Scenes of Perugia Press before, during & after
AWP 2023 in Seattle, WA, March 2023

Editor/Director Rebecca Olander at Beerhall Bookfair
offsite event at Optimism Brewing Co.
Perugia poets before their reading at Optimism Brewing Co.:
Nancy K. Pearson, Abby E. Murray, 2023 Perugia Press Prize
Winner Carolina Hotchandani, Lisbeth White & Jackie Balderrama
Left: Rebecca Olander, Perugia friend Patricia Smith, and Perugia poets Lynne Thompson & Jackie Balderrama / Right: Rebecca Olander & Nancy K. Pearson
Rebecca Olander, Jackie Balderrama, Lisbeth White, Carolina Hotchandani,
and former Perugia intern Adrie Rose

  Left: Lynne Thompson reading and
  introducing Patricia Smith
 at Patricia's book launch
Right: Seattle Ferris Wheel selfie with
Jenifer Browne Lawrence &
Rebecca Olander

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight

March 2023 Poet: Karisma Price


after Chen Chen
As happiness, As the wailing tambourine
that replaced my uncle's gun, As the dancing
it does when he waves it at the man who cut him
off, As the rattle of pills in my father's
hands to slow the multiplying cells,
As me thinking something can be
holy, As a pig, As a poem that doesn't mention
the word father, or water, or drowned,
As a lie as red as a crow's mouth,
As a streetlight whose bulb never breaks,
As a mother who has a child who's allowed to be
nothing more than their age, As weeknight curfew,
As reparations, As a new car, As a down payment,
As the bay leaf inside the pot of red beans boiling
on Mardi Gras day, As a Zulu coconut, As something
so dark you have no other option but to call it
precious, As a sibling, As a rotten tooth,
As an aunt who has warmed the leftovers
of our family before sundown, As whatever's 
left of my skeleton after the family pet
has sucked the sorrow from every bit of my marrow.

from I'm Always so Serious (Sarabande Books, 2023)

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

* Perugia Poet News *
Perugia poet Lisbeth White's book American Sycamore
was reviewed by Tamiko Beyer for the Georgia Review
for the South Bend Tribune on her
Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry from the NEA
"I Am Not a Robot" was up on Verse Daily

 “When to Bird & When to Be Human” is up in Pedestal,
and Thompson had five poems up in Air/Light
"Laika and the Polar Bear" won third prize in Naugatuck
River Review's Narrative Poetry Contest, and Thomas's 
sonnet "Amber Fools" was featured on Your Daily Poem
PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062