IAHF List:
There are 4 purposes for this alert:

1. To provide information about Morgellons disease that we all must know since it is a huge part of the ruling elite's population control plan and societal control plan. All of us have the genetically engineered Morgellons Organism in our bodies. We are breathing it in from chemtrails, and it will biologically microchip anyone who fails to detox to remove it!
Researcher Clifford Carnicom has done the best research on Morgellons and he provides us with a solid understanding of the specific mayhem it is causing in all of our bodies HERE.
2. To expose the criminality of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and to explain why they will NEVER lift a finger to protect us from Morgellons which they are lying about as we can see from the Statement by HONEST M.D.s at Oklahoma State University who know its a real disease (not a "psychiatric problem" as the C.D.C. tells people) as you can see from the PDF file that you can get to from the link below for the petition.
3. To call attention to this previous alert re how to drive a cold out of your body the fastest in case you missed it! Many people get colds this time of year, but they ARE MUGGABLE!!! Learn how to drive a cold out of your body in 24 hours RIGHT HERE!!
4. Anyone have any experience to share re using a "Spooky Two Remote Rife Machine"?
(L-R)  Illustrations & Photos Explained:
1. Mind Control is a Reality right now, the elite are now able to chip us all biologically and they're doing it via the Morgellons Microorganism Which We Are All Breathing In To Our Bodies. They no longer need to get a physical implant into us via surgery although they have been developing mind control technology that way since WW2 via the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control ProgramRead this discussion of the ethics of implanting brain chips..................... We can all learn how to escape this fate, and must teach those around us.
2. The second photo shows a photo taken through a microscope of the colored fibers in the genetically engineered morgellons microorganism that all of us have breathed into our bodies. We are all in a process of being biologically chipped, but we CAN monkeywrench it!  See photos from under microscope here, trust me, none of you want to let this thing take over your body, I get email from people who have this disease bad, and they're suffering the torment of the damned from it!  Please forward this alert to friends at church, family, neighbors, coworkers so they'll grasp the danger we're all in so they can take steps to protect themselves!
3. This illustration showing "your brain on chemtrails" is self explanatory: the elite are assaulting our brains and bodies via chemtrails causing Alzheimer's via spraying billions of tons of aluminum, causing brain fog, horrible itching, and numerous other truly painful symptoms via spraying the Genetically engineered, nanotechnology Morgellons microorganism on us.
They're also causing Cancer via spraying of numerous toxic heavy metals which Sulfur can protect us from by chelating them so they can't remain in our brains and bodies. They're also spraying a slew of toxins, mold spores, etc on us for the purpose of radically culling the human herd.
Their intention is to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, and they have the technological ability to do this. Their intentions were fully disclosed in a leaked NASA white paper from July 2001 that you can see HERE!!
I need all of you to read the NASA document at the link above, your life literally depends on understanding what is going on here, and how you can protect yourselves!
4. The 4th photo above (and the link that follows) shows horrible skin lesions on the top of a man's skull caused by the Morgellons Microorganism Which This Alert Will Educate You on Protecting Yourself From So You can Kill the MicroOrganism Before It can Raise This Level of Hell in Your Body, and So You Won't Be Biologically Chipped.... don't stop reading unless you are happy about being turned into a non reproducing cyborg and New World Order microchipped slave!!: 
Friends: If you already HAVE Morgellons, This Alert Will Help You Cope With It Better and Reverse It.... I Care About All of You, the Criminal C.D.C & Congress Do NOT!!
I am risking my life to bring you this information- Please Forward This Massively, and urge more people to sign on to the IAHF list, that is the best way to protect me! I have had attempts made on my life for doing this work. I had an FBI visit when I lived in Florida, and I had Federal Marshals visit me at my house. I am considered a "threat to National Security" for exposing Codex and these Eugenics Plans, so please support my work!! If I die doing this work, I'll have died doing something I really believe in, but I hope to live to 186 despite the ruling elite bastards!
Please study these photos of Morgellons caused skin lesions to fully grasp how much danger we're all in, by taking the simple steps provided below, YOU can avoid becoming yet another VICTIM of Morgellons- this truly HORRIBLE Man Made Disease that is already making too many lives a living hell! (If you already HAVE Morgellons you can STILL take steps to REVERSE IT- see below!)
Please Sign the petition in order to expose the criminality of the C.D.C. which is calling Morgellons a "psychiatric disorder" (in marked contrast to honest M.D.s at Oklahoma State University who know better- you can see their PDF at the link above which really exposes the criminality of the genocidal C.D.C.!!)
After signing, please create a link to this alert of mine (you'll be able to get the link from the top item listed in my archives where this will automatically be posted once I send it out) because whoever originated this petition doesn't seem to realize that the C.D.C. can NEVER be expected to actually do what they're hoping they'll do, but the only way to file a comment following the petition where we can EXPLAIN this is to sign it!
1. Stock up on the world's best organic sulfur for yourself, your family, your friends by buying in BULK to save money! You need it to detox, to open up those cell membranes so oxygen can flood into the cells, pushing toxins out!
