Hello Intenational Peer Respite/Soteria Summit Participant,
I hope to send out an update soon, but we just received a time-sensitive media inquiry from an important/impactful periodical asking about how many Soteria Houses there are around the world.  I responded that I know of the ones in Switzerland, Vermont, and the four in Israel, but I would try and find out whether there are others.  This fits in perfectly with our follow-up work anyway because we want to have a list of both Soterias and Peer Respites.  In any event, if you know of any other existing Soterias, please e-mail me back with the information.
Also, we want to build lists of efforts to open Peer Respites and Soteria Houses.  I know of efforts to open Soteria Houses in the UK, Washington State, and New Mexico.  I can't remember if Kathy Laws is working on a Soteria House or a Peer Respite.  So, if you are working on starting a Soteria House, please e-mail me back about that and include some details about how far along in the process you are.  We are also interested in knowing about people working on starting Peer Respites.  By working on I mean taking active steps to open a Peer Respite or Soteria House.  
Thanks for your assistance.
Take care,
Jim Gottstein
(907) 274-7686
Author of The Zyprexa Papers