Upcoming CE Classes with Nancy Toner Weinberger
in North Carolina
“ There is a way of being
    Which is lighter
    Which is freer
    A way in which work
    As well as play
    Becomes a dance
    And living a song
    We can learn this way”

Dr. Milton Trager


Dear Colleagues,

As you all know I closed my Raleigh office in September, and have been taking a much-needed break, as well as getting organized, and adapting to semi-retirement. I must say – I have been so busy it doesn’t feel like semi-retirement! I have closed my private practice, and am only planning to teach a few classes this year. I am still publishing the PERG.

The CE landscape has been changing of late. The NCBTMB, which is the organization that approves CE course offerings, is no longer going to be approving energy work classes that include distance learning or that are not directly related to the practice of massage. When my approved provider status renews in 2020, Dynamic Energy Balancing: Foundations should continue to be approved, but the classes on the Realms will no longer be able to be offered for CE credit. So this summer and next summer will be the last time these classes can be taken for CE hours.

Furthermore, Georgia no longer accepts any energy work classes, nor do they accept classes in teaching skills for renewal of licensure.

You might also like to know that in North Carolina, any classes that you take in August, September, or October, right before your renewal is due, may be applied to your renewal requirements for this renewal or the next renewal. What this means is that if you are due to renew this November 1st, and you have already met your CE requirement, you could still take one of the August classes and apply the CE credit to the next renewal period if you wanted to.

Today the first crocus popped up in my yard, so it is officially spring here- a good day to connect with colleagues and students and let you know what I have been up to- as well as what is coming up!    

Yours in light,
Nancy Toner Weinberger
See schedule & details for my classes on my website Calendar page.
Teaching Skills for the Workshop Leader - A workshop to prepare you for becoming a CE Provider. For more information, click here.
March 23-26, 2018 (4 days), for 24CE in Raleigh. Tuition $595.
 September 28-October 1, 2018 (4 days), for 24CE in Raleigh. Tuition $595.

Pre-register now by emailing me your name, address, email and phone number, and telling me a little about your experience and what it is you wish to teach. Enjoy personalized help developing your class in a small group setting. 
Learn the theory of Dynamic Energy Balancing and practice applying the principles of Dynamic Energy Balancing in an energy work session.

August 3-5, 2018 - for 21CE in Raleigh. Tuition $395    Friday to Sunday (3 days)
Prerequisite: The ability to give an energy work session and at least one prior class in energy work, or permission of the the Instructor.
Take your energy work to the next level- Immerse yourself in a powerful energetic transformative experience; Gain confidence in your energy work and enhance your professionalism. The class includes:
  • Lecture - Stimulate your intellect with an exciting new energy map for understanding the dynamics of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.
  • Meditation - Gain skills and get support through guided visualizations
  • Supervised Practice - Energy work demonstrations and trades with students in the class

Dynamic Energy Balancing: The Realms

Learn to enter the non-physical realm associated with each chakra center and practice doing energy work sessions there.

Each chakra contains within it a portal to a realm that has existed in our consciousness since the beginning. In this class we will begin to explore the realms associated with each chakra. We can learn to tap the immense power of those realms to open up channels of healing for ourselves and our clients.

The class includes lecture, guided meditation, experiential exercises, and supervised practice.

Prerequisite: Complete a class that includes Dynamic Energy Balancing theory. Also recommended, review the meditations found on the Articles page on this website. 
The Realms of Physical Manifestation
August 24-26, 2018 - Raleigh, NC  Tuition $395  Friday to Sunday (3 days)

Chakra 1 Realm of the Unconscious Mind
The unconscious mind is the seat of vibration, all movement, and that harmonious movement maintains all things physical. Nothing can exist in the physical world without simultaneously existing in the unconscious realm. Here, in this realm, are the templates- here is where we can reconnect with the rhythms that source our healthy aliveness.

Chakra 3 Realm of Sacred Geometry
Shape is the container, function creates the form. In this realm is the core of intelligence, the ability to see patterns and thus what is to come. Connecting with form and function at its source, the Astral Realm allows us to gain the perspective we need to see the direction we are traveling, and when we see that, we can release stress at its very core.

Chakra 6 Imaginal Realm
We go to the place where dreams and visions are sourced, realm of unseen friends, realm of the stories we have constructed as we receive the mind of God/Goddess/All There Is. Working here allows us to seed the future- our future and the future of our clients.

Chakra 7 Realm of All Possibility
The realm of all possibility is the portal to union with God/Goddess/All There Is. As we can learn to attune ourselves, learn to accept and receive, we can feed our Sixth Chakra and build a stronger fantastic creative center from which to work our healing.
The Realms of Feeling and Choice
August, 2019 - Raleigh, NC  Tuition $395  Friday to Sunday (3 days)

Register with Dynamic Equilibrium. Please register by email or call.

Chakra 2 Realm of the Soul's Memory
Here lies the seat of your individuality, the record of all that you have experienced since the origin of your soul. We open the door to the library of experience, to the full memory of who you are, and in so doing allow you to recognize your gifts and call upon all the skills and talents that you have developed throughout the history of your soul and your many lifetimes.

Chakra 4 Realm of Nature, further portal to the Realm of Faerie
Nature shimmers when you are in its Realm. Every flutter of a leaf brings enhanced enjoyment. In nature there is an ever abundant source of aliveness that we can access to do our healing work. But beyond that portal is another- the portal to Faerie. And there we can wield our truest healing magic.

Chakra 5 Angelic Realm
Working side-by-side with the angels requires humility, inspiration, gratitude, and the cultivation of joy. Here there is singing, there is comfort and there is healing.

Chakra 7 Realm of All Possibility
The realm of all possibility is the portal to union with God/Goddess/All There Is. As we can learn to attune ourselves, learn to accept and receive, we can feel our Fifth Chakra open to upliftment and joy, and strengthen our healing intentions with this flow.
Pre-register now by emailing me your name, address, email and phone number, and telling me how you meet the prerequisites.
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