It’s hard to run a label and try to make a living when you’re a convinced anti-capitalist. We might not be in it for the money but we certainly are in it for the music and what we want to is that the music we releases will be heard by as many as possible. 
We wanna tell the story and to do that we put together cheap Christmas deals that showcases the nearly 20 years of Adrian Recordings. Some deals are already sold out but most of the products can be found separately in our web shop too. Take your time to explore and we’ll send it to you right along.
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Adrian Recordings
The 2018 deal

2018 was one of the most intense years in our history. 223 tracks, 7h 40 min, 39 releases. 9 of them was released on vinyl. Here’s a deal with all these fresh vinyls. 

Bitch Hawk - Bitch Hawk - 12” Album

Alice Boman - End of Time - 7” Single

Jonas Lundqvist - Affärer - 12” Album

Medborgarbandet - Medborgarbandet - 12” EP

Hey Elbow - C0C0C0 - 12” Album

Björns vänner - Smyger i skuggorna - 12” Album

Bo Mehr - Dreamer - 12” Album

Emil Jensen - En gemensam galning - 12” Album

Bitch Hawk - JOY - 12” Album

9 fine vinyls for only: 850 SEK

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The Laakso deal

Long Beach - CD-EP
This i the bands first release ever. It is, what I think, Markus Krunegårds first release ever. And Lars was not even a proper member of the band, or he just became due to this release. This is the last copy we have. 

I Miss You, I'm Pregnant - CD Album - German Edition - Released on Noise Deluxe Rec
The bands debut album was released in Germany on licens from Adrian Recordings on a label called Noise Deluxe Rec. We have no idea who that is really. But we found this one copy in our storage. 

Grateful Dead - CD Album + Grateful Dead - 12” Album
12 years after leaving Adrian Recordings the band was back. Things where totally different. Markus was a big star and the band had had a brea for a few years. Not many believed that the band still existed. But the comeback was grandiose. 
550 SEK

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The This Is Head deal

0002 - 12” EP
This Is Heads first release event was this floating peace that also came with a remix from the mighty Dan Lissvik. This vinyl is only 7copes left and only available in this bundle. 

0001 - 12” Album 
The debut album is full of transcendental disco kraut grooves and numbers. A classic album.

De Trop  - 12”-EP
A one of album track and 2 remixes from Korallreven and Hans Appelqvist

The Album ID - 12” Album
This Is Head's second album. Produced by this guy from The Soundtrack of Our Life

Repetition - 7” single
One slow and one dance version of the track Repetition from The Album ID

This Is Head - 12” Album
This Is Head’s third album. Produced by the band in a small cottage and in LA. 

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The Fine Arts Showcase deal

The Shoplifter's Union - CDr Single
A CDr single from the album Radiola. It’s one of the first releases with additional remixes from Adrian Recordings. Includes remixes from greatness like The Field, Familjen, Project-X and more...

Radiola - CD Album
The Fine Arts Showcase’s first album on Adrian Recordings. Plain classic all through. Includes the monumental ”Chemical Girl”. 

Dance With Your Shadow - CDr Single
Another CDr from the archive. This single is taken from the album ”Sings Rough Bunnies” and includes a myspace-adress. 

Sings Rough Bunnies - CD Album 
A full album where Gustaf interpreted and covered tracks from his favourite band Inside Riot and The Rough Bunnies. 

Friday on My Knees - 12” EP 
A sort of compilation vinyl EP with best of track  and one exclusive to this vinyl. You need ”Chemical Girl” on vinyl. Artwork done by Johan Duncanson from Radio Dept.

Dolophine Smile - CD Album  
The Fine Arts Showcase last album and just a brilliant, lovely collections of perfect pop songs. Pop fact: Mastered by Norman Blake of The Teenage Fanclub. 

300 SEK

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The Bear Quartet deal

89 - CD Album
The band hadn’t released any albums for a few years and we simply texted Jari and asked if it wasn’t time to do a new The Bear Quartet album. It was and 89 was later released. A more rock oriented album than ever before. 

Monty Python - CD Album
On this the last album from the band they have come to perfection. The new turn and energy that was 89 is here fulfilled. This is an rockalbum with so many layers and melodies that it takes a lifetime to explore. 

These two classics is yours for only 100 SEK

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The forgotten deal

Sharif - Slumber - CD Album
This is the first album Adrian Recordings released in 1999. At theme we thought that it was the perfect blend of Red House Painters and Einstürzende Neubauten. It’s hard to get the violin in to that equation perhaps but it’s there. An album to be proud of. 

