IAHF List: The solid info below comes from attorney Alfred Webre who has done a tremendous service in totally deconstructing the Ebola psyop- please forward this to everyone and also to your senators and congressmen, news media, church leaders, anyone who  might listen. We can stop this planned genocide if we get this out to enough people!

Simultaneous to reading and mass forwarding this, be aware that you can chelate all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails by ingesting organic sulfur which binds with them to pull them out of the body while also creating a more alkaline environment in your body to prevent the diseases that the ruling elite are intentionally attempting to cause via a variety of vectors.

Halleluyah, Ebola - The McCarthy Virus! 100% suspicion!

Perhaps in response to the bombshell exposure by Jon Rappoport that ebola has never once been isolated in a human being, there comes this totally weird claim - ebola has suddenly mutated and is undectable!
Scientists believe Ebola has mutated so that it is no longer detectable using the standard tests: 

A magic, invisible virus? 
This makes it a McCarthy disease!  The Red Scare!  Just claim it's there.  No proof required!  
So we now have the Ebola scare!  No evidence needed!  The ultimate disease for quarantine and martial law - 100% suspicion!
And doesn't that just fit handsomely with Bush's pandemic laws which say there doesn't even have to be a contagious disease in the area to force deadly things on you, they only need to "suspect" there is or "might be."  Read it carefully.  It is a marvel of UNCERTAINTY and SUSPICION as the liteal bases of removal of ALL RIGHTS from people (including to defend themselves from what may be lethal) while simultaneously underscoring the removal of ALL LIABILITY from those doing ANYTHING to people.

Be sure the read the whole outrageous law.  It is a masterpiece of concealing intent to plunder and murder, wrapped in uncertain, unproven "medical" emergency giving "health" authorities the alleged power to do absolutely anything.  A lot of Nazi lawyers worked very hard on this so people might want to appreciate the intricacy of the deception and effort to end the rule of law and the US itself and to mass murder here, based solely on an invisible germ that they now say has conveniently mutated and is undetectable.
Undetectable.  Total fascist control based on ZIP evidence.  This is a marvel.

Read the pandemic laws.  Try and find any actual medical help in them.  Follow the money!  See the plunder!  See how none of it needs a whit of proof of any disease at all!  One day, these laws will be famous jokes, that is, when they aren't being used as eidence in court of a hell of a large and conspiracy to set up for mass murder and the rape the country.
The Bush Nazi Pandemic law, a gift from the Jesuits.

Here is a small sample:
[Emphasis added, along with the noting that neither a "commisioner or public health authority are elected.
"An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination or treatment shall not be required to submit to such procedures but may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111

 [Where is that?    They do not mention quarantine in a person's home.  So where does section 96 of chapter 111 refer to?  A detention center?  A FEMA camp?  It is disturbing that they are not specifying here but only referring to code.] 

"if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health

[by what absent criteria?  And now saying the threat has "mutated" so no test can detect this "undetectable" serious danger to public health?]
or results in uncertainty 
[Now, it seems that  "uncertainty" becomes the criteria.] 
[Added note:  "Uncertainty" as written here was clearly not enough, since sane people might reasonable expect something solid before being dragged away or whole cities are quarantined like New Orleans - their dry run - was, all food and water and help kept out, all people trapped in.  So the busy little Nazis who wrote this stunning work of pandemic fascism,  have now gone so far as to eliminate all certainty by suddenly coming up with the incredibly amazing fast mutating ebola virus that has become the never-before-seen "undetectable virus."   Ah, now there is no way to be certain.  Brilliant.]
 "whether he or she has been exposed to
 [Notice they do not say,  as they so easily could, "require evidence that the person has been exposed"  Not do they refer to "specific signs of illness."  So, what defines "exposed"?  Who defines it?  The media and "unnamed experts"?
["Germany’s Bild newspaper claimed that American Ebola victim Patrick Sawyer may have infected 30,000 people, citing unnamed experts."  Yet, after this, cases actually dropped in the country he was working in and no one on the plane has gotten ebola.]
"that poses a serious danger to public health, as determined by the commissioner,
or a local public health authority operating within its jurisdiction.
[The heart of this is that "serious danger to public health" is undefined entirely, leaving open its declaration at any time authorities may wish and allowing them to subject citizens to warrantless entry, bodily violation by tests, treatments they choose, questioning, exposure to toxic chemicals for decontamination inappropriate even to the issue at hand, crushing penalties - with benefit to authorities - removal to unspecified detention centers, all for insisting on Constitutional guaranteed protections against any of this.] 
[Emphasis added, along with the noting that neither a "commisioner or public health authority are elected. 
[Noting as well:   the mere declaration of a disease emergency creates a disease emergency which is entirely UNDEFINED and the diseaes itself now "claimed" to be  UNDETECTABLE (whoever heard of such nonsense?) so also UNPROVABLE, by some authority who has no liability for even deaths but who CERTAINLY (based on the law) and NOT UNCERTAINLY,  profits from this.  For while the undefined, undetectable, unprovable disease declaration is in no way medical it is absolutely clear it offers a means to total financial plunder with profits immediately going to judges and others and can be used to take all that anyone owns, and arranges for the take over (theft) of ALL resources of the US.]

