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Note: Updates given BY COUNTRY below, however much info for each country is of real value and interest no matter what country you live in, as this is one global battle against the NWO and Pharma Cartel, with variations on the same themes. THIS SUMMER IS PIVOTAL: We stand at a health freedom crossroads RIGHT NOW, especially with the TGA attack against us in Australia & with Canada trying to harmonize rapidly to Australia with a pitched battle there, and another in England and the EU!! So please, FORWARD THIS ALERT WIDELY and encourage more people to SIGN ON!

The key to our long range success is that we all join forces as one global health freedom community, in solidarity with each other world wide. We can all learn from and support each other's struggles. IAHF was created in 1996 to foster this global networking, and to serve as a catalyic entity spurring creation of new health freedom groups world wide. Be sure to read all about IAHF at http://www.iahf.com and please donate via the site to support our timely and important work!

Consumers world wide must ESPECIALLY grasp the extreme importance of donating to the lawsuit being launched by Alliance for Natural Health in the UK to overturn the EU Food Supplements Directive, which threatens to impinge the planet by how it would impact Codex to drive a really dangerous vitamin standard through to completion. I can't emphasize enough how important it is for each of us to donate something, even if only a small amount to the ANH lawsuit, so whip out that credit card NOW and make a donation via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

See more below in the USA section as I am especially trying to alert my fellow Americans, but the same warning applies globally. Rob Verkerk and David Hinde of ANH have been working day and night for months on behalf of all of us, and it would really uplift them to see donations from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the USA in particular!! I have met these guys in England and they are the BEST! They DESERVE our heartfelt support and strongest encouragement- they WILL get this lawsuit off the ground and they WILL WIN, but NEED our support, so give GENEROUSLY!

Unted Kingdom- UK Health Freedom March Tomorrow June 15th (Sunday) in London. For Directions and complete info see http://healthfreedommovement.com

This march was discussed in my article in the July issue of Life Extension Magazine which was sent out June 1, but which has been on the LEF website for several weeks now in editted "politically correct" form at http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html see the complete, uncensored version at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html

Many inspirational speakers will be present including Dr.Robert Verkerk, Exec. Dir, Allliance for Natural Health http://www.alliance-natural-health.org; Lynne McTaggert, of What Doctor's Don't Tell You http://www.wddty.co.uk- Lynne organized the march, and you can get complete info and directions at http://www.healthfreedommovement.com;

Also speaking will be Sue Croft of Consumers for Health Choice. It is uncertain whether or not Ralph Pike from National Assn of Health Stores will be there, but he should be, to call attention to the Kava Challenge, an internal UK matter which also ties in with ANH's efforts to overturn the EU FSD.

Main Purpose of the march is to generate awareness of the need to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive which passed into EU law one year ago, but which England and the other EU nations will be required to harmonize their domestic laws to no later than July, unless ANH succeeds in getting a lawsuit filed in time, then goes on to win (VERY DOABLE WITH HELP FROM CONSUMERS WORLD WIDE: DONATE BY CREDIT CARD AT http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Note that when the British Parliament held a debate on the issue of whether or not to harmonize their law to the EU FSD, the ruling Labor Party turned their backs on the people of England, wrongly ignoring over one million signatures on petitions gathered in health food stores which ignored their wishes completely. The Labor Party must be voted out of office, and if Tony Blair attempts to run for the first President of the EU, vitamin consumers all over Europe must vote AGAINST him citing the vitamin issue as their reason. We CAN and WILL make our voices heard!


Canada is under massive pressure right now to harmonize their vitamin regs to the Australian TGA system, and unless lawsuits by Truehope Inc. http://www.truehope.com, Friends of Freedom http://www.friendsoffreedom.org, and the Strauss Herb Co. prevail, along with Bill C-420 (see FoF website for details) Canadians will soon find themselves facing a "Pan" type recall of thousands of products being arbitrarily yanked from store shelves JUST LIKE IN AUSTRALIA because the new regs would have the same provisions for manufacturing site licenses which allowed the TGA to pull Pan's license under false pretenses.

Truehope Sues Health Canada in Federal Court for
Discriminatory Attack Against the Mentally Ill

http://www.truehope.com/breakingNews.asp for legal pleadings, and press releases re recent demonstrations in Ottawa

Sign the web based petition to help Canada, no matter what country you live in. Get to it from the True Hope website. See True Hope's Replies to the bogus Health Canada Advisory which is blocking consumer access to Empowerplus, a great supplement that especially has worked wonders for people with bipolar illness. The outrageous thing about this situation is that True Hope had been conducting numerous scientific studies in well respected University settings, but Health Canada put the cabosh on their research, fearful of the popularity EMpowerplus was getting because its sales were starting to cut into those of worthless, dangerous psych drugs that had not been helping people who DID respond VERY favorably to EMpowerplus.

