Richard Herring Newsletter
November Extra Extra 2017
Christmas Emergency Questions
It's (nearly) Chriiiisssttmaaas
And that means you can get your hands on Christmas Emergency Questions - over 500 questions and 275 or more Christmas themed - all different than in the original Emergency Questions book (except for one about sensitive nipples that I accidentally put in both).
If you backed the kickstarter then your book should be going in the post today or tomorrow. And once they are all in the post we'll be posting out the ones ordered by non-kickstarters.
So if you want a first edition of this book then preorder now by heading to
And for 100 lucky children there is a chance to buy a limited edition copy of the book, numbered and signed with a crude snowman drawn in it.  Be quick and order here.
These are great Christmas gifts for yourself or your friends. They don't even have to have heard of me, they will still like it (almost guaranteed). And as long as you read the questions through before blurting them out in front of your gran, this is a great game for Christmas Day (and all year round).
And the first Emergency Question book is a pretty solid gift too. For an extra special gift you can get a signed one, a limited edition one with a shrek in itor one that is personalised to you, with a hand-written dedication of your choice, which could be your own exclusive emergency question.
So get in quick and order your books. And check out the rest of the Go Faster Stripe site - there's some great stuff there for the hardcore comedy fan.
Last RHLSTP of 2017 next Monday with Dave Gorman and Paul Chowdhry. Book here.
And nearly all of the Oh Frig, I'm 50 dates have been announced now. You can see them all in my gig guide and tickets are available for most of them.
Have a good Advent.