Go to this Dutch Website  http://www.wanttoknow.nl/overige/de-magie-van-agnihotra  for an explanation of these photos and of the diagram on the right, there are some other diagrams on this site that I couldn't post here because they weren't in jpeg format- Although Agnihotra is an Ancient Vedic Purification Ritual Involving Burning a Mixture of Dried Cow Dung, Ghee, and Rice in a Copper Inverted Pyramid Modern Physicists & Biochemists Are Fascinated by Homa Therapy and Agnihotra & By the FACT That We Can Use it in 2015 to Clean Our Air, Water, and Soil! This can help protect us from chemtrails, from Morgellons disease, from being biologically chipped via the man made Morgellons bioweapon which all of us have breathed into our bodies! This Ancient Vedic Practice Has Spread AROUND The WORLD Because it WORKS!!
IAHF List:
Those of you who know me realize that I am an open minded Libertarian Christian who believes that the BEST government is the LEAST government, that is, the government that stays the hell OUT of our lives and simply LEAVES US ALONE!
In the past several weeks, we've all been witnessing a massive campaign in Congress and in the media to attempt to force vaccinations on people of all ages. You should know that on his death bed, Louis Pastuer, originator of the Germ Theory of Disease on which vaccination it predicated, CAPITULATED on his death bed to his BIGGEST CRITIC (Antoine Beauchamp) when the lightbulb finally went off in his addled brain and he said "Ah!!! Its NOT the GERM, its the TERRAIN!!!"
Sadly for all of us, the wrong person got remembered by history, and the vaccine industry wields enormous political power over our sold out members of Congress.
In this alert you will find several things you can do to directly oppose this evil campaign to force vaccines on Americans of all ages. Please join me in taking direct action, and please alert more people to join us!
Failure to oppose the vaccine agenda will result in America moving far too much in the direction of Nazi Germany, and it will result in the mass microchipping of our population, stripping away the last vestiges of our freedom.Below you will see a discussion of the 4 ways the oligarchy are getting microchips into us RIGHT NOW! Vaccines is a big way! Open Secrets.com indicates that Boxer has been receiving campaign donations from several universities that have been involved in mind control research, and in nanotechnology research.
(Nanotechnology has been used to create the genetically electrical Morgellons bioweapon that is boring deep into all of our lung tissue, going systemic in the body of anyone who fails to detox regularly and throughly.) (Go here to learn more and see how to protect yourself.)
This vaccine assault is occuring via the Federal and State governments, and is accompanies by a massive media campaign with articles like this one in which Senator Boxer SLAMS PARENTS Who Want Their Children Exempted from Vaccinations! 
See the language of Boxer's "A Head Start on Vaccinations" S. 486 here  This bill forces all children enrolled in the HEAD START program to have FORCED VACCINATIONS with NO EXCEPTIONS, and NO EXEMPTIONS! (The language of Congresswoman Echoo's House companion bill HR 786 is identical to the Senate bill)
Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord has this to say about Boxer and Echoo's "A Head Start on Vaccination's Act (S.486/ HR 786) "

“this is a slippery slope. Once you do this, then all manner of public interest arguments can be raised for forcing you to accept any other kind of medical treatment against your will”

What Emord is saying is unequivocally true, it is ALSO true that microchips can be injected into infants and young children via forced vaccination making them total SLAVES of the Oligarchy from early childhood, stripping them of their free will, subjecting them to Voice to Skull Communication and this is NOT science fiction, a growing number of people of all ages, around the world, are already being subjected to forced microchipping via vaccines, medical surgery, dental surgery, blood transfusions, even via inhaling the man made genetically engineered Bioweapon Morgellons which we are all breathing in via Chemtrails.
OPENSECRETS.ORG indicates that Congresswoman Anna Eschoo received
$244.798 in campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies, and another $107.250 from "Health Professionals" undoubtedly mostly mainstream M.D.s, members of the AMA who are in league with Big Pharma and the Vaccine Industry.