Truehope and their Utah (USA) based manufacturer are now exploring the possibility of suing the Canadian government via NAFTA in addition to their legal proceedings in Canada, and are in communication with the US Dept. of Commerce. IAHF is assisting in these communications, and spent a lot of time on the phone yesterday talking with Senator Hatch's office in Washington DC. IAHF stands to help health freedom fighters world wide in similar fashion, so please contact me if you need our help.

The BAD News in Canada is the same as in all nations: the Canadian Health Food Assn (CHFA) is chock full of pharmaceutical infiltraitors who are doing NOTHING to protect consumers. CHFA President Donna Herringer is all too willing to capitulate to Health Canada, but she is being exposed by Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom, and by Tony Stephan of Truehope Inc., aided by the Strauss Herb Co. which has ALSO now filed a lawsuit- this one against specific HPB employees as INDIVIDUALS (!!) Protests are also pushing Bill C-420 (see FoF website) and pressure is mounting on Health Minister Anne Mclellan to resign!!

So the hockey fight is ON north of the 49th parallel, as American consumers look northward while biting their fingernails, wondering what the outcome will be on our northern flank??? Will Canada harmonize to Australia? Not if Truehope, FoF, and the Strauss Herb Co have anything to say about it! Every vitamin consumer in Canada and the world must back these courageous health freedom fighters!!

(American are concerned about anything that happens in Canada due to the threat of harm-onization via NAFTA and FTAA mechanisms which threaten to create a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere.)

The GOOD News in Canada is that True Hope Inc. has held some dynamic protests and lobbying sessions in Ottawa, aided by Trueman Tuck of FoF and the Strauss Herb Co., and they have garnered some favorable TV news coverage including CBS TV national news, an article favoring Truehope's position in both the Calgary Herald and the Lethbridge Herald newspapers in Alberta, and the Stephan family, which runs Truehope has a "never say die" attitude that is CONTAGIOUS!!!

They are GUTSY people from Alberta, die hard rancher types with a TAKE NO SHIT COWBOY attitude far more reminicent of Americans than your average Canadian, and one can only hope that MORE Canadians will adopt their ballsy anti government attitude, because THAT is what is needed, not only in Canada, but world wide as we square off against the elements of post 911 Illuminati coersion! [See http://www.us-government-torture.com and http://www.aches-mc.org especially to see the NWO's full MKULTRA Mind Control evil, because this attack on vitamins is just the TIP of a much larger iceburg!]


Australians and New Zealanders currently outnumber people from all nations signing on to the IAHF list, and for good reason: the TGA attack on Pan Pharmaceuticals has driven over 1300 products off health food store shelves under false pretenses.

Moreover the New Zealand Health Minister, Anette King, has yanked Pan's products off New Zealand's shelves based solely on HEARSAY EVIDENCE from the Australian TGA, and she is clamoring for New Zealand to harmonize its laws to the corrupt Australian system, but the Kiwis have put their feet down, and have a truly DYNAMIC resistance movement going on that Australians should EMULATE and QUICKLY TOO, because we CAN turn things around in Australia by triggering a people's REVOLT against the government on this issue!!

[See Ron Law's article NATURAL JUSTICE? which was published in New Zealand's largest business newspaper, the Independent, about the TGA recall- http://www.iahf.com/asia/20030520.html


IAHF has had some good communication with Hammish Douglas of NHN, and encourages all Australians to subscribe to his excellent email list-

See Natural Health Network http://www.naturalhealthnet.info

Here is one of their newsletters:

Natural Health Network Newsletter
The voice of Natural Health Consumers in Australia
Protecting our choice and expanding our knowledge


Our web site is up and running at www.naturalhealthnet.info there are a few rough edges that need refining and this will happen over time.

Media bias!
The media bias in the reporting on the trial of a Naturopath charged with manslaughter in Newcastle recently over the death of an 18 day old infant is most obvious.

Without going into the details of the court action, there are several observations to be made;

Firstly, when did you last see any medical practitioner charged over the death of any one of the 14,000 or more patients that die annually as a result of medical errors or pharmaceutical drugs.

