Hi everyone,

At our 2006 Charity Day event, we did a 50/50 raffle ("split club") to benefit Treats for Troops, an organization that sends care packages to our brave servicemen and women serving overseas. After awarding the prize, we were able to donate $305 to this worthy cause.

To be eligible for a care package from Treats for Troops, soldiers register on a website, supplying some personal information - including the name of their favorite sports team -- as well as their preferences for gifts: personal care products, snacks, phone cards, etcetera. Treats for Troops selected six servicemen to receive our donations, and they're all Bills fans, too!

Our gratitude and prayers go out to the following servicemen as they fight for our freedom around the world: Darius Myles, USAF; Jason Bell, USN; Matthew Maxwell, USMC; Sean Miosek, USMC; Jerry Lambert, USAF; Sean Lovell, USAF.

For more information, or to make a personal donation, see the Treats for Troops website: http://treatsfortroops.com