Annette Lodge


Author and Illustrator will talk about her new book




Saturday, July 21st

From 1 – 3pm

At “Pasadena” on Pittwater


Music by Trapazoid


Tickets $15 – includes afternoon tea.


Tickets Available from PMC Hill and the Bottle Shop Pasadena.

Natemba's life is turned upside down on the day she loses her mother. Her search for belonging takes Natemba across the wide plains, deep rivers and dense forests of South Africa. Helped along her way by giraffes, zebras, lions and elephants alike, Natemba soon finds friendship and the meaning of home. This simple and moving story is brought to life by Annette Lodge's vivid watercolour illustrations.

Every year throughout Africa hundreds of Blue Vervet monkeys are shot as pests or hit by cars as their habitat diminishes. Many of the dead females are found with their live babies still clinging to their chests. Natemba is inspired by the courage of these orphans.”


“NATEMBA” will be on sale and Annette will be available for signing.

Proceeds to the Vervet Monkey Foundation and St Luke’s Grammar School Library.