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-October 2003 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 5, Issue 48; October 2003


I am pleased to report that an active committee has been formed to re-design and manage the Scotland Island website. It might be a month or two before it is ready (budget constraints!) but I am sure it will be of benefit to our local communities and to the world at large. If you want to promote a local activity or would like to be further involved, please click here

On an other matter, a local resident has decided to contest some recent parking fines 'earned' at Church Point in court. To quote the resident "Anything would be useful at this point including examples of parking problems you have had or just an email offering your support of this action. I am not sure how successful this will be but the more I take into court, the greater my chances I guess. If there is anyone out there with legal experience that might help that would be great to. You can contact him by clicking here

In this Issue:

  • Beautiful Garden Competition
  • Scotland Island Speed Limits
  • Pittwater's Asparagus Fern Challenge 
  • Summary of SIRA Committee Meeting
  • Important News from the Fire Brigade
  • Major Waste Removal on Scotland Island
  • Pittwater High School's 40th Anniversary
  • Long Weekend Film Screening.
  • Catherine Park Catchment NSW Stormwater Trust Grant Update
  • Scotland Island Fair
  • Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
  • Bayview Kiosk Open Friday Nights
  • The Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information

    Beautiful Garden Competition

    Keen gardeners in Pittwater are invited to enter this competition, which has categories in: Residential, Eco, Australian Native, Habitat, School, Balcony/Courtyard. Applications close Friday 24 October, with judging taking place on 30 October. Application forms available from Council offices at Warriewood and Avalon, at Mona Vale and Avalon Libraries and on the Garden Competition website under “G” on  Enquiries: Gay McCorby on 9970 1119.

    (Kindly sponsored by the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association, Kimbriki Recycling & Waste Disposal Centre, the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT and Australian Native Landscapes.) 

    Scotland Island Speed Limits

    Resident's are advised that the maximum vehicle speed on Scotland Island is 20kph.

    To help residents who are unable to determine their vehicle speed, your association is considering funding a speed camera that will be moved to different parts of the island under the cover of darkness.

    Drivers who are detected exceeding the statutory speed will be expected to spend a day removing asparagus fern from Catherine Park.

    Pittwater's Asparagus Fern Challenge 

    Pittwater Council is leading the war against Asparagus Fern – Pittwater’s most serious weed - in partnership with the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association (PNHA) and National Parks and Wildlife Service.

    Asparagus Fern is growing in Pittwater’s bushland reserves, on road verges and gardens.

    It is on Pittwater’s Noxious Weeds list because it is such a threat to the natural environment, growing thickly and spreading so rapidly that our native plants cannot compete with it. The berries are highly attractive to native and introduced bird species and small mammals, ensuring the weed’s further spread into bushland areas.

    The PNHA received a $30,000 grant from the Federal Government’s Envirofund as part of a $119,000 project to help Pittwater’s community in controlling Asparagus Fern. The money will help residents by providing weed bags and skip bins for removal of the Asparagus Fern vegetation and information on control. However most of the grant funding will be spent on Asparagus Fern eradication in bushland reserves.

    Asparagus Fern Out Program is part of a major effort to control the spread in Pittwater.

    During September and early October 2003, Pittwater residents are invited to cut back berry-laden fronds or dig out Asparagus Fern plants from their gardens.

    Volunteers from the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association are distributing fliers on the weed and its removal into letterboxes of residents living around reserves where contractors are working, and Council staff are co-ordinating the program.

    Free re-usable weed bags and information kits for effective control are available from the Coastal Environment Centre at Lake Park Rd, North Narrabeen, Council’s Works Depot at 1 Boondah Road, Warriewood and Avalon Customer Service Centre at 59A Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon. (Loan of digging levers are available from Boondah Depot only).

    Summary of SIRA Committee Meeting

    August 2003

    Catherine Park
    Agreed that swing and climbing equipment will be located near the bottom of the emergency access into the Park.  Steve Lawler from Pittwater Council will assess. Steve said that the main area will be re-turfed in September.
    The meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the appearance of Council
    signs, without any community consultation, at all wharves, three in
    front of the community hall, as well as the mesh fencing around the
    basketball area.  The visual pollution is considered unacceptable (there are already existing signs for the Community Hall and the Preschool).  Committee reps to discuss and agree with Council a community based process to be followed for any future initiatives.
    Roads and Drainage Report
    Paul Davies of Pittwater Council is working with the Committee on the maintenance of the roads and drainage. The long term improvement plan is being developed.  A plan for Carols Hill must be finished by November.  The committee will apply for funding. $ 10 K is available for short term maintenance. There is also up to 30K in Environmental funds available in October.
    Water Issues
    A tentative meeting has been set up with John Brogden for 12 September (a number of committee members will attend, as well as a member of the SIRFS) re the impasse with public liability for the delivery of water, gaining support from Sydney Water, and also bringing forward the time frame for mains water to the island.

    Important News from the Fire Brigade

    As the bush fire season begins on the 1st Oct ANY burning off of material or pile burns will require a written permit from the fire shed on the island. New legislation concerning burning off garden hazardous leaf litter, twig and tree trimmings/loppings require residents to apply for a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction certificate, valid for one year. The application forms for the certificate are available from the fire shed. Your property will be inspected by a fire brigade officer. However for small non invasive pile burns on your property you can simply ring the fire shed ( present procedure) and someone from the island brigade will have a quick look, before you burn. Scotland Island Fire Brigade shed 9999 4404

    Major Waste Removal on Scotland Island

    A reminder to all Scotland Island Residents - the next major household 'possessions' collection is on October 12th. Residents are asked to NOT put out un-required goods until the week prior to the collection.