***To oppose Boxer's & Eschoo's bill, In the box provided at the link below you will need to provide a letter. I just wrote the following letter (in blue below), which you can copy and paste into the box or write your own letter:
I oppose S. 486/ HR 786 The Head Start on Vaccinations Act because it forces kids of all ages enrolled in the Head Start Program to be FORCE VACCINATED, with NO EXEMPTIONS even if their parents don't WANT them to be! Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord said this about this legislation: " this is a slippery slope. Once you do this, then all manner of public interest arguments can be raised for forcing you to accept any other kind of medical treatment against your will” Vaccines are causing a wake of destruction in their path, including a massive rise in Autism, ADD, ADHD, permanent brain injuries and DEATH! See www.vaclib.org for details! Please don't vote for these bills which move America far too close to Nazi Germany! Parents MUST be allowed to protect their children if they don't want them to be force vaccinated!
Please go here to send the letter above or your own to your Senator's and Congressmen opposing S.486/HR 786. Please urge friends to also take action!
Go here to oppose legislation in MANY STATES that threatens to REMOVE the personal exemptions for vaccines to FORCE them on EVERYONE including ADULTS!  (Please urge friends and family to also take action, this threatens to kill, injure and enslave us ALL!!)
(After you've sent the scripted letter above (or your own) in to Boxer and Eschoo, Call both of them via 1-877-SOB- USOB which will get you to the Capital Switchboard, ask to be connected with them, when you reach their offices read the text of whatever letter you sent them electronically for double impact, then call your own Senators and Congressman to tell them you strongly oppose S.486, HR 786  "A Head Start on Vaccination" and tell them WHY you oppose it! You can quote Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord's concerns expressed above, and also read my scripted comments above or whatever comments you sent to Boxer and Eschoo  electronically) Urge more people to do the same! We must seriously BURY these bills, and we CAN by working together!
Once you've done this, you probably think you are SAFE from being microchipped, but you are NOT!!
Any time you go in for surgery or dental work you COULD be chipped, and if you run THAT gauntlet, the scumbags who think they "OWN" us have yet ANOTHER way to get a CHIP into you-
By spraying us with the genetically engineered bioweapon Morgellons which they created using Nanotechnology in a bioweapons lab, They can chip us through the AIR we're all breathing, and unless you take steps to protect yourself that are outlined in detail in this previous e-alert, you will be glued, screwed and tattooed, your life as a FREE MAN, or FREE WOMAN will be OVER and you will be converted from being a human being, homo sapiens, into a non reproducing cyborg.
For a thorough understanding of the Electrical nature of the Morgellons microorganism that is boring deep into your lung tissue, threatening to go systemic in your body unless you detox see this previous alert and scroll down to the information from Michael Chapalla who cured himself of Morgellons using powerful electromagnetic fields, magnets and supplements.
Get a clue about the serious danger we're all in by visiting this website created by Targetted Individuals in Europe who are fighting backdividuals in Europe who are fighting back, all of them have been chipped, and it will happen to all of us just as it happened to them unless we take action to DEFEND OURSELVES VIA DETOXIFICATION!
Don't believe it? Well TRUTH is STRANGER than FICTION: Just prior to 911, a disgruntled whistleblower at NASA leaked a document to the front page of the NASA website that totally blew the whistle on the Oligarchie's Evil Eugenics and Transhumanist Plans.
This document titled Future Strategic Issues/ Future Warfare [ Circa 2025] can be gotten to from this previous alert of mine sent out originally on June 25th, 2013 and you can see it here! Please especially take note of what it says in Slide 43:
A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized "dust" which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various "Patholotical Missions."A wholly   "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.
On slide 9 they've announced that humans have "gotten in the way" of evolution, which they clearly feel must give way to cyborgs and robots, artificial intelligence.
On slide 13 they show what they consider to be the "ages of man" and the direction they're trying to "tweak" things via their clear efforts to exterminate us.
On slide 45 they announce their intention to use beam weapons (scalar waves such as HAARP) against us. (We are now officially "the enemy" of these evil ruling elite Plutocrats who are very openly seeking to exterminate us via chemtrails, and beam weapons, all of which are discussed in this slide show.) They announce their intentions of using specific electromagnetic pulsed frequencies to control our minds and bodies to jam our immune systems to weaken, kill and enslave us. "Smart Meters" are clearly part of this extermination campaign.
On Slide 66 they chillingly announce the "Increasingly critical human limitations and downsides" clearly showing that we must "give way" to the intelligent robots which will develop the ability to reproduce themselves.
On slide 99 they presage 911 by chillingly announcing that we would observe "the capture, torture, and killing of Americans in living color on prime time TV...."