Sharif - Lost Causes - Causes Lost - CD Album
The second album from Sharif came out in 2005. By that time the person soon to be known as the artist Familjen has joined in on programming and bass. Not a merry album but truly interesting and dull. 

Printer - CD EP
This is the first release on Adrian Recordings by the Danish band Printer. It’s excellent techno pop with high emotional ambitions. 

Printer - Can You Take More?  - CD Album
Despite nice reviews, airtime, a real effort from us and a really good album. It never really happened for Adrian Recordings only Danish band. This album still sounds fresh.

Edda Magnason - Goods - CD Album
The artist Edda Magnason is absolutely not forgotten and maybe not even this album, but in the context of what was about to happen jus a little while after this album was released, it was shadowed by a certain film called "Monica Z”. This album is just a wonderful ferry tale. Really likeable. 

RA - Remixes - 12” Vinyl
The band RA is not forgotten, not even their releases but in regards to the big remixer names on this release and how extremely great it is, this is a surprisingly overlooked EP. All of the remixes are top of the line but the excellent of the danish world star Trentemøllers contribution makes this very hard to get that no one just didn’t care. Take this chance to change that. 

Get it right for just 200 SEK

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The "alla pratar skånska” deal

Medborgarbandet - Medborgarbandet - 12”
ok. Not all Scanian voices but when you get Thomas Öberg (bob hund), Panda Du Panda and Joy on one album, you can overlook Nina Persson’s Småländska. 

Björns vänner - Lyssnar på en inre röst - 12” Compilation Album 
A compilation album compiled by the votes of their fans. An authentic best of and the perfect introduction to one of Swedens best bands in history. Also the only way to hear the studio version of the classic ”Staffanstorp”. 

Emil Jensen - Om du inte står för något faller du för allt - Samlade låtar - CD Compilation Album
Emil Jensen is almost a house hold name nowadays. Here’s a full packed best of album with 18 tracks and some exclusive versions. The perfect way in to a brilliant career. 

Familjen - Mänskligheten - CD Album
This is Familjen’s second full-length album. Including some classic tracks like ”Det var jag” and ”It began in Hässleholm”. Beautiful serious expensive artwork too. 

This introduction costs only 250 SEK

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The Familjen deal

Familjen - Familjen EP - CD EP
The debut EP includes playful electronica, soulful pop and a little gem called ”Ivanhoe & Rebecca” that later transformed to ”Det snurrar i min skalle”.

Familjen - Kom säger dom - CD Single
A 3 track CD Single including one exclusive track. 

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle - CD Album
The classic debut album. More or less sold out. This is our last copy. 

Familjen - Huvudet i sanden - CD EP
A really ambitious single/EP with remixes of different tracks from great artists like: Kasper Björke, Adam Tensta, The Field, Fluxus, Boeoes Kaelstigen and many more...

Familjen - Mänskligheten - CD Album
The incredible second album includes hits like ”Det var jag” etc.

Familjen - Det var jag - 12” EP
A banger vinyl EP with exclusive track and remixes from Savage Skulls & Marcus Price and Krazy Fiesta.

This great deal is yours for only 400 SEK 
And we’ll throw in some vintage pins too

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The Björns vänner deal

Björns vänner - Tappat halva hjärnan - CD Album
This is the bands first full length album, including classic tracks like ”Va ska jag med ett foto på dig?”, ”Lätt och ledig” and many more…

Björns vänner - Alexander Lukas - CD EP
Straight from the big EP era. Including the magic cover ”Ser jag ut att må bra?”.

Björns vänner - får ett eget liv - CD Album
At the time we called it a summery compilation. The first EP was sold out, no streaming services was available people needed these tracks again. There was versions of tracks that was great but not released, and there was completely new tracks. Together they formed this farewell before Richard moved to London and the band was put on hold….

Björns vänner - Ni har stulit våra drömmar - CD Album
On hold for years and no-one thought the band was still alive. Then this new album was released. And it was great It contains one of the most popular tracks up to date: Print Screen

Björns vänner - Lyssnar på en inre röst - 12" Vinyl
A fan voted compilation that had to purposes. One the classic tracks need to be on vinyl. The track ”Staffanstorp” deeded to be released. The votes was perfect and this is the perfect introduction to Björn vänner.