You need my sulfur to chelate all heavy metals being sprayed via chemtrails so you won't get Alzheimers from the tons of aluminum oxide particles, or cancer from the billions of tons of barium, strontium, arsenic, cobalt, etc being sprayed!
You need my sulfur as PART of your efforts to purge the Morgellons microrganism that is in all of our bodies OUT of the body, but I wouldn't rely on sulfur ALONE to do this!
2. Last summer I did an experiment that worked! I found a way to increase my energy level by 70% from something so simple to do, I wish I'd learned to do it decades ago!
I am going to teach you to do the SAME THING I did right now! Wouldn't you love to have the sort of energy you recall having when you were 11 years old just a few days from now?
Wouldn't you love to get rid of that brain fog, chronic fatigue, need to take frequent cat naps during the day, and the need to sleep for 8 or more hours when you only need 4-5 once you clean out your organs of elimination the way I did?
I urge all of you, even if you THINK your colon is clean, to RETHINK just how clean it actually is! (I was going for regular colonics for several weeks, once a week from Raymund Fung of the Complete Health Center of Canada, so I supposed that I "must have" a squeaky clean colon, but i was WRONG!!
I took two weeks to really clean my colon using herbalist Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2, along with using his Super Food Plus powder to mix in with smoothies that I made in a Vitamix along with specific organic fruit that he recommends on a laminated instruction sheet that I'll also send you to guide you through this cleanse!
Once you do this colon cleanse, you will feel so much more energy that you will feel EMPOWERED to WANT to go on to clean all your OTHER organs of elimination! Your Liver/Gallbladder, Kidneys and Blood, and I can guide you on these additional cleanses once you have done this first part with your Bowel!
Doing this will help your sulfur to work that much BETTER! You will feel rejuvenated, and you will then be able to educate everyone around you on what to do to protect themselves from being biologically chipped!
If you have Morgellon's already, you will want to do all I am saying here and more.....
If you have Morgellons and want to work with me, we can schedule a phone appointment so I can look at your medical history, what things you've tried so far, and I can custom tailor a specific program of herbs, micronutrients and superfoods to assist you in regaining your health!
If you are intersted in that, please email me at jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W toll free North America. From offshore you can reach me at 1-360-945-0352 H&W.
I don't know about you, but I flat out REFUSE to ever be a slave! Must be in my DNA to be a rebel! My Scots ancestors refused to be slaves to their British Overlords, so they fled from England in the 1500s and moved to Amsterdam, but didn't want their kids growin' up speakin' Dutch, so they rolled the dice and sailed for what today is the State of Rhode Island.
When they made landfall, more than half their number had perished from scurvy, starvation, and accidents and if not for the Narragansett tribe, none of them would have survived. I am part Narragansett.
The Narragansett's are a proud people. They are one of the few tribes east of the Mississippi that have preserved their language, their culture, and their pride. They successfully sued Uncle Scam to get a lot of their stolen land back, and we can all learn from their example.
If not for the Narragansett people who taught my Scots ancestors their fishing and agricultural techniques, none of them would have survived.
Today, the evil ruling elite seek to turn the whole planet into an indian reservation as they seek to cull the human herd, and to enslave the survivors via microchips and mind control, but none of us has to let this happen!
Each one, teach 10, each 10 teach 1,000 each 1,000 teach a Million!
Friends, I worked hard to write this. It is now 5:18 am. Please help me stay alive so I can keep running IAHF and sulfur for health! Please make some bulk purchases of sulfur! Please order all my other products here!
I am a marked man, but we are all marked for death, its just that some of us are marked for death a lot sooner and I'm one of them, so please help me out by giving this alert more visability!
You can really help protect me by urging everyone you know to read this and to sign up for my e-alerts at the IAHF website where they can scroll down to the sign up menu and put themselves on my double opt in list!
Remember- its not over til its OVER and even THEN its not over! Its not over til the fat lady sings, and she ain't sung yet! Its not over til hell freezes over and when THAT happens we will FIGHT ON ICE!!
Kindest regards for a GREAT new year in 2015 despite the greedy, evil, N.W.O. bastards, and remember: you too can emulate John Hammell (and the Hunzas), you too can live to age 186!! I figure by then its ok to croak, as long as you go in your sleep peacefully!
My goal is to become the Rockefellers and Rothschild banking families worst nightmare, and with your help by reposting this on more websites, and by mass forwarding it to as many people as you can, I am sure I'll achieve that goal!
Remember- buy mass quantities of sulfur in bulk before I run out!You will need it to barter with because your money won't be worth jack shit soon so you might as well buy 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur to have some to barter with!

(Remember- its not how many milligrams of a vitamin we take, its how many we're able to absorb into our cells and blood Super Food Plus was developed over decades of use in herbalist Richard Schulze's clinic where he was able to help even supposedly "incurable" patients of every sort of illness known to man  with it! It is made from the world's best superfoods, see more details here and be sure to beat the rush!