FDA Cogs in Club of Rome's Genocide Machine: Genocidal Killers Bill Gates, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Rockefeller
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Things are not as they appear on the surface. We live in a world of illusion and subterfuge. Right now most of you probably think you will always be able to walk into a health food store and get anything you want. I bet a lot of you think I'm an alarmist who is exaggerating the level of threat I claim is being arrayed against us.
Other organizations are telling you about the threat posed by FDA's NDI Guidance document wherein FDA is threatening to turn the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act upside down by tying the industry up in red tape to block the use of roughly 70% of the ingredients currently being used to manufacture dietary supplements, but they're not telling you what is behind this. By all means use their form letter to send a message to Congress and the FDA, but don't stop there or we won't succeed in protecting ourselves---- here is why:
If you pull up a dandelion but fail to yank out its roots, what happens? It grows back, doesn't it?
My dad taught me to never just land a punch. If you're in a fight, the goal must be to DESTROY your opponent so he never gets back up!!!
Today I found some new information I want to share with you. If enough people study this and make good use of it we will be able to defend not only health freedom, but ALL of our most deeply cherished freedoms. If we fail, we'll find ourselves in literal chains, and a lot faster than you might think.
Please watch this video "Environ-Mentalism: A New Religion For a New Age"
In it you will quickly be shown that the Rockefeller run "Club of Rome" devised a means of using concerns about the environment as a tool for population control and societal control. You'll see that they orchestrated the Earth Summit in Rio in '92 where UN Agenda 21 originated.
You will quickly see how we have all been set up for death and you will quickly see that I am no being an alarmist. We have all been set up like bowling pins, and we must fight back because the FDA is the least of our worries- they're just cogs in a much bigger genocidal machine.
Watch Bill Gates in this video talking about population control, vaccines, and the environment....I say he should put a gun in his mouth and kill himself. He sure is no friend of ours. Ditto for Gorbachev, Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, and other friends of David Rockefeller who are propagandists for this evil scam.
Want more? See this site.
In it you'll see many more Agenda 21 exposing links with background information that you should be aware of. Knowledge = Power. You need to know these things so you can protect yourself, your friends, your family, and your community. You don't want to be one of the people sleep walking towards an unseen cliff. You want to SEE the cliff and CHANGE DIRECTION!!
1. Find out if your city or county are members of ICLEI, the UN NGO that is pushing Agenda 21. You can find that out from this membership list on the ICLEI website.
2. There are more than 600 cities and counties in the US that are members of ICLEI, (and many other cities around the world, this is a global threat not limited to just America). If your city or county is a member---- you need to awaken the people around you with the goal of getting your city or county to QUIT its membership.
To learn how to do that please examine the information in these sites, a growing number of cities and counties are quitting ICLEI- so you won't be alone in your efforts:
Here is Carroll County Maryland Commissioner Rothschild discussing why his county quit ICLEI.
Here are organizations where you can learn more about this collectivist scam and how it is destroying private property rights nationwide and world wide, forcing farmers and rural people off their land, forcing people under the thumb of the genocidal killers who want to take out 9 out of 10 of us and microchip the rest.....  These are the bastards who are trying to ban our access to supplements. FDA is just one of many cogs in their much bigger machine.
We don't have to take ANY of this! I'm sure not! Please join me in fighting back!
SEE: http://www.freedomadvocates.org/
Also: http://americanpolicy.org/category/sustainable-development/

We Built this site to awaken people in our County. Please build one like it where you live and use it to get your city or county out of ICLEI.

Also, alert everyone you can to the danger of FDA's NDI Guidance Document. Get people to send in the form letter following this article, but also make them aware of this much bigger threat, because if we fail to address it, it would be like yanking up dandelions without pulling them up by their roots.
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