Let this alert be a wakeup call, especially for my fellow Christians. If you take this to the pastor of your church, he or she will probably laugh in your face, or make a strange expression but say nothing.
Well I want to wake these people up, and here is why:
I was called to do the work I'm doing. What do I mean when I say this? Let me take you back to the year 1984-1985 when I was in my second year of living on a remote part of Moose Island, near the small "city" of Eastport, Maine (one blinkerlight, HAH!!) where I studied naval architecture and traditional wooden boatbuilding at Washington County Vocational Technical Institute.
I was living dirt poor in an abandoned cabin right on the Bay of Fundy where I had a stark choice, I could build fires in my wood stove, or literally freeze to death! I could chop firewood or freeze to death! I could haul water from a spring, or die from dehydration, and I could shoot wild game, harvest lobsters, shellfish, and catch fish and grow a garden or starve to death!
Life was simple, and I loved it, except I was VERY WORRIED because I wanted to graduate and have a career as a boatbuilder, but I had trouble bringing my drafting board home because my hand was casting shadows on my drafting board making it very hard to see what I was drawing and I got further and further behind in my design project due to not having electricity and being forced to do my drafting by the light of a kerosene lamp.
The further behind I got on my naval architecture design project which counted for about half my grade, the more depressed I got because I felt doomed, I didn't see how I could graduate. We had to design a boat to some very exacting specifications with all the drawings necessary to actually build the boat including the engine installation drawings, and we had to calculate all the righting moments and math was never my strong suit.
A boat is much more complex to design and build than a house because its all curves, plus its a life support system. A house is plumb and straight and level, much easier to build than a boat. Everyone has a certain amount of ability with spacial reasoning (seeing in three dimensions) but due to the damage done to the Hippocampus region of my brain via shock treatments and psychiatric drugs, I had great difficulty with this all important skill.
Prior to attending this trade school I had been forced out of Washington College in Chestertown Maryland by suicidal depression and other very debiliating psychiatric symptoms but ended up making a miraculous nutritional recovery due to orthomolecular medicine, a suppressed alternative treatment mode, and it was this experience that led to my starting to rebuild my shattered life after spending 4 straight years locked up in state and private psychiatric hospitals where they almost killed me with toxic drugs and shock treatments forcing me to smuggle in the vitamins that saved my life.
I then graduated from a 9 month trades program in boatbuilding at Pioneer Marine School at NYC's South Street Seaport Museum, then moved to Maine where I graduated from a 6 week internship at Maine Maratime Museum's Apprenticeshop where I continued my boatbuilding education.  Then I worked as a boatbuilder and professional sailor for a while in a few different jobs before being accepted into the best boatbuilding school in the world at Eastport, only to once again run afoul of the same black depression that had torpedoed me at Washington College.
This caused me to feel like a failure, like there was nothing I could succeed at in life, and I felt directionless and confused until I had a powerful spiritual experience that changed my life and I want to share that with you here, and also discuss this ancient Vedic healing technique called Agnihotra that I feel certain is a huge part of the answer for protecting us from chemtrails and from being biologically microchipped and enslaved by Satan via NSA.
When I was living in that cabin in Maine, I was very afraid I wouldn't graduate due to falling further and further behind. I got into a deep depression. My girlfriend, who was a full blood Passamaquoddy Indian said to me "You see those cliffs up there?" (Pointing to the high bluffs above our cabin on the shore of the Bay of Fundy). "Yes", I said, puzzled as to where she was going with this.
She responded by saying: "For thousands of years the Passamaquoddy people have been going up on those cliffs to pray for guidance from Creator any time we felt directionless or perplexed in our lives. When I was in high school, I went up there to pray for a way to get a higher education, an a powerful cathartic experience I had up there in which Creator came to me caused me to get a full scholarship to the University of Maine in Orono where I became a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, something my people badly need."
I was stunned hearing her say this and said "You mean God appeared to you directly when you went up on those cliffs and prayed, and that helped you to find your purpose in life?"
"I know it sounds crazy" she said "but that is what happened, and I am sure that if you just go up there and open your heart to Creator you too will be guided as I was, and you will then no longer feel depressed, but will be filled with a newfound strength and confidence!"
