? "SIBO" stands for
"Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth", and its a brand new health problem that comes to us courtesy of Monsanto, manufacturers of genetically engineered seeds being used to grow most of the corn and most of the wheat now grown in the world, as well as an increasing number of other seeds, including Monsanto's infamous aluminum resistant seeds that will germinate even though we're being sprayed with massively toxic levels of aluminum oxide from chemtrails.
Your small intestine is a 21' long muscular tube that all food passes through where it is digested and from which you extract the nutrients in the food before the processed waste is dumped into the sewer of the large intestine from which it is excreted. Food from your stomach goes into the small intestine which is filled with bacteria, both good and bad. The types of bacteria in the small intestine are DIFFERENT from the types of bacterial in the BOWEL (the Large intestine) and there is LESS bacteria in the small intestine than in the colon.
SIBO is also called Small Bowel Bacteria Overgrowth (SBBO) and it more resembles the type and number of bacteria normally found in the colon or large intestine. Anything that interferes with the muscular contractions of the small intestine which churns up the food you eat, extracting the nutrients and propelling the waste along to be dumped into the colon results in an overproliferation of this bad bacteria (SIBO) which has no place in the small intestine.
SIBO results in these dangerous life threatening health conditions which are INTENDED to kill us dead:
The symptoms of SIBO include:
A small number of patients with SIBO have chronic constipation rather than diarrhea. When the overgrowth is severe and prolonged, the bacteria may interfere with the digestion and/or absorption of food and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals may develop. Weight loss also may occur. Patients with SIBO sometimes also report symptoms that are unrelated to the gastrointestinal tract, symptoms such as body aches or fatigue. The symptoms of SIBO tend to be chronic. A typical patient with SIBO can experience symptoms that fluctuate in intensity over months, years, or even decades before the diagnosis is made.(1)
SIBO is being caused by Monsanto via their genetically engineered wheat, corn and other foods which cause an allergic reaction in the small intestine. (2)  It helps to have a basic understanding of how your small intestine works. It is a 21 mile long muscular tube whose job is to contract and squeeze the food as it travels between the stomach and the sewer (the large intestine). Most nutrient absorption occurs in your small intestine, but if it gets taken over by SIBO microorganisms, they slow the muscular contractions which normally keep the bad bacteria in check by not allowing too much of it to exist in the small intestine. SIBO microorganisms are normally found in the colon, not in the small intestine.
When they take over the small intestine, gut dysbiosis occurrs. Candida Albicans has hooks that rip microscopic holes in your gut walls allowing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic, to escape into the blood and brain. This causes chronic fatigue, depression, irritability, schizophrenia, even autism in some people. It is a very serious and growing problem and what you eat can have a huge effect on the number of SIBOs in your gut---- so if you are eating wheat and other genetically engineered food- STOP!!! This stuff is INTENDED to make you sick! Its making MILLIONS of us SICK! It's resulting in millions of people going on every kind of pharmaceutical Rx drug you can think of, and its all needless! Please realize that this is all planned, this is GENOCIDE, but you are NOT POWERLESS to protect yourself!
Along with stopping ingestion of wheat, and other genetically engineered foods which cause SIBOS, you should also stop eating sugar and fast acting carbs because they feed candida (one of the SIBOs) that you're trying to kill off! SIBOs generate pollution inside your body. These microforms excrete wastes that rob your digestive tract of oxygen and fill you full of lactic acid and other wastes that cause every sort of illness you can think of. They'll not only cause Diabetes mellitus and Crohn's disease, they play a role in causing cancer, depression, brain fog, schizophrenia.. Hippocrates said 2000 years ago that all good health begins in the gut, and he was right! Moderate alcohol consumption is not unexpectedly another cause of SIBO (4).
You need to ingest probiotics and start making your own lactofermented foods such as homemade kimchi and saurkraut, and you need to take sulfur! If you have trouble with the bitter taste of sulfur, put some honey on your tongue to coat your tastebuds with honey before drinking sulfur water. Thats what I do. I use Mestiza coconut honey which is only 35 on the glycemic index so its even ok for diabetics but it won't be widely available commercially in the US until Spring.
