Richard Herring Newsletter
30th anniversary, 40th show, 50th year
Oh Frig! I'm 50!
It's all right actually. And better than the alternative.
And I have moved to Hertfordshire. It's nice and quiet and no one throws acid at you here. But I liked that about London.
I am actively looking forward to going back to the Fringe after two years away. It seems impossible that it's been that long. The previews have been going well and ticket sales are looking OK. Do come and check it out if you're in town.
I am performing my new show "Oh Fr*g, I'm 50!" at Pleasance One at 7.30pm 2nd-26th August. Buy tickets here.
I am also doing three RHEFPs at New Town Theatre, Grand Hall. August 4th with the Doug Anthony All Stars, 11th and 18th at  13.50 (guests to be announced for second two gigs). Buy tickets here.
On Saturday 29th July I will be going to YORK to do my penultimate preview of OFIF and a Yorkshire RHLSTP
See OFIF at the White Rose Rotunda at 4.30pm. Buy tickets here.
And see RHLSTP (EATGYF) at the same venue with guests Martin Barrass and Rahul Kohli (but not the one from iZombie) at 7pm. Still some tickets.
I am playing the Live Theatre in Newcastle on 30th June. As I write there is one ticket left. But check with venue for returns. It's my final preview!
Emergency Questions Book
Thanks to everyone who bought this already. It's exceded our expectations. The first run of 3000 sold out in about three weeks, so we've printed another 6000, but looks like these will only last a couple of months.
They are also for sale at (as are some nice postcards and badges designed by Leon Edler).
We are also going to put up some limited edition copies with a shrek in them, some signed copies, plus you will get the chance to get a book dedicated to you, or the person of your choice.
Getting loads of great feedback and I am planning on bringing out another book for Christmas. And am working up a panel show based around the idea.
It feels like a mini-phenomenon already and it's exciting to see this do so well.
Series 11 is all in the can and we recorded episodes 149 and 150 last Monday. They are going out once a week (though we will intersperse in the RHEFPs in August) and there's some crackers to come. The one with David Baddiel has just gone up!
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
Remember if you become a monthly badger then you will help us pay for the series and you'll get a badge, access to the backstage interviews, a secret email and entry to every monthly draw, with some amazing prizes.
If you missed The Best tour or if you want to relive the fun then we audio recorded the last performance and you can get it for a fiver. We're really only looking to cover our costs on this one and are about halfway there!
The first two long episodes are already up on the secret AIOTM channel and the monthly badger channel (you can get in on this, either buy a monthly badge or  pay £15 here - you get more stuff with the series pass.
Not sure when the shorter episodes (with proper grading and sound - and about 20 minutes less stuff in them) will be going up, but it shouldn't be too long now. Some nice reactions already and there's some good stuff in there (as well as some shoddy stuff). It's been a fun struggle to bring this to you. Hope you enjoy it.
Everything Happens For No Reason
I have nearly finished my second script for this and have written five extra storylines. Hopefully we will find out if it has a series within the next month or so.
My sit-com about three generations of a family will be on Radio 4 in September. It's got Alison Steadman, Phil Davis and Emily Berrington in it. And me. Hope you like it.
Energy Suppliers
The Bulb referral system has been working well for fundraising too. If you want to have an energy company that uses  renewable energy and might be a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than your current suppliers, then why not try Bulb.
They will buy you out of any contracts you're in and have great and fast customer service. Plus there's no contract, so if you think they're rubbish you can leave at any time.
But if you like what they do and want to switch if you use this link then you will get a £50 credit and so will I. Which is a nice way for us both to get something without either of us having to give anything away.
But even if you don't go with Bulb, it's worth checking that you're not being ripped off by your current supplier. I was recommended this site for comparison, which is really good.
  There's a new Sky Potato ebay account. Nothing on there right now, but we put up cool stuff every now and then and my RHLSTP Lannister notebook will be up there soon. Keep an eye on it all here.
Have a lovely August, wherever you may find yourself