IAHF List: The Second American Revolution is underway on the ground in New Hampshire where my friend Vijay Boyapati is on the ground and he needs our help immediately as mentioned in the Washington Post yesterday:

Vijay is one of the mainstays of the Seattle Ron Paul Meetup group which is how I know him. He's an Australian immigrant who just got his US Citizenship, and he's as diehard a supporter of the US Constitution as we have. He's also a truly inspirational leader- the sort of person who really leads by example and who makes enormous personal sacrifices for the cause of the truth. 

Vijay just quit a very good job as an at Google to head into New Hampshires freezing temperatures as a volunteer where he's put his computer skills to superb use to create this fund raising site: http://fiveforfreedom.com where he's asking us all to kick in at least $5. to help house and feed the Ron Paul Volunteers who have been flooding into the Granite State to assist as we head toward the fast approaching Primary there.

I myself just kicked in $50. to the New Hampshire efforts, and urge all of you to please join me by kicking in anything you possibly can!

I also just created a new Ron Paul Meetup group here in Point Roberts WA http://ronpaul.meetup.com/1436/  because with running IAHF, I've been too busy to get to meetups of the Vancouver BC, Bellingham, or Seattle groups as much as I'd like to and I've also volunteered to be the Precinct Committee Officer for the 101st precinct here in Point Roberts in order to do two things:

1) Organize local people behind the Ron Paul campaign,

2) Be in a better position to put the Ruling Elite under a Microscope since I already suspect the Bilderbergs may have decided who the Republican and Democrat "nominees" are likely to be- and they might have even already decided the outcome of the supposed "election." (Lest you scoff- see http://www.constitution.org/vote/votescam__.htm and http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

It is very possible that this gigantic spectacle that we're seeing being played out in the media right now might truly be nothing more than a dog and pony show- a carefully created ILLUSION to make us THINK we're seeing an ACTUAL Presidential race going on- and they very well might have ALREADY decided who they plan on installing on us next, but the THOUGHT of that is so CONTEMPTABLE to me that I want to be in the BEST possible position to EYEBALL things in case we have to get heavy with these scoundrels and invoke our second amendment rights at some point.

Given the level of Terrorism the Neocon scum have inflicted around the world via their evil policies, and given their overzealous plans to advance their efforts to move beyond mere biometrics to microchipping us all, I say the best DEFENSE is a DAMN good OFFENSE!

If you haven't already visited my friend John Mecca's website to understand fully the awful reality of which I speak- check it out now at http://www.us-government-torture.com and spend some time STUDYING it, especially the section on COUNTERMEASURES which you can get to by scrolling to the bottom of his front page.

Also, if you're not yet a member of Gun Owners of America, please join them and get politically active with them to help us stop ongoing attacks on the second amendment: http://www.gunowners.org/ You can utilize their TAKE ACTION alerts to send mssgs to Congress even if you're not a member, and I urge you to do that right now! 

Will things get so heavy in America that we have no choice but to bear arms against the Terrorists? Lets hope not, but its a damn good idea to hope for the BEST, while PREPARING for the WORST.

If you've watched Alex Jones film END GAME http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261, and if you've read whats on the Georgia Guidestones: http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm  You'll realize with HORROR that there ACTUALLY IS a very DETAILED PLAN to kill off 90% of us, and to enslave the rest via electronic mind control which the Neocons have waiting in the wings http://www.us-government-torture.com

I, for one, will NEVER be enslaved! Remember: Ron Paul has done more to oppose the UN Codex international threat to health freedom and the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico than any member of Congress and certainly more than ANY current candidate from EITHER party. He's got more integrity than any candidate of either party, and he's the ONLY one with the strength to stop the North American Union plans to enslave us.

Please assist IAHF in our mission to stop CODEX & GENOCIDE from being IMPOSED on the American people by assisting the Paul campaign in any way you can the way I am, and please donate to IAHF to assist us in our efforts to reach out to as many people as humanly possible:

IAHF   556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281, or via paypal at http://iahf.com/index1.html 

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