Take a look at this 4 minute video of Lou Dobbs Report on CNN on the SPP
or what has become known as the North American Union.

Dobbs shows that this plan to merge the U.S. Canada and Mexico is
progressing and gaining momentum unopposed.

Please view this clip and then share it with those on your list. We need
to write or call our Representatives in Washington and demand that they
oppose it...



I am MAD AS HELL & I'm _NOT_ gonna take it ANY MORE!! Yesterday I called Congressman Rick Larsen's office (he's my congressman) to demand to know his position on the SPP and on the planned N.American Union. You know what his staffer had the NERVE to say to ME?

She said "That sounds like CONSPIRACY THEORY to me, where are you getting this from?" I said (in a VERY LOUD, VERY ANGRY VOICE- HOW DOES CNN GRAB YOU! HOW ABOUT FROM LOU DOBBS, EH? IS _THAT_ MAINSTREAM NEWS ENOUGH FOR YOU???
(Dead Silence at the other end of the line for a long 3 seconds). I THEN jumped in with: "This is a HEAVILY ARMED COUNTRY, and you people DAMN well better remember who YOUR BOSSES actually are!!!" I then SLAMMED the phone, and called Larsens DISTRICT office down in Bellingham wanting to complain about this DC staffer who obviously had spat in my face to Jasper McSlerrow, someone who I'd interracted with before.

When I called the District office, I learned he no longer worked there, and upon giving my name and address the person who answered (and who was obviously looking at a database of constituents past calls and the issues that concerned them) raised the issue of something I'd said to them in my last call and what she had to say really FLOORED me.

She said "You called here recently with concerns about the NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY, but all of that has been DEBUNKED, then she gave me THIS SPINSITE: Go here


See banner on their site titled "NASCO SPIN DEBUNKED"

The way I found out about this was I called Congressman Rick Larsen's office (he's my congressman) to demand to know what he intends to do to stop the planned N.American Union. I cited this article "TIMES WRITERS GROUP: GET READY FOR THE END OF THE US" (published in the St.Cloud Times http://www.sctimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060706/OPINION/107060049/1006 and I was told that this was nothing but "conspiracy theory."

This is BULLSHIT people. Our would be controllers are building a VAST infrastructure project which is CLEARLY intended to have the SAME EFFECT as the CHUNNEL had in making the European Union Dictatorship possible. The Trans Texas Corridor is already under construction in Texas right now using laborers that were brought over from SPAIN. Bush is a TRAITOR. He and Cheney must hang by the NECK until DEAD!!! Lou Dobbs would like to see an armed uprising against these TERRORISTS and so would I.

See THIS on EARTH FIRST JOURNAL: http://www.earthfirstjournal.org/articles.php?a=856

See these PROTEST SITES in Texas: http://www.texastollparty.com/survey.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austin_Toll_Party http://www.satollparty.com/

See THIS on INDYMEDIA http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/www-pt/2005-January/0107-bh.html

Who the HELL Do these TERRORISTS think they're KIDDING???

Like told you in YESTERDAY's ALERT, I'm going BACK to Washington DC on July 19th and I'll be lobbying the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee. I spent $1210. for airfare and lodging via EXPEDIA and IAHF needs DONATIONS to help pay for this trip which is an attempt to defend ALL of your most deeply cherished freedoms, ESPECIALLY your ongoing access to dietary supplements!!

MAKE YOUR CALLS TO THE OVERSIGHT SUBCOMMITTEE STARTING TODAY AND KEEP FLOODING THEM WITH REPEATED CALLS DURING THE TIME I'M THERE FROM JULY 19th- 27th. Make up your OWN phone script, or use mine. See the list of who to call and other info in yesterdays alert: See "HELP RUIN YOUR SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN's SUMMER VACATION" https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+511

CAN you kick in $1000? $500? $400? $300? $200? How about a measly $100?? Do I hear $50? $25? How about $10?


I'll send you a package containing

A) FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH- EXPOSING THE FDA's BETRAYAL of AMERICA by Byron Richards. This book has been endorsed by Julian Whitaker, MD; Jonathan Wright, MD; Thomas Dorman, MD; and a SLEW of other well known health freedom fighters world wide (see the endorsements here: http://www.truthinwellness.com/reviews.htm This book is going to be a BEST SELLER! I've been breaking my butt getting these endorsements lined up for the author in order to INSURE that the book gets the HIGHEST POSSIBLE VISIBILITY because I had a hand in tweaking the last 3 chapters about Codex and the FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico (which is PART of this illegal SPP, this traitorous effort to DESTROY America!!

B) The DVD "We Become Silent" by Kevin Miller http://www.welltv.com which we're in a process of updating now. Kevin is in Europe doing filming for this purpose as I speak.

C) An Hour Long Audio Tape of me addressing these health freedom issues at the PANLA Conference

D) The Special Health Freedom Issue of The Crusader Magazine (Interviews with me and other key health freedom fighters.)

E) An IAHF Bumper Sticker (NO UN CODEX GENOCIDE!! and shows the IAHF website!

Friends: Don't let the SANDS OF TIME get in yer LUNCH!! Together we CAN DEFEAT the elements of COERSION, and we CAN DEFEND AMERICA from its PLANNED DESTRUCTION!!

The COLLECTIVIST MAGGOTS that are trying to force us into this planned N.American Union are going to FAIL! They're going to FAIL because we are ARMED! We're armed with FACTS! We're ARMED with the CNN Film Clip I told you about above. Go watch it, then call everyone you know! Call your kids, your grand kids, your aunts and uncles and cousins. Call literally EVERYONE you know and get THEM to help IAHF FLOOD CON-GRESS with angry calls!

We MUST make this an ELECTION issue!!!

We MUST stop the planned destruction of AMERICA!!

If we FAIL, we'll soon experience Orwells Most DIRE prediction: The Iron Boot of TYRANNY Stomping in our faces FOREVER!

If we FAIL, we'll be plunged down the SAME slippery slope the UK has already been plunged down as they've been forced into the EU Dictatorship where their vitamins are being taken away and they have pitifully LITTLE RECOURSE.

I've seen what its like in the UK and Europe first hand..... the BLACK MARKET in American products is only going to keep getting BIGGER AND BIGGER as they slide DEEPER AND DEEPER into the ABYSS of COMMUNIST tyranny.

Bush and his fellow NEOCONS are followers of LEON TROTSKY and that is NOT mere hyperbole, its the TRUTH!!!
See ATTACK OF THE TROTSKY-CONS! http://www.chroniclesmagazine.org/Chronicles/January2004/0104Raimondo.html