    A reminder of the limits!

    • A maximum of 3 cubic meters (approx. a small trailer load) Leaf litter, prunings and cuttings placed in 1 cubic meter hard sided containers
      Appliances such as hot water heaters, refrigerators, stoves, etc -
      doors must be removed
      Branch length to be no longer than 1.2m and 75mm thick - tied into
      manageable bundles with twine.
      Furniture - doors must be removed No bags
      General household items No cardboard boxes
      Paint tins - empty and lids removed No soil
      No Vegetation (keep for vegetation cleanup)
      No Food scraps and wrappings
      No bricks or other building materials
      No tyres or other car parts
      No soil
      No Recyclable materials such as paper, glass, PET plastic
      No Paint and oil (take to Belrose Waste Management Centre)

    Pittwater High School's 40th Anniversary

    All former students, staff and friends of Pittwater High School are invited to be part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. Two major events are planned for Saturday November 22nd.

     An open afternoon and evening reunion and celebratory dance in the school hall are being planned. Please contact the school: 9999-4035 or to register your interest in either or both these events.

    Long Weekend Film Screening.

    On Saturday 4th October will be a screening of "Blinky Bill" at 4.00pm in the fire shed on Scotland Island. The film is $5.00 including free popcorn and a sausage sizzle afterwards. Proceeds go towards the Scotland Island Fire Brigade.

    For those that haven't been, the films are scheduled for the first Saturday of each month and as the most enthusiastic audiences have been the kids, that's who the films are presently aimed at. More information about these movies can be found by clicking here

    Advance notice that the film for November 1st will be "Finding Nemo".

    Catherine Park Catchment NSW Stormwater Trust Grant Update:

    The Grant must be completed by December. In the time remaining the island roads and drainage work group will facilitate further improvements in late October to the drainage and road network in the Catherine Park catchment this will include:

    Reshaping and stabilizing existing water bars which have been identified as a problem by local residents
    Construction of an additional sediment basin in the upper catchment to reduce sediment flow into Catherine Park Bay
    Sealing of the resin-crete road surface behind Catherine Park
    Preparation for the instillation of the playground equipment by improvements to drainage on the Catherine Park access road
    In addition and most important the Grant will facilitate:

    Preparation by a consultant of a concept plan for future roads and drainage works on the south side of the island ( called the South Island Precinct Study). Ian Souter is assisting with survey marks and a south side team will complete a digital record of specific issues and problems.
    This study when complete will be used as a guide for future road works and as a basis for requesting capital works or grant funding.
    Targeted removal of invasive and noxious weeds including invasive vines, for the Catherine Park bushland. These weeds have frequently spread from the road edges and unless controlled are a threat to our community parkland.
    Follow-up weed control following the hazard reduction burn in the upper Catherine Park
    Already with the help of volunteers there has been a big improvement along the access area to tennis court wharf. This bush regeneration contract though small will extend improvements to other areas of the park.
    For additional information or to help contact on the north side Sharon Kinnison, Annette Ritchie, Jennifer Knox, and on the south side Deryn Vokins, Shar Jones and Adrienne Hunt

    Many hands make a big job achievable - A big thanks to all those who helped over the months to reconstruct the entrance way to Catherine Park. There is nothing like the view from the sunset seat.

    A reminder to vehicle drivers that parking is available below the fire shed. The corner at Pitt View and Florence Terrace works best when parked cars do not restrict the movement and turning of larger vehicles including fire trucks, the community vehicle and machinery. Your continued support for island improvements is appreciated.

    Scotland Island Fair
    Following on from the item in the last newsletter, only one offer of help has been received to assist with the running of the Fair. Obviously, this is not enough so without an organizing committee it looks like the Fair will not proceed this year. If you are interested in joining the Fair Committee, please email ( or telephone Jenny on 9979 3777.

    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade

    Bushfire season has arrived early yet again! It’s time to spring clean around the house and garden to prepare for what looks to be another risky season. A few tips:

    Prepare your bushfire plan now and discuss it with everyone in the household
    Clear roofs and gutters regularly
    Ensure woodpiles are stored away from the house
    Trim overhanging trees
    Plant fire retardant plants
    Keep some water reserved for fire fighting
    The Brigade intends to again host a ‘Bushfire Awareness Session’ – keep an eye out for posters with the dates. New members are always welcome at the Brigade, telephone 9999 4404.

    Bayview Kiosk Open Friday Nights

    The Bayview Kiosk at Bayview Marina will be starting its summer season of Friday night dinners this week, Friday 3 October. The guest chef on Friday will be Charlie O’Connor who will be cooking up some Indian curries to tempt the tastebuds. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling Chris or Deb on 9979 5782. BYO only.

    The local guide

    As our newsletter continues to grow (nearly 600 readers) we are including some links to other nearby organisations and events that may be of interest. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to the editor by clicking here.

    Local Real Estate Agents:

    Botham Real Estate L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate

    Government Organisations:

    Local Transport:

    Local Accommodation:

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    • NSW Police: 000, general information 9281 0000
    • NSW Fire Service: 000, general information 9265 2999
    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts: (to be advised next edition)

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures

    Qantas Information

    Sydney Buses information.

    Virgin Blue Information

    NSW Railway Timetables and Information.



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