Until it does become available though, I recommend using any kind of honey or maple syrup on your tongue before drinking sulfur if you have a hard time with the bitter taste because the beneficial effects are well worth the effort!
Lest you have any doubts as to the ruling elite's evil intententions, check out the Doomsday Seed Vault in Spitzbergen, Norway where Monsanto, the World Health Organization and people like Bill Gates are stockpiling heirloom seeds (even as they attempt to kill us all with genetically engineered seeds which are causing SIBOs and a million health problems that flow from this damage they're doing to our small intestine.
To recap: the best way to protect yourself from toxic heavy metals from chemtrails, from toxins in our air, water, and food is by not eating genetically engineered foods, by not eating processed foods, by being mindful of SIBOs and how to protect yourself from them. I recommend you start your own seed bank of heirloom seeds before you can't get them anymore because all the small seed companies are being bought out by the Genetically Engineered Seed Giants because they don't want you having access to them. They don't want you being able to save seeds from harvest to harvest. So please learn all you can about gardening and about nutrient dense foods and how to prepare them.
One good way is by joining the Weston A. Price Foundation. I run the local chapter here and am continuously learning new things about health from it. You can find many Weston Price and other health related books in my bookstore  including Nourishing Traditions cookbook by Sally Fallon from which you can learn to make your own lactofermented foods which will help you generate good bacteria that help fight SIBOs. Get seeds from companies such as Johnnyseed and others where you can still get heirloom seeds, and please alert all your friends!
If you want to learn more about gut dysbiosis and how to stop it, I recommend the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome (5) by Natasha Campbell McBride, MD and also her DVD. This was the biggest missing piece of my personal health jigsaw puzzle and it took me 35 years to find.
Along with probiotics, sulfur helps hugely to heal and seal a leaky gut and to kill the SIPOs and other dangerous microforms in your gut because it helps flood your cells with oxygen and to get wastes out of the cells! When you're under biological assault, and we are, you can't be too careful!Do you want to have a turbocharged libido? Want to flood your body with oxygen so you'll never get cancer despite all the chemtrails being sprayed on us?  Want to look years younger by improving your cellular health across the board? Want to neutralize the acid caused by stress by alkalinizing your gut? Take sulfur!
The ruling elite announced their intention to kill off 9 out of 10 of us to reduce world population down to just 500 Million. If you want to live a long and healthy life, please pay attention! Get and use sulfur twice a day, and please alert friends and neighbors to the threats all around us that most people aren't paying any attention to! Tell them about SIBOs (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) and how to protect against them (by not eating GE Foods, by laying off alcohol, sugar and fast acting carbs, by increasing probiotics and sulfur)! Please forward this alert to family and friends! Anyone can sign onto the IAHF email distribution list at no charge.
A portion of sales from sulfur will be used to make an updated version of the health freedom film "We Become Silent-The Last Days of Health Freedom" which I am in along with Congressman Ron Paul. We badly need an updated version of this 6 year old film to stop the FDA from banning access to supplements which they are doing via a sleeper isue that I need your help to call attention to. The sleeper issue is FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. A new film will help us replace the corrupt members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee who are awash in Pharma PAC donations from office.
We must get rid of them in order to get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter because as Canada harmonizes its already restrictive supplement laws to the EU's draconian regulations via the CETA trade agreement, we're being harmonized to Canada and Mexico via this poorly understood mechanism. I know what FDA is doing because I forced them to give me their internal documents on this via the Freedom of Information Act, so I can see the writing on the wall. Sulfur is the perfect means by which to fight back! We need $70 Grand for Kevin Miller to make an updated film. If you have deep pockets, or know someone who does who can help us, please put them in touch with me via 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America, or via 360-945-0352 Pacific time. Americans can buy sulfur via this site. If you live outside the USA contact me for shipping cost. If you just want to donate to the film, you can via this site.