A press clipping from the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald dated Friday February 27 1998 with the headline; 'No action over hospital deaths' - Hospital errors kill 14,000 a year. We would like to know why a single unfortunate death of a child can take precedence over the many thousands of Australians that die each year from medical errors?

It is very interesting to note that Professor John Dwyer wrote in his column that appears regularly in the Wentworth Courier, on Wednesday 6th November 2002 titled 'Why natural therapies can threaten life' ridiculing not only the Naturopath involved in the action above, but citing the actual incident, going on to say "Unfortunately, it is not just
people who align themselves with the 'alternative' industry who are involved in this charlatanism 'a few' of my medical and nursing colleagues are also practising anything but good medicine"!

Does that sound like bias? This is the man the NSW Health Minister has chosen to head the committee which he states "essentially, we need to introduce regulations for the alternative industry, that embraces the most important principles required from orthodox medicine and science."........ The very people who have become the third major cause of death in western societies. Not exactly a fine example to be following (Eds comment)

Dwyer claims he is concerned about 'consumer protection'. If he was genuinely interested in consumer protection, why isn't his committee investigating the deaths of the 14,000 or more Australians who die annually as a result of errors in his orthodox medicine? or the
50.000that are maimed, or the 500,000 that end up in hospital as a result of drugs and medical errors.

This committee as just another example of the drug companies and the medical establishment, using government to further restrict natural health, in spite of their terrible safety record and contrary to consumer preference.

NHN has learned that the CEO of CHC (Complementary Health Council)has joined the committee along with the medical experts, pharmaceutical industry representatives, Consumers? (we were not invited!) etc.

We doubt than any of the committee other than the chair, medical experts! and pharmaceutical representatives, will have any understanding of the real purpose of this committee.

We have reservations about the CHC's ability to effectively represent the natural health fraternity for the reason that it has gone to bed with the TGA in administering their Draconian advertising code, which we see as an instrument of information suppression.

For those who have had anything to do with lobbying, you will be aware that you cannot run with the fox and hunt with the hounds - To effectively represent the natural health fraternity the CHC should be totally independent of the health administrative arm of government.

The CHC CEO is an ex TGA surveillance officer. With that type of bureaucrat background and training, it does not give NHN a lot of confidence that natural healths' interests are being best served, especially when the chair is so biased and the committee so loaded with bureaucrats.

In her report to the Natural Health Alliance, a group of 39 mostly practitioners hastily convened to address the Dwyer committee, Val Johanson CEO of CHC, records that all of their contact has been with with bureaucrats and specifically notes that the chair of the committee (Dwyer) is
an personal appointment of the minister (Knowles) and it is obvious he is not going to be removed!

This report is an example of pure bureauspeak, of course the minister won't change the chair unless it becomes a hot political potatoe, then you will see just how quickly this can occur - this requires
demonstrating that there is a significant voter interest in the outcome.

NHN is not placated by this report with the imputed assurance that all is under control, "that it is not a witch hunt, its just a regulatory committee intended to target the real shonks and frauds, and none of us would disagree with that"!

We do disagree with that, there are too many so called consumer safeguards already in place, there is no need for more.

It is just the sort of innocuous facade that the drug companies use worldwide on the gullible when enticing governments to tighten the noose on natural health at taxpayers expense.

NHN believes that the natural health industry - the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, should be represented by an independent industry association which will lobby actively with governments to change the legislation that is discriminating against the fair delivery of natural health.
+ We believe that there should also be a peak practitioner body to effectively represent natural therapists, to set and monitors standards of teaching and delivery. Complenetary medical practitioners interests differ from natural practitioners and it is unlikely that one body could
effectively represent the two.

If you are a member of the CHC, perhaps it may be prudent to review your membership, or become active in its restructure so that it becomes more effective in representing the genuine interest of your sector of the natural health fraternity.

Natural health consumers need a vibrant healthy industry, ensuring our continued choice of healthcare, not an industry that's role is subjugated to an underground or alternative function

Take advantage of the political environment of the NSW elections and contact your local state member and let all of your local candidates know what you expect of them. Natural Health doesn't need more regulation, its already over regulated.

What consumers would like to see is an integrated healthcare system, with the best practices of all modalities integrated into one system that fairly represents consumer preferences. What could be fairer than that? ......See 'Comment' page on our web site www.naturalhealthnet.info titled 'Integrated Medicine- A Viable Alternative'

Heres a wonderful example for local health authorities. AMA please take note! When California Medical board got a new president the first issue physician Gary Gitnick addressed was whether doctors have the right to practice complementary and alternative medicine.