Björns vänner - Smyger i skuggorna - 12" Vinyl
This is the latest effort from Björns vänner. A somewhat rawer and more guitar oriented pop fest with lyrics on top. 

All this is yours for only: 450 SEK

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The Boeoes Kaelstigen deal
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Pan European - 12” EP
Boeoes Kaesltigen’s debut 12” is raw and soft. Perfect for the late night open air. Comes in white vinyl. 
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Commuting Colour - 12 EP
iBoeoes Kaelstogen’s second 12” comes with 2 original and 2 remixes from Mikael Stavöstrand and Dumb Dan. Only 1 copy left of this one.
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Tanum Teleport - CD Album
The year is 2038 and in a post apocalyptic landscape the Swedish minister Leif Pagrotsky has just encouraged the remaining citizens to communicate via the big masts in Tanum. 
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Overcomes Love, Time & Space  - CD Album
The bands second album is everything you love with Boeoes Kaelstigen adding more pop, vocals and love. 
Get it all at the small cost of: 250 SEK
The Jocke Lindberg deal
There’s one person that is more than anyone else responsible for how it sounds on Adrian Recordings. From the time when he stepped in to this world as a member and producer of MF/MB/, he will always be a part of this label. He has produced, mixed, mastered and recorded more music on Adrian Recordings than anyone. We don’t expect you to buy this deal because it’s huge. This is mostly to honor Joakim Lindberg. This is a deal with the physical products that he has been involved in. (The one that is not sold out). Besides this there has also been a couple of releases and artists that was digital only like Henric Claes, OLD, Need For Speed. Atm he is producing the new This Is Head release. 
MF/MB/ - Folded - 12" Album
Producer, songwriter and band member 
MF/MB/ - Colossus - 12” Album
Co-producer, songwriter and band member 
MF/MB/ - your suitable glitter - 7” Single 
Co-producer, songwriter and band member
RA - Bloodline - 10” EP
RA - Scandinavia - 12” Album
RA - Then I Woke Up In Paradise - 12” EP 
Hey Elbow - Every Other - 12” Album 
YAST - My Dreams Did Finally Come True - 12” Album 
Marcus Norberg and The Disappointments - Heal the World - 12” Album
Björns vänner - Smyger i skuggorna - !2” Album 
Bo Mehr - Dreamer - 12” Album
The perfect introduction to Jocke Lindberg for only: 500 SEK
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The electronic deal
Familjen - Kom säger dom - CD single
Prior to ”Det snurrar i min skalle” there was ”Kom säger dom”. This is a 3 track CD single with one track exclusive to this release. 
Familjen - Det var jag - 12 EP
This is a 12” EP with the great hit ”Det var jag” from the album ”Mänskligheten” on top. Together with the exclusive After 808 and remixes from Crazy Fiesta and Savage Skulls and Marcus Price. This is a real banger. 
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Pan European - 12” EP - white vinyl
Booes Kaelstigens’s debut vinyl 12” is hard than the following. The perfect dancing on the beach to sunrise techno. 
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Commuting Colour - 12” EP
Boeoes Kaelstogen’s second vinyl EP contains the epic track ”Radius” and remixes from Mikael Stavöstrand and Dumb Dan. Only one copy left ever of this release. 
Andreas Tilliander - Showtime - 12” EP
Andreas Tilliander need no introduction. Sweden’s best town electronically artist, in his segment. This EP is the closest to dub step he got. Dubby, bouncy with remixes from other greatness like Minilogue and Erase. Only one copy left. 
DÖDEN - DÖDEN EP - T-shirt with download MP3
DÖDEN makes dark techno both minimalistic and maximalistic at the same time. Dance to the underground. This EP was released as a T-shirt. 
RA - Remixes (Vinyl) - 12” EP
A fabulous EP with remixes from legends like Trentemøller, Noe Spagato, Bam Spacey and Myth (Myth is a moniker for Alexander Palmestål of Mythologen and Pistol Disco. Not sure if we ever revealed that??) 
This electronic EP deal is yours for only 350 SEK
Get it here:

The tote bag deal

Carry all your deals in these fine tote bags. The deal is only one ex due to the last ex of the Jonas Lundqvist and Björns vänner bag. But all the others can be bought separately.

Jonas Lundqvist - Någons jävla saker

RA - Then I Woke Up In Paradise

Björns vänner - White Eco bag "Ni har stulit våra drömmar”

Emil Jensen - Eco bag - Varje dag är en valdag

Emil Jensen - Eco bag - Två naturliga armar

400 SEK

Get it here:
The Emil Jensen deal

Emil Jensen - En gemensam galning - CD / Vinyl Album
Emil’s latest album shares name with his latest show. This is what you need to be up to date.

