Edda Magnason is a Swedish/Icelandic singer, pianist, artist and composer of storytelling music. Adrian Recordings is releasing her second album “Goods” in Europe the 16th of September. But you can already now watch her brand new video for the single “Blondie”. Edda Magnason is taking you for a journey each time you press play. On “Blondie” you can hear New Orleans echoing in the background and an Indian sitar playing the instrumental part. Orchestral pixie pop served with a chill cool attitude.
The video is directed by Jens Janson who also happens to be the drummer of Eddas band, that he joined right after quitting playing drums for a band called Roxette. (No references in music here thou, far from….)
Check the video HERE: vimeo.com/26257644

Edda Magnason is playing Popkomm festival in Berlin the 7th of September at Magnet 20:15. Swing by, take a drink and relax. Adrian Recordings will be there to so if you wanna say hi, just get back to me.
More touring will be done later on but she starts off with:
2011-09-04 - Flagships Of Cultures - Berlin (DE)                      
2011-09-07 - Popkomm - Berlin (DE) (Nordic By Nature Event)
2011-09-07 - Michelberger Hotel - Berlin (DE)                         
2011-10-13 - New Fall Festival - Tonhalle - Düsseldorf (DE) w/ Nouvelle Vague
(When at Popkomm don't miss "This Is Head" another band on Adrian Recordings that plays also Wednesday the 7th both at Tempelhof 13:15 and at Maschinenhaus 23:00.)

Behinde the scene pix flickr.com/photos/adrianrecordings/sets/72157626880430221/show
Fresh press pix:
Photo: Johan Tholson
Artist: Edda Magnason
Single: Blondie
From the album: Goods
ISRC: SEVUE1100302
Label: Adrian Recordings
Download: adrianfiles.com/01.Blondie-Single_Edit.mp3
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/7zSTMbaRPua5EhqFtJ9G5c
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/se/album/blondie-single/id434486694
CD: adrianrecordings.com/shop/paypal
WWW: adrianrecordings.com, eddamagnason.com
Edda’s music moves us through cities and jungles, down to the harbor where the trawlers are leaving for Japan. Edda's distinctive piano playing leads us into back streets with garbage dumps and magpies' nests. Her lyrics are primarily depictions; sometimes magical situations from everyday life, sometimes whole stories are told. In the playful lyrics you can occasionally even sense a political undertone.
"I had all the lyrics and the music ready, but tried to avoid getting stuck in carefully thought out arrangements before coming to the studio. In the best of partnerships it's not about two people's isolated wills; it's about getting into a shared mindset which makes both people think up new ideas. This is how I have experienced working with Christoffer," says Edda about her collaboration with Christoffer Lundquist with whom she produced the album.
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