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Kevin Hines - Tuesday, August 6
Victoria Sweet - Thursday, August 8
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Cracked, Not BrokenKEVIN HINES
Cracked, Not Broken
Tuesday, August 6 at 7 PM

Come experience firsthand Kevin Hines’ amazing story about his attempt to end his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge when he was just 19 years old. He is only one of 33 to have ever survived the fall, and the only survivor who has dedicated his life to raising mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

God’s Hotel
Thursday, August 8 at 7 PM

A most important book which raises fundamental questions about the nature of medicine in our time. It should be required reading. – Oliver Sacks

Sweet will discuss her visionary book - now available in paperback - in which she shares her experiences working at Laguna Honda Hospital, where she has seen patients for the past 20 years. She reveals surprising truths about the essence, cost and value of caring for body and soul.

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