At that time in my life I had been "flipping the bird skyward" hanging out with a group of very rebellious hell raising classmates. We would drive into New Brunswick Canada to go dancing and carousing at a pub called "The Lumberyard" that was in an old Lumberyard where they had live bands, dancing, pool tables, and where the liquer really flowed. When the pubs would close in New Brunswick, we'd head back through the international border into Maine where they were still open for an extra hour, but we wouldn't just go through the border in a normal way, we'd go through in a souped up 4 wheel drive jeep at speeds in excess of 100 mph, today they'd shoot your tires out, but this was in the mid 1980s, long before 911.
The border patrol kept a car gassed up with the engine running and a driver waiting to give chase when we came back through since we did this many times, but they never caught us because we eluded them by going onto the dirt logging roads where they couldn't give chase with their police cars.
We had three pretty hard core ring leaders: Kevin Snyder who was wanted for non payment of traffic fines in Southern Maine and who had been driving while suspended for four years; Mike Spellman who had spent 6 years locked up in the Maine State Prison for drug smuggling and who wore it like a badge; and Pierre Miranov, a wetback French Canadian who had gotten into our state run trade school using a fake social security number and who put himself through two years of school by creating a marijuana plantation in an alder swamp, and who smuggled weed back into canada by rowing it over to Campobello Island NB from Eastport which was just across the channel.
(Along with going to the Lumberyard in New Brunswick to chase women, we also would raid the dances at University of Maine at Machias, a 200 mile round trip from Eastport, and they all hated us because we'd steal all their women to bring them back up to Eastport where we had very wild parties in a homemade hot tub that overlooked a cliff that we built using a VW engine to power the pump, and we had a bonfire to heat the hot water, and the tub was a huge fiberglass tub discarded from an abandoned sardine plant that we converted to a huge hot tub. On one hunting trip, Spellman opened fire on a McDonald's sign in Ellsworth Maine, riddling it with bullets after sticking his rifle out the window of my moving car. This was how crazy my classmates were! ("By Jesus!" he said "They got SOME NERVE putting them GREASY HAMBURGERS in MY HOME TOWN of ELLSWORTH MAINE!!")
I believed in God, but thought he must have forgotten about me, (since I felt like a failure, and felt directionless in life) so when Mary suggested I go up on those cliffs to pray, no one was more suprised than I was after three weeks of praying than I was when this happened to me, guiding me to do the health freedom work I've been doing now since the late 1980s.
Here is what happened: For nearly 3 weeks, every evening, I'd dutifully trudge up the steep trail that meandered through switchbacks up to top of the cliffs, and I'd pray and meditate while looking out over Cobscook Bay. Far off in the distance I could see the numbered townships of undeveloped wilderness over on the mainland, far from Moose island. Just offshore on some tiny islets, nesting gulls would arise every runrise, and sunset and start flying around in circles to alert the gulls that had flown far afield so they could navigate back to the nest and safety.
It was a very comforting natural scene that helped me to reconnect with our Creator who I had grown very distant from as I grew angrier and more alienated the more difficulty I seemed to have in life as I struggled to find my path. I was growing more and more depressed and really felt like a failure, just as I had at Washington College before experiencing my odyssey through the psychiatric system before God's vitamins had once again enabled me to rejoin the ranks of the living, yet I was still struggling with severe depression and ongong major cognitive issues...
Then one evening it ALL CHANGED!! I had been praying for a sign that God existed, a sign that he knew I existed, and I had been praying for something I could do with my life that would give my life MEANING DESPITE all the horrible suffering I'd been forced to endure during four long years mired in the psychiatric system.
I had been sitting on a flat rock, not praying, not meditating, just with a blank mind as I felt comforted by the sight of the gulls flying in circles right in my field of view as the sun set over the mainland to the west of Moose Island when all of a sudden I was seeing one frame film clips of different events in my life that had been juxtaposed in such a way as to show me that God knew all about me, that He'd NEVER forgotten about me, and that he CARED about me (after all!)
I'd been praying for something I could do that would make my life successful, since I felt like a failure at anything I tried to do, and wanted to take my life. So I prayed that God had some mission for me, something special I could do to help others despite all the suffering I'd been through in my life in mental hospitals, and much to my surprise I was GIVEN AN ANSWER simultaneous to the end of the slide show from key events in my life that I'd been shown in order that I might have a deeper personal understanding of who I was.
