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Things have gotten so bad in America that the only thing protecting our access to dietary supplements at the present time is our access to firearms- and that is now being threatened to an unprecedented degree by a move (HR 418- see GOA Alert Below My Comments) to turn our drivers licenses into a National ID card by implanting them with a chip that would allow the Fedstapo to know our whereabouts at all times. See the urgent alert below by Gun Owners of America and take the recommended action against this mindlessly Orwellian bill immediately.


Not if you have a genetic need for the supplements you use as I and many others on the IAHF list do. Makes no sense to wait til this planet is turned into one big version of the Warsaw Ghetto before we fight back, we must do so NOW!!

Some on this list have complained bitterly when I have stated categorically that we're up against a Eugenics Agenda, well I have news for them and for all of you: we ARE up against a Eugenics Agenda, and I see no point in suger coating the truth as I know it.

All you will EVER hear from IAHF is the truth, and if thats too much for you to handle, and you feel comfortable retreating back into la la land, the unsub link is as close as the bottom of this email which you elected to have sent to you presumably because you REALLY CARE about defending your access to dietary supplements.


Yesterday someone on the IAHF list left a mssg for me saying that he was in his late 50s but looks like someone in his '30s because he uses lots of high quality supplements from the Life Extension Foundation and other excellent vitamin companies. He offered to "provide testimony as needed" to "defeat Codex."

He doesn't understand something very basic that I need ALL of you to drub deeply into your consciousness RIGHT NOW:

The ruling elite pond scum who have orchestrated the Codex Agenda to ban our access to healing nutrients don't WANT US to live to age 65, they want us to DIE YOUNG- the YOUNGER THE BETTER, and politicians prefer UNARMED PEASANTS. They're concerned about the degree to which the baby boomers are about to hit social security and other bankrupt entitlement programs.... When these programs were first created, the average life span was only 61 years old, and about half our population never received their retirement benefits, but now the average life span is about age 74.... and for people like me, its about age 127, and THAT REALLY shakes them up!

So, this guy who was offering his presence for "hearings" better get a clue, because I've been on this Codex issue like glue since being the first to ever call it to global attention thru my article in Life Extension Magazine way back in 1996, 9 years ago, and our Congress Critters have TOTALLY ABANDONED US on this matter, they will NOT help us- they don't give a DAMN about our access to dietary supplements, not even Hatch and Harkin. (Hell, Hatch is the biggest recipient of Pharma PAC money of anyone in Congress.

I KNOW he doesn't give a damn about any of this because I slipped a note directly into his hand when he was in a Mormon temple near Washington DC (I'm not Mormon, I went there knowing he'd be there), but it didn't stop his staff from continuing to LIE to the American people on this issue.


I know this because for 5 very long, painful years, I pushed, with every fiber of my being, to get congressional oversight on the Codex vitamin issue, and the hearing was whitewashed on March 20, 2001 due to a couple of pharmaceutical plants on the committee staff of Congressman Dan Burton, Chair of the House Oversight Committee.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that the Cartel still has their "insurance policy" in effect on his committee in the form of a highly placed plant, just like the ones I ran into 4 years ago and the vitamin trade associations are so pharma dominated that I am not at all sure that we have time to break past their ongoing spin, even though a group of us are trying to with everything we have even as I write this.

So, I am telling you flat out where we stand. Between July 4-9, unless all of us combined pull off a miracle, a highly draconian global trade standard for vitamins and minerals will be shoved down our throats via ratification in Rome.

While I and a core group are still trying mightily to break past the pharma spin machine which has been spinning the supplement industry into the GROUND on this issue, I don't have any magic wands here folks.

When I go to Capital Hill, Senate doors are not thrown open to me the way they are for those guys who climb out of chauffer driven limos who cruise the Hill throwing money around, I'm just like all the rest of you folks out there, I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes with a Congressional aid who is usually some college age kid who is wet behind the ears and still believes in this cesspool of a country.

