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  June 2014
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As more studies emerge linking vaccines to health injuries and more vaccine injury victims come forward with stories of their personal tragedies, one must wonder how much longer health officials and their media apologists can continue to defend the indefensible while vilifying those who choose health philosophies that exclude vaccination.
This toxic article in the National Post exemplifies the malicious tone dominating mainstream media’s attitude towards those who no longer believe the myth that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks. The reporter denigrates a New York mother who believes that her child’s health issues were caused by vaccines and whose application for a religious exemption was turned down by the U.S. court.  In the absence of a philosophical exemption (as is the case in New York state), parents who seek to exempt their children from vaccines for school entry have no other recourse but to apply for a religious exemption. New York’s officials are notorious for their heavy handed treatment of families seeking vaccine exemptions.

In Canada, we are guaranteed freedom of conscience and religion by the Canadian Charter which protects families from the zealous overreach of health officials who wish to make vaccines mandatory for school entry.

Clearly this reporter has not informed himself of something as basic as vaccine reactions and side effects disclosed on product monographs by vaccine manufacturers, nor spoken to families whose children have succumbed to irreversible brain and immune system injuries following routine shots, nor reviewed the case histories of vaccine victims whose catastrophic injuries have been compensated by the U.S. government.

A responsible and ethical reporter would include a balance of information such as the fact that vaccines cannot provide true “herd immunity” as pointed out by Lawrence Solomon in this article, the fact that fully vaccinated people are contracting and spreading whooping cough and mumps and the fact that there is absolutely no proper data for the incredible number of adverse vaccine reactions, including vaccine-induced deaths as reiterated by Laura Hayes in her article, The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines.

An honest and conscientious reporter would investigate the grim reality of the thousands of Canadian babies who suffered severe reactions, injuries and death while serving as guinea pigs to test PENTA, the first 5 in 1 experimental vaccine which paved the way for a lucrative world wide market.  

This petition created by flu vaccine victim Bob Martin is a call for Canada to create a vaccine injury compensation system. Influenza vaccine accounted for 60 percent (60%) of the cases compensated for injury or death in the U.S. in a four month period in 2013. Along with many personal testimonies of vaccine injuries the petition reminds us that Canada and Russia are the only G20 nations without a fair compensation system for vaccine injury victims. If you or a loved one are vaccine injured, you may wish to sign on and tell your story as well.

The freedom to choose or reject invasive medical treatments that carry a risk of injury and death is a basic human right and must always be an essential component of any free and moral society, especially when neither health officials nor drug companies can be held accountable for health injuries caused by vaccines, as is the case in Canada today.   
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