Traditions From The Past For The Now~

A passage from the journal of Queen Victoria dated 1899 shared her thoughts about that Christmas year.

They were of hope and good cheer for those dearest to her and for her beloved country.

She seemed to fret a little about the unknown in those changing times (much as many will be doing this Christmas year).

Worried perhaps that she would not be around to see them through...she died a bit more than one year later.

Every Christmas gives us the joy of renewal. As for my family we celebrate with the same traditions every year - celebrations of faith, family, giving and showing gratitude for all the blessings that surround us.

The house all decked in candle glow is only an extension of the light in our hearts for the beauty of the gift this season represents.

The Christmas Garden~

Do enjoy the Christmas garden - your own or someone else's.

Oversized wreaths made from cedar branches, bare trees adorned with white lights, old sleds and skates scattered around tweak our memories.

Add some wassail and caroling and let the magic begin.

Some Season's Readings To Love~

The Time Of The Lamb (A Christmas Story) 1961

Thoughts Of The Imitation Of Christ-1441-1957

The Life And Morals Of Jesus Of Nazareth - Thomas Jefferson, 1904-1951

The New Year - 1955

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People and Places We Know and Love~

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From the Sage Hill Farm family to your family~

A most gracious holiday season!

Bea Kunz