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Bead Fair Reports – Last Shows of 2019
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What’s a Fair Price For Beads?
Early 2020 Bead Fairs
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Happy Beading Christmas!


We post right up to Chrismas Eve – however, allow for mail delays!

All orders will be delayed while we’re buying new beads in China between 6th Jan – 23rd Jan 2020.


Kempton Park Gem n Bead Fair – 9th-10th Nov
This could have been the busiest Gem n Bead Fair ever at Kempton. A record number of exhibitors (at least during the past 12 years), and very-many visitors.

We’ll be back at Kempton next year on 29th Feb-1st March, with many new beads from our January China buying trip.

Brighton Gem n Bead Fair – 16th-17th Nov
We love Brighton. It always feels a bit like going on holiday arriving at the racecourse, high up with the sea in the background. Quick for us to unload and lots of space to display everything. Great show with many visitors and good sales.

We’ll be back at Brighton next year on 14th-15th March with many new beads from our January China buying trip.

Burges Hall Gem n Bead Fair – 30th Nov-1st Dec
This Gem n Bead Fair was great for us, as only 9 exhibitors turned up, so we have loads of space to lay everything out! However, we filled the whole hall – and despite few visitors, medium-sized sales ensured we done OK. A nice show for us and under 2-hours from Norwich.

Our next bead fair will be Harrogate Gem n Bead on 22nd & 23rd February 2020. We we will have just returned from a buying trip in China, we will have many NEW Beads at Harrogate!


MiMi and I will be in China early-January looking for unusual and the latest beads you you! Most we send back on a container, but we always carry and air-mail at least 80 kgms of the best. You can see these at Harrogate and London in February.

Some beaders’ tell me they have shed loads of beads already. But we find new sell.

New Beads = New Jewellery = New Sales!

We can mix our show display, and visitors will always pull out the latest. So if new sells for us: it’ll sell for you too – you need new!

Consumers like the latest products to show how up-to-date they are and aware of fashion trend and change.

YOU need fresh stock!


What are beads worth? Many buyers are looking for a bargain, but what’s a fair price? Machine-made bead are extremely cheap to manufacture. Especially when most are made in low-income countries too. So why do beads cost so much at retail?

The answer is labour. The most expensive part of any product is the labor that goes into it, not just the time of the factory workers but of all the other people involved.

Four or five middlemen may handle your beads between the factory and you: the manufacturer, the exporter, the importer, the wholesaler, the retailer, and two or three shippers. Each middleman has labor costs. Transportation and storage don’t come cheap.

At MrBead your beads are brought in a large Chinese city from a wholesaler who buys them from another wholesaler in the outskirts who gets them from the factory.

They then go by truck to the port where they’re packed in a container to Felixstowe in the UK. From there they’re collected by van to be resorted and repacked before mailing to you. Sounds like a lot of work, and it is!

Out of a bead merchants stock, only a few types of beads sell well, the rest gather dust taking years to recover their costs. Other beads get lost, damaged, or go out of style quickly. And often the merchant can’t restock his top sellers because the wholesalers have run out too.

Then there’s the cost of retailing. Shop rents and taxes are crippling, occurring throughout the off season and holidays. Online selling is cheaper, but a web store with out visitors is useless.

Hits cost money. Marketing and advertising is a substantial cost of your beads. That’s before the expense of getting paid. Paypay and credit cards are expensive.


To get 20% off anything in our online stores, Key 20OFF at checkout now, as offer ends Thursday 19th December.

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