Burton, and also Senator Grassley should be conducting oversight hearings RIGHT NOW to put FDA under a microscope over their sending Christine Lewis Taylor to the World Health ORganization where by May she will have "filled in the blanks" on allowable potency levels for vitamins and minerals at CODEX via a totally non transparent process-

and OTHER RECENT ALERTS in the IAHF archives at

Now maybe you can understand why I am so DEEPLY OPPOSED to a NATIONAL ID CARD:
Please call Congress today in opposition to HR 418 which turns your Drivers License into an instrument through which you can be actively TRACKED by Big Brother:

Call your senators and congressmen TODAY in opposition to this bill (HR 418) via the US Capital Switchboard at 202-225-3121, also ask for the White House Comments line and give the Nazi swine in the Whitehouse a piece of your mind:(oh yeah, to those who might think I'm a "liberal", guess again- I have NO USE for the Democrat OR the Republican parties because both are totally controlled by the same shadow government:

Subject: H.R. 418: Bad For Gun Owners, Bad For America
To: "jham@iahf.com"
From: Gun Owners of America
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 08:08:18 -0500 (EST)

National ID Cards Coming Up For A Vote This Week
-- Threats to gun owners' privacy are a huge concern

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

The National ID card is back in the news, as Congress is getting set
once again to debate the issue.

You will remember that late last year, Congress passed (and the
President signed) legislation which starts us down the road to a
National ID card. In the name of preventing alien terrorists from
operating in this country, the so-called Intelligence Reform bill
gave federal bureaucrats unprecedented new powers to force changes in
state-issued driver's licenses -- including, possibly, the addition
of computer chip technology that can facilitate the tracking of all
U.S. citizens.

Now, the House will be debating new legislation, H.R. 418, that was
recently introduced by Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI). In
considering this bill, the U.S. House will vote on whether to empower
the federal government to determine who can get a driver's license --
and under what conditions.

Since you need a driver's license to purchase a gun from a dealer,
this will give BATFE the expanded ability to impose even greater
forms of gun control -- something which it has long coveted. This
will become even more apparent if an anti-gun Democrat like Hillary
Clinton wins the presidency in 2008.

H.R. 418 is, unfortunately, supported by many Republicans who believe
that repealing our liberties will somehow make us "secure."
joined a large coalition of citizen-activist organizations this week
in opposition to H.R. 418. In a letter to Congress, the coalition

"Standardization of driver's licenses has long been recognized as a
bureaucratic back-door to implementation of a national ID card. With
its required linking of databases and ability of the Secretary of
Homeland Security to require a prescribed format, HR 418 takes us
well along that road. Concerns are further heightened when the bill
fails to even provide lip service to privacy concerns, and proposes
to share all of our data on the driver's license database with Canada
and Mexico."

Realizing government's tendency towards mission creep, no one should
be surprised if this database grows to contain far more information
than that which is relevant to driving. HR 418 requires that the
database shall contain "at a minimum," all information contained on
the driver's license as well as driving history. There is no limit to
what other information may eventually be contained in the database --
something which should definitely concern gun owners.

H.R. 418 is being touted as a way of cleaning up some of the problems
with the law that was enacted last December. But this bill is still
an attack on states' rights. It still takes us down the road to a
National ID card. And it would still do nothing to keep real
terrorists from operating in our country.

ACTION: Please contact your Representative and urge him or her to
oppose H.R. 418. You can use the pre-written message below and send
it as an e-mail by visiting the GOA Legislative Action Center at
http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm (where phone and fax numbers
are also available).

-----Pre-written letter-----

Dear Representative:

H.R. 418 would give the federal government open-ended authority to
determine who may and may not get a driver's license -- and under
what circumstances.

Since I need a driver's license to purchase a gun from a dealer,
BATFE would finally have its long-coveted tool to impose gun control
on targeted groups -- particularly under a liberal anti-gun

If you believe in the Second Amendment, please vote against this
anti-gun monstrosity.


Please do not reply directly to this message, as your reply will
bounce back as undeliverable.

To subscribe to free, low-volume GOA alerts, go to
http://www.gunowners.org/ean.htm on the web. Change of e-mail
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