How to Tell Natural Color from Dyed & Sapphire for September

This month is how to tell natural from dyed beads; September's gem, sapphire; and a special offer to newsletter readers for our new bead book. Scroll down, or click one of the links below on the html version to go to a certain section.

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How to Market your Website
How to Tell Natural Color from Dyed
Sapphire: September's Gemstone
How to Make a Killing Selling Bead Jewelry
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How to Market your Website

Many think they can build a website and customers will come crawling to buy. Reality is far from that. There are millions of new websites every week, and as with any business, you have to do the hard work to bring in sales.

Fortunately you’re in a niche market promoting hand-crafted jewelry, so it’s not as difficult as say, selling clothes – but it will be pretty tough! This part is very important and you should consider buying a whole book on the subject (see here). I’ll quickly outline the best eight ways to bring traffic to your site:

How to Tell Natural Color from Dyed

It’s hard to tell if the color of a stone is natural - but one giveaway of dying is to look closely with a magnifying glass into the bead holes. You may be able to see a different color inside.

Sometimes the dye is uneven with varying density across the strand - resulting in not all the beads being the same shade of color. One other sure way to tell dying is to break the bead open. However, it’s even possible for the inside of a bead to be the same color as outside, yet still be dyed!

Another method to expose dye is to put the beads on a damp white towel. Wait a few minutes to see if the color bleeds on the towel. If there’s noticeable color transferred, there will be a ring of color around the neck of whoever wears the beads in a necklace!

Dye & bleaching
Ancient Romans’ dyed agates. The process makes your beads more attractive and has few drawbacks. It’s so common, that even if a seller tells you the beads aren’t dyed, they properly are! The dye usually won’t come off, but it’s still best to rinse some stones before using them just in case. Don’t fool yourself, the truth is:

Sapphire: September's Gemstone

Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and is chemically and structurally the same as ruby, an aluminum oxide. However, where rubies are only red, sapphires come in every color but red: blue, golden yellow, reddish-orange, or violet. The most valuable sapphires have a vivid royal blue color. Some sapphires do change their colors between blue and violet depending on the light.

Sapphires are extremely durable, only diamonds are harder. Sapphires are generally cut into cushions, rounded rectangle or oval shapes. However, fancy sapphires may be triangles, squares, marquises, pear shapes, cabochon cut, or smooth domes. Sapphire is the anniversary stone for the 5th and 45th years of marriage.

Dark blue and lilac sapphire is said to enhance ones creativity while guarding against distraction. It is also good for sexual relationships because it tends create deep bonding between people and brings loyalty.
Light blue sapphire is the inspiration stone. It helps to bring new thoughts and makes one feel excited and full.
Green sapphire brings a lucky sense to ones life for it allows things to run smoothly.
Orange works on a totally different level by not allowing you to deceive yourself. It makes you look at things in their basic form without distorting it to conform to what you want it to be. Brings true knowledge - a good stone for students, teachers, writers and researchers.
Pink sapphire allows one to surrender to another for the good of the all.
White sapphire helps you take care of yourself and to tend to your personal needs. Yellow sapphire connects you to the total you with all of your inner knowledge. It also helps you to see what you do not know so you can look for an answer, rather than believing you already know the answer.

Blue chalcedony can look similar to sapphire at a fraction of the cost. Although a very fine-grained variety of quartz. It has a waxy luster with a compact fibrous structure. Natural chalcedony is usually grayish blue and sometimes with hints of pink, however it can be color enhanced to light blue. It is said that chalcedony was used as a sacred stone by the Native Americas, promoting stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribe. Chalcedony is thought to augment emotional balance, vitality, stamina, endurance, kindness, charity and friendliness. It also supposedly alleviates hostilities, irritability and melancholy.

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