At his first meeting as president Gitnick stated that the board needs to be much more inclusive and should not distinguish between conventional and alternative medicine, only between good and bad medicine.

These were not just empty words. The board followed up Gitnick's comments with two firm policy changes. In the past charges could be brought against physicians practicing alternative therapies
even when no harm was done to a patient and no complaint was filed.

From now on, declared the board physicians must have a complaint filed against them prior to being investigated. Further physicians whose practices involve complementary or alternative medicine will no longer have their cases reviewed by physicians unfamiliar with the treatments.

Rather each case will be considered by an expert in the physicians speciality and another in the modality practiced.

Why the turnaround in the boards attitude? Over the past two years, Governor Gray has appointed more consumer friendly members to the medical board.

Perhaps the developments presage a brighter future for California, a state that until recently was known to have one of the most restrictive boards in the country. (Alternative Medicine Digest)

'When a whole town steps out' is the heading of an article in the SMH. Its about the town of Colac in Victoria who have embraced a community program aimed at promoting healthy foods and lifestyles across all settings including homes, schools, and neighbourhoods, involving all 10,000 residents.

Physical activity includes a 'walking bus' program, rather than car pooling, parents take turns in walking kids to school, plus a whole range of other healthy outdoor activities.

NHN commends the people of Colac for an innovative community health program that plans to have residents of the town slimmer, fitter and healthier within three years. What a pity its not a federal government initiative involving the whole country!

We trust their fine example will encourage many other communities, perhaps all to follow their superb lead.

Surgeons' inexperience fails cancer patients."The majority of bowel cancer patients are treated by general surgeons with limited training and
experience in the disease and, as a result have almost double the chance of ending up with a permanent colostomy".

The article goes on to say "that patients in country areas are more likely to miss out on the best treatments! Quoting the author of the report, Alan Spiegleman commenting on the first national audit into the treatment of cancer, stated that the results pointed to flaws in patterns of referral,
which meant that two thirds of bowel and rectal cancer patients were treated by a surgeon who performed such operations less than once a week"! (Another SMH article)

No doubt these unfortunate patients would fall into the statistics of over the 50,000 Australians who have their lives permanently impaired (maimed) by medical errors.

And we are told that we have one of the best medical systems in the world! Its not surprising that so many Australians are abandoning orthodox medicine to seek the healthy natural lifestyle that avoids almost completely having to address the problems of cancer.

See the recommended reading on our Drug free Cancer support page on the web site www.naturalhealthnet.info

Who was that French Professor who quipped; The further a cancer patient is away from help, the greater his chance of survival!

If you have any doubts about the inside running of the drug companies in
government. This information may change your mind; Kieran Scheeman, the chief of staff of the Federal Finance Minister Nick Minchin. has been appointed to head Medicines Australia, the national body representing the pharmaceutical industry.

If the drug companies have intimate knowledge of the financial planning methods of the federal government, its not hard to see how this would help them in negotiating pharmaceutical benefits.A whopping 4.3 billion dollars in the last budget.

A landmark study of 40,000 people in USA has indicated that the oldest and cheapest drugs for treating high blood pressure are also safer and more effective! The results run contrary to recent trends that show the old diuretics are better than the new ACE inhibitors and Calcium channel blockers, the use of both has increased considerably from two
years of heavy promotion by the drug companies and subsidised heavily by Australian taxpayers,with no mention of there dreadful side effects.

How much money could have the government have saved and how much healthier our citizens may be if it had encouraged Australians to keep their blood pressure under control by including more cucumber and ginger in their diet, supplemented with Coenzyme Q10, Garlic, Selenium,
Hawthorn and Chromium, and checked their Sodium:Potassium balance regularly.(Hyperhealth)

'Nutrient may fend off Alzheimer's, but caution urged. Front page SMH March 10.The public and possibly the medical profession has now learned what we al;ready know about the dangers of homocystein, even though there has not yet been a drug released! (See NHN Newsletter 1/03) Folic acid can be dangerous says Professor Marc Budge from ANU, warning
against 'self medicating'!

On one hand it is great that the homocysteine danger has hit the front page of a leading daily Australian newspaper and nominated the nutrients used in its control, folic acid, B6 and B12.But the comments made by professor Budge are typical of the pharmaceutical trained academics,
as if Australians are incapable of making such simple healthcare choices.

Natural health consumers are aware the supposed dangers of supplementing with the nutrients, especially the baby boomers - The warning are on the labels! (aren't they?)

