Below you can listen to the latest single from the kraut disco outfit This Is Head. It’s called De Trop. That’s not new. The single have been out for a while. What’s fresh about this is that you get a completely new remix and also the only remix that will be official to the track. Strait from Berlin we’re proud to give you the Johanna Knutsson Cosmic Support Remix.

Artist: This Is Head
Release : De Trop
Label : Adrian Recordings
Release date: 27 september
Catnr : arweb 136

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This Is Head
1. De Trop -
2. De Trop (Johanna Knutsson Cosmic Support Remix) -

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De Trop video:
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We’re proud to present De Trop (Johanna Knutsson Cosmic Support Remix). It’s a sublime, slow chugging and almost balearic sounding 9 minute remix. Johanna moved from Malmö to Berlin and during the recent year she has risen from local to internationally renowned with the aid of a neverending line of amazing dj-sets, remixes, edits and her other work over at Berlin techhouse label Klasse Recordings.

It’s Saturday night and you go to bed at 23:00. You set your alarm clock on 05:00. You goes up and have a couple of beers for breakfast and then you’re ready for the floor. You arrive at Bergain, Panorama bar, Berlin at 06:00 and most likely you will find Johanna Knutsson at the DJ both, maybe she even have her whole label with her and what you have stumbled upon is a Klasse Recordings label party. Johanna is the latest star on the new house scene of Berlin. The scene that peaks at 07:00 when the party re-starts.

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