Truman Burbank (Played by Jim Carrey- From the Movie "The Truman Show" 


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For a while, I have to admit, I was sucked in by the CIA conjurers who manipulate our minds via the constant stream of so called "news" they stick in our faces 24/7/365 via their control of the Mainstream Media via Operation Mockingbird:

With their "news" stories of "polls" and "televized debates" and all the hoopla surrounding this so called "election", they actually had me going for a long time, I'm embarrassed to admit, but after the obvious fraud of the New Hampshire Primary, then the South Carolina Primary and now ALL the rest of them, I've come crashing back to sudden reality and its got me scrambling in search of understanding and answers because I really DO want to live free in an unfree world- and I know all of you share my desire to continue having access to dietary supplements and ALSO to not be enslaved by the New World Order.


How many of you watched the movie "The Truman Show" back in 1998? Please see this eloquent discussion of the meaning of this movie  (Even if you never saw it, this explanation will help you understand what I'm driving at when I say this "Election" we're witnessing "unfold" is nothing more than a conjurers trick, an ILLUSION that we're supposed to fall for by participating in it so that come November, when the Bilderbergs/ CIA move to insert our next Dictator on us, we'll be nice and quiet, good slaves, who won't lift a finger to rebel as they continue herding us toward the Chip: See North American Union and V-CHIP TRUTH

See the comment I just made today on "The Daily Paul" website about all of this:


Since we're not actually having an election, since the outcome was determined last June at the Bilderbergs meeting in Ottawa (see End Game:

 since we're all being frog marched in lock step over the cliff together toward a bleak future of slavery and implanted microchips, wouldn't it be to our best advantage if Ron Paul were to publicly discuss the rampant election fraud which he is currently largely silent on?

Some have said to me "But he IS speaking out! What about Louisiana where he demanded that the GOP properly count the votes from the caucus

My response is "So What" See this whole archive chronicalling the RAMPANT election fraud going on in this sham of an "election"  

The only HONEST thing for Ron Paul to do in this situation is to publicly speak out about election fraud per the urging of Jim Condit Jr.- see  If he REALLY believes in the constitution, he cannot keep avoiding this issue, because otherwise, he'll just be a pawn, perhaps an unwitting pawn, in this CHARADE of an "election" in which we can have ZERO CONFIDENCE that our votes are being counted accurately as we see from this testimony of a computer programmer who rigged an election in Florida:

Please forward this widely to everyone you know and urge them to do the following:

1) Complain about this to Ron Paul HQ Via

2) Contribute to the Granny Warriers in NH who have run out of funds necessary to pay expenses related to the Recount which the Secretary of State is doing everything humanly possible to interfere with. Please read this article by Devvy Kidd and join me in taking the suggested actions NH RECOUNT URGENT ACTION REQUIRED 

3) Focus on your own personal survival by taking steps to improve your own fitness and health. You'll need to do this because at any time the financial plug could be pulled and we could be flung into a Martial Law scenario where anything could happen.

If you have money to invest, invest it in precious metals and food. Consider raw foods as a sound health strategy:  Get out and walk, run, bike, swim, ANYTHING ACTIVE is better than being a couch potatoe or internet junkie because you don't need the stress, you need to DE-stress so you can sleep at night and stay SANE while the TRUMAN SHOW is duping everyone around you.

I am continuing to experience substantial benefits from eating raw food, and from Masters Swimming and Cross country skiing. These things keep me healthy and able to do this work which is very stressful. I don't pretend to have all the answers, and welcome your input and feedback to what I'm saying. We're all in this together, and must fight for freedom any way we can. I encourage you to consider joining Freedom Force International as one positive solution. Ed Griffin has a ton of valuable information on his site, and you should all be receiving his "unfiltered news" info. It will help you to break out of the "Truman Show."

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Thanks for your help in rolling this boulder uphill as we strive together to find solutions.