(c) Furthermore, when the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction determines that either or both of the following measures are necessary to prevent a serious danger to the public health, the commissioner or local public health authority may exercise the following authority: 

(1) to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated any individual; 

[There is no way to "decontaminate" a person from Ebola.  This is a civil rights outrage based on zero science and disturbingly reminiscent of what the Nazis did to people.  Is this intended for use in FEMA camps for lice and other pests associated with being forced into crowded conditions?  Is it intended to sell chemicals?  is it intended to demean and cow a population?  What is this really about?] 

"provided that decontamination measures must be by the least restrictive means necessary to protect the public health and must be such as are not reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the affected individual;

 [What are they intending to use to "decontaminate" people - chemicals that kills viruses so would be toxic and dangerous at some level?  They would spray these chemicals on someone they "think" might have been exposed to flu but is healthy otherwise or on someone who may even be sick with it?  The obvious harm to the immune system from such "decontamination" is obviously the opposite of a public health measure to help anyone stay healthy or to help anyone survive illness.]
[Added note:  Will they gas people, saying they are decontaminating them, just as they said they were offering showers to people in the death camps?  We can't know but we do know they have arranged for removal of all liability, even for murdering people with ther "treatments" and "decontamination."  ]


(2) to perform physical examinations, tests, and specimen collection necessary to diagnose a disease or condition and ascertain whether an individual presents a risk to public health. 

[This is supposed to be done to a well individual?  To every individual?  To a sick individual who is in bed trying to get better and is home, away from other people so presenting no risk to anyone?  This [is] forced data collection as part of forced medical experiments like the pharmaceutical industry ran in the concentration camps and has set up now in the US.  http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Rule-by-fear-or-rule-by-law-3229509.php

[In order for this not to be forced medical experiment, people must have the right to not consent.  The Nuremberg Code requiring informed consent was put in place after the Holocaust specifically because of the hideous experiments the pharmaceutical industry ran in the concentration camps, to stop the Nazi pharmaceutical industry from ever conducting forced human experiments again.
Yet this entire law arranges to get around that under the excuse of an emergency for an infectious disease that may not even by present or may only be "at risk" of being present, with ALL requirements for evidence and criteria for all actions, removed.]
Bush's pandemic laws are a blatant attempt to get around
the Nuremberg Code,
put in place to defend human beings
against the sadistic and murderous "medical" human experiments
conducted by the Nazis
Bush's family were Nazis and are Nazis. 
Here is the Nuremberg Code they are attempting to end.
In addition, the coding inside Obamacare coming from the UN and WHO, both controlled by Rockefellers and an elite that wishes most of the public dead, include a final section that looks very much like a description of forced human experimentation.  http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/the-elite-decapitation-and-obamacare-by-william-davies-this-is-big-very-very-big-and-connected-to-the-ebola-false-flag-j/

ICD 9 E 978 “Legal Execution”
All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary] as:  [NOTE:  The following do not arise from a trial by jury with a democratic government in place and most are not legal of means of execution anywhere but are forms of warfare or biowarfare.  Beheading is a new horror.]
  • asphyxiation by gas 
  • beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)
  • capital punishment 
  • electrocution
  • hanging 
  • poisoning 
  • shooting 
  • other specified means  [That are unspecified.]
  • Injury undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted

The last item on the list applies to forced human experimentation. The Ebola vaccines, or any drugs, chemicals or gases, unless the public is INFORMED what they contain (and in the case of the vaccines that they have weaponized) and all possible side effects, and then CONSENTS to them and NOT UNDER DURESS, must NOT be mandatory for that would instantly create a mass human experiment on the entire non-consenting American population and a violation of the Nuremberg Code on a scale even those who wrote it couldn't fathom. 