Emil Jensen - Om du inte står för något faller du för allt - Samlade låtar - CD Album
This is a compilation with Emils 18 most loved tracks. Including duets with Edda Magnason, First Aid Kit, Familjen and exclusive versions. 

Emil Jensen - Varje dag är en valdag - Tote Bag
This sweet deal is delivered in the ecco friendly nice bag with the lovely message: "Varje promenad är en prideparad. Varje dag är en valdag."

This sweet Christmas deal is yours to give, during a limited time, for only: 250 SEK

Get it here:

The YAST deal

Believes - 7”
The debut 7” is a roaring psychedelic tripp that they never really re-visited. 

YAST 12” Album
The debut album is full of perfect pop songs drenched in the slacker dreamy sunny feeling. 

My Dreams Did Finally Come True - 12” Album
The second album is heavier than expected. It contains some of the best songwritings that have been coming out of here. It was also a very complicated album to full fill. The ambition was mountain high, the result nearly destroyed the band.  

All of this for just 200 SEK

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The Swedish classic deal

Björns vänner - Tappat halva hjärnan - CD Album
By many considered one of the best bands ever singing in Swedish, in the accent Scanian anyway. Obviously the lyrics from the eccentric Richard Schicke is a big deal but the band would not sound and be anything without this dysfunctional heard surrounding him. This is the bands first full length album, including classic tracks like ”Va ska jag med ett foto på dig?”, ”Lätt och ledig” and many more...

Familjen - Familjen EP - CD-EP
Obviously we should have choses Familjen’s debut album ”Det snurrar i min skalle” but that album is totally sold out. Instead we picked this more unknown debut EP, released before the debut album and includes a certain little track called ”Ivanhoe & Rebecca” a track that Familjen later did a sort of live-remix of and named ….. ”Det snurrar i min skalle”. 

Emil Jensen - Orka då - CD Album
Emil Jensen is nowadays almost like a house hold name on the Swedish scenes but when he released this, his second full length, he was still doing the ground work. This album is produced by Familjen-Johan and includes future classics like ”Inte vackrast i världen”, ”Hur lyckliga kan vi bli?” & ”Maj förra året” among some more unknown tracks that have become our personal favourites. 

Den svenska tystnaden - Den svenska tystnaden - 12” Album
Den svenska tystnaden is perhaps one of Adrian Recordings most underrated bands. This album was the only one they released and is one of the best albums we released. Sharper lyrics is hard do come by, Ken Loach-sharp. Musically that are doing some kind of exact on point compositions that sounds like indie pop/rock but is more like art. 

Jonas Lundqvist - Vissa nätter - 12” Album
This is Jonas Lundqvist’s first album on Adrian Recordings and it was the album of instant classic status and that put him on bigger stages. Includes tracks like ”Vissa nätter” and ”Pengar på fickan”. 

Ulf Stureson - Alfta förr och nu - 12” Album
When Ulf Stureson returned after 10 years hiatus he did it on Adrian Recordings and with an album that closes the circle from his debut album I overkligheten and he found himself getting his biggest hit so far with the summer breeze ”Gräs och syra”. 

Svart katt - När allt är över - 12” Album
Swedish punk has never sounded more emotional. Short catchy songs about friendship and love delivered in the best of punk manner. The titel track is forever written in history together with the beautiful skate video. 

Medborgarbandet - Medborgarbandet - 12”
Without mentioning the grand effort that Medborgarbandet did on stage with the performance ”Vinnaren tar allt” this is a release that brings some of the best and most well known artists Sweden has to offer, on one records. Or what do you say about: Nina Persson (The Cardigans), JOY, Panda da Panda, Kristin Amparo, Moto Boy, Thomas Öberg (bob hund), !Regeringen and more...

All these 8 classic releases for as little as 450 SEK

Get it all here:örns-vänner-familjen-den-svenska-tystnaden

The secret Santa deal

We honestly think that all the music we released is worth all the love. Equally. But do you? Here’s a deal where we chose the music for you. All you have to do is pay us 250 SEK and we promise to put the best 3 vinyls or 4 CDs in a parcel and send to you. Sure if you have preferences or already own all the Hey Elbow records, please make a not other wise we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Get it here:

This is all we have:


Adrian Recordings