Woolworths has not stopped its aggression towards Palestine and the supporters of Palestine. Instead of stopping supporting the murder of Palestinian children, Woolworths bosses continue in a racist and arrogant support of Israeli Aparthied, insulting peaceful anti-Israeli Apartheid activists. We are angry that Woolworths does not respect our demands and the demands that thousands of South Africans have made. Woolworths and their corporate bosses are unwilling to stop supporting Israel. We will be increasing our efforts to expose Woolworths, we are not happy with what Woolworths are doing- it is outrageous.

COSAS is not a clown organization, we are a very serious powerful group of young people. We will not waste time talking about the lies that we don’t like Jewish people or Muslim people, we have no problem with people of all religions- they are our comrades. If pig’s heads, food our people eat, insults people they must explain why they are not insulted by the murder of Palestinian children.

There is no pigs’ head scandal, the scandal is the pigs that head Woolworths and continue to support Apartheid Israel. COSAS will implement our campaign to bring Woolworths the pigs and if the pigs campaign is unsuccessful, we will consider more radical and militant actions to ensure that Woolworths learns to be humble towards the masses and our demands.Since we informed the public of our intentions, we have received many messages of support from Jewish and Muslim people- infact there is already a donation for the next ten pigs heads (by a Jewish person, who chose to remain anonymous).

Despite this support there were several counter-revolutionary, Zionist and racist attempts to silence us. People tried to intimidate us and to divide us, but COSAS Western Cape are more united than ever before. The messages sent to our provincial chairperson Cde Siphakamise Nqxowa, such as the following Facebook messages “You Kaffir dog, I will bite your balls off” and another “Hey boy you have AIDS” both from Sharon O’coonors will not scare us in our radical campaign against the disgusting pigs at Woolworths.

To show the heads of Woolworths that we are serious will soon be holding a press conference, on the street outside the Woolworths headquarters, with several pig’s heads that are heading towards their stores this week.

Issued by  COSAS Western Cape
30 October 2014

Siphakamise Ngxowa                                                    Siphelo Makeleni
073 708 1975                                                                 078 989 7987
PEC Chairperson                                                            PEC Secretary