Yours in good health - Naturally,

Hamish Douglas

While NHN takes all reasonable steps to ensure the authenticity
and accuracy of the health related information contained in this
Newsletter, the information is intended to simply inform our
members - it is not meant to, nor should it be taken as being
prescriptive advice. NHN recommends that whenever you are
unsure of what supplements or medications you should be taking,
that you consult a suitably qualified natural health professional
or a complementary medical practitioner.


IAHF Salutes the die hard health freedom fighters of New Zealand, and urges everyone in Australia and New Zealand to work together to protect NZ from harmonization to Oz, and Aussies must demand that Australia harmonize to NZ, because the reverse is INTOLERABLE!!!


Sign petition at http://www.users.bigpond.com/healthaction/nzcammail.htm

http://www.iahf.com/asia/ Scroll Down to New Zealand Section, See Ron Law's Article "Natural Justice?" See related articles

See http://www.greens.org.nz/searchdocs/speech5238.html
Article by Sue Kedgely, MP from Green Party
"Trans Tasman Agency to Regulate Dietary Supplements Must be Stopped"

more networking via



Donations are urgently needed to the Alliance for Natural Health, donate through their website at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org to help them file a lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

For details see my article at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html (FULL ARTICLE)

"Politically correct, heavily editted version" is in July issue of Life Extension Magazine at http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html

Unless this Directive is overturned, there won't be any way to stop a horrible vitamin standard from being driven through at the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission, and via the WTO the USA can be forced to harmonize our dietary supplement laws to a horrible international standard.
On March 20, 2001 an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue was whitewashed, and the truth on this issue did not come out. The fix is in. We have been set up, and the only way out now is to help our international allies and work at the global level to defend our access.

Health Food stores and manufacturers are being kept in the dark via pharma dominence of all the vitamin trade associations such that the truth is being covered up. For better understanding see

We have a smoking gun that exposes the fraudulence of IADSA (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) This bogus group pretends to be defending consumer access, and PRETENDS to be trying to harmonize the world to DSHEA.

In REALITY, they're doing the OPPOSITE, they're setting the USA up for harmonization to Australia and the EU. The smoking gun is that they kicked NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA doing nothing to protect NZ from harmonization to Australia. Complete documentation is at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com

Please show this to all health food stores in America that are members of NNFA and tell them they should quit and pitch support instead to http://www.iahf.com because IAHF is actually doing what IADSA only PRETENDS to be doing! Note that IADSA is led by an employee of Pfizer, the biggest drug company in the world.

The World Natural Health Organization http://www.wnho.net is helping to spread this alert as is Patients for Alternative Medicine http://www.pfamhealth.net/ Please make links to their sites and let them know, they'll make links to yours if you're working with us!

IAHF has reached out to American Holistic Health Association, National Health Federation, American Association for Health Freedom, and Citizens for Health for assistance in pitching donations to the ANH lawsuit. So far, with the exception of Citizens for Health's legal director Jim Turner (who has yet to prevail upon Ana Micka to put the info on the CFH website) they fail to grasp the importance, but ongoing efforts will be made to communicate. Please assist in communicating with these groups.

Americans better wake up to the fact that a pitched battle is raging on our northern flank in Canada, where massive pressure is on Parliament to harmonize their vitamin regs to Australia's totalitarian system. See Canadian section above for details. Will we be flanked? We will if we don't help our allies in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia!! We will be if more people don't help IAHF by signing on to this newsletter at http://www.iahf.com and I encourage you to forward this widely!

Be sure especially to make a donation via the paypal link on the IAHF website, even if its small just to show you care! IAHF is considering expanding beyond just being my consulting firm to a full fledged membership organization with a Board of Directors, and a Members Only Section of the Website.

If we were to do that, would you be willing to join? How much should IAHF charge for annual dues? Any and all ideas and suggestions would be welcome! If you would like to be considered for the Board of Directors, please email me a bio and discussion of how you could help IAHF to provide a better networking service for the international health freedom movement!

END NOTE: I would have liked to include updates from France and Chile in this email, but have had no recent contacts from either country. I know that Salud Natural in Chile is conducting a pitched battle to defend consumer access in that country, and I know that a burgeoning health freedom movement is rapidly growing in France. Last I heard there might be a health freedom march tomorrow in Brittany in solidarity with the one in London, but I have had no updates on that in a while. I also hope to receive updates from South Africa, and other countries, so please keep me abreast of whats happening in your country and I will send word out to the world.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World
Leaving this sunday for Florida, be there through Thursday
number at Hotel 954-525-4000
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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