God said "Tell people about the herbs and the vitamins, tell people they came from me." Then I saw an image of Christ on the Cross, and a was filled with a huge feeling of inner peace, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off me!
This was what Mary had been talking about, and I was amazed! I never expected anything like this! I walked down off that cliff back to the cabin and she could see from my face that something had happened up there, but she didn't ask me about it til the next morning when I volunteered what happened!
She gave me a hug and I felt so much calmer that I was able to stop worrying about whether or not I graduated from boatbuilding school, but with the pressure off my chest, I figured out a creative solution to the problem of trying to do my drafting to the light of the kerosene lamp with my hand casting shadows on the drafting board.

After praying about it, I was guided to rig a direct current fluorescent lamp to a long lead that ran out of the cabin to my car battery, and that way I got caught up on my Design Project and graduated. I worked for a few years as a boatbuilder and professional sailor up and down the Eastern Seaboard, but sometimes I'd stare out at the horizon and I'd think back to that message the Lord had given me on the cliff:
"Tell people about what helped you, tell people about the herbs and vitamins, tell people they came from me" he'd said.
And I knew I had to find a way to do that, and eventually I DID!
Since then my path has never been the same, as I've been guided by prayer and faith.
Right now I need your help. I need your help to get out of North America where I will be much safer. I have had attempts made on my life for doing this health freedom work, and my goal is to get offshore and build a biodynamic farm and naturopathic healing center where my fiance and I will be able to have a family and be safe from the dark elements who seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs.
Please help us achieve this goal, as you simultaneously help yourself and your family to detox so you won't get full blown Morgellons and be biologically Microchipped!

To help me stay alive, please encourage more people to sign up for my double opt in email distribution list at www.iahf.com    (Scroll down to the sign up menu.) Please show more people my archived e-alerts which explain how to live free in an unfree fallen world: https://ymlp.com/archive_gjbeuhgjgu.php

Please especially show your friends THIS e-alert about the electrical nature of the genetically engineered man made Morgellons microorganism which is acidifying our bodies, making us far more prone to getting every sort of degenerative disease.
Please explain to your friends that they need sulfur to alkalinize their body so they won't get full blown Morgellons, show them this please!
Help more people to detox and to remain free and not be turned into non reproducing cyborgs!! https://ymlp.com/zbs10d

If you can't become a wholesaler, please at least stockpile enough sulfur that when the shit hits the fan you'll be able to protect yourself and your family because a day will come when the world will never be the same and you won't be able to reach me for more sulfur.
When that day comes, sulfur will be like gold, it will hold its value, because the chemtrailing is only going to keep getting worse, no petition will ever stop it, the ruling elite intend to kill as many of us as they can, but we are NOT POWERLESS to DEFEND OURSELVES via DETOXIFICATION!! OWERLESS to DEFEND OURSELVES via DETOXIFICATION!!

Please contact me for details at jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific.
At the beginning of this alert I talked a bit about the Ancient Vedic Technique called Agnihotra and about Homa Therapy that stems from it that we can use to heal or land, air and water- please see
Also see
See this youtube...
This is a way to protect our air, water, and land from chemtrails so we can transcend the satanic banksters who seek to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs and who seek to chip us all!!
See this about Agnihotra Healing:
You can get supplies for practicing Agnihotra here:
Modern day physicists and biochemists are doing experiments today to understand how Agnihotra works!
I saw a video that I can't find now that showed a scientist from England who was very skeptical of this ancient Vedic practice, until he and his sister moved to a desert part of India where via practicing it they transformed the area around their house into an oasis where it rains, directly over their small area only, and where they have transformed the soil so things will grow!
Prayer can move mountains, people from all walks of life, from all religious backgrounds and from none at all are finding new ways to subvert Satan's evil genocide plans.
For me, the healing power of Jesus Christ as we head towards Easter gives me the strength to keep doing my health freedom work, but there is good in many spiritual traditions, including this ancient vedic method of Agnihotra that we can use to protect our air, water and soil from chemtrails!
Minds are like parachutes, they function BEST when OPEN!!
If you have any questions about anything in this alert, please contact me at jham@iahf.com or via 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time (during business hours 9-5 M-F, if you call on the weekend, I might or might not be available!
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There is safety in NUMBERS!!! Please urge everyone within your sphere of influence to sign up for the IAHF list  here.