Yet the main thing this law does is lay out the details of extreme duress, literally forcing people to go along with any order forcing anything on them, with threats of imprisonment and fines that would destroy them.  And one thing they are "forced" to go along with is testing of them and taking bodily samples, unspecified, but given the Nazi context, and the effort to eliminate all controls put in place by the Nuremberg code, this could taking taking parts of the brain, taking parts of organs, vasts amount of blood, doing virtually anything, with their trying to officialize death from it, in advance - and immunize killers and plunderers, which this law in meant to do.]
NOTE:  The magically mutating ebola virus that is undetectable, while nice for letting authorities say nothing is certain and that hey can go forward using UNCERTAINTY as their banner, ACTUALLY it just seriously messed up their demand to test anyone.  On what basis would you test anyone if the government is saying that ebola is undetectable?  Things are getting more and more absurd as they try to cover their "uncertain" asses.
The mysterious, horrifying 1918 flu was used as the basis for saying we will face another pandemic that could kill 20-50 million.  But the NIAID said there was no flu then, only common upper respiratory bacteria.  Aspirin:  http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/bayer-and-death-1918-and-aspirin/
What killed people?  Vaccines and aspirin.
Vaccines and Drugs!
Vaccines:  http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/bayer-and-death-1918-and-aspirin/
And what is offered now?  Vaccines and Drugs!
The pharmaceutical industry (that is, the Rockefellers which is to say the bankers and the oil companies) killed 20-50 million people in 1918 and blamed a flu.  They lied and the CDC is still putting out the myth - the lie - about a 1918 flu.  http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/vaccines-and-cdc%E2%80%99s-myth-of-a-1918-virus/

In 1918 we had a flu that didn't exist. 
That not-actually-there flu was then used to promote terror of disease and became the phony reason for the pandemic laws now, laws pushed by the very pharmaceutical industry that killed millions in 1918 during a non-pandemic, with vaccines and drugs.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry, trying to improve on 1918, actually created a virus in a bioweapons lab so they could pin a pandemic on something more solid that a fiction. 

But they are repeating 1918 by using vaccines again to set off another  "terrifying" disease.
Their problem is that people are exposing them.  
Everything in their detailed, pre-arranged, fascist plan depends on people buying into uncertainty and fear - that is, into accepting what they are told, over PROOF.  http://exopolitics.blogs.com/ebolagate/2014/09/first-911-then-guillotines.html

Proof is the one big hole in their plan. 
But things are not going well.
The WHO ebola numbers are not going down well in Europe whch is demanding lab tests.

And the WHO numbers don't match 69% of the lab tests in Liberia. 
That's a mess especially since the other 31% of the cases are based on an FDA test that the FDA itself says isn't effective or safe and which somehow put out only positives.  FDA AUTHORIZES USE OF AN UNAPPROVED EBOLA TEST WHICH MAY NEVER SHOW NEGATIVE FOR EBOLA, STATISTICS SHOW

Or the ebola numbers are based on - no joke - "verbal autopsies" the WHO invented, which include listing , deaths of women who die during miscarriage and have genital bleeding as ebola deaths).  WHO STATISTICS QUESTIONED: HOW COULD EBOLA DEATHS INCREASE TENFOLD IN ONE WEEK IN SEPTEMBER?
And for these ebola Nazis, it keeps getting worse.  WHO: MANY DEATHS ATRRIBUTED TO EBOLA ARE NOT CONFIRMED 
Oh, dear.  Oh, dear.
And now this has just come out. 
The pharmaceutical industry, the mass killers of 1918, are being exposed around their new champion disease, ebola, the disease they hope will wipe out millions of people and make them trillions.  They just got caught in the act of declaring a false ebola emergency. 
And at the same time, with the ebola pandemic desperately dependent on two things - WHO credibility and using vaccines to inject people with the disease - yet another mess is happening. 
The poor WHO and UNICEF have been caught in a scandal of hiding nasty things in vaccines.

And this is just exactly what they are accused of doing with vaccines to cause ebola - putting the virus into the vaccines.  Here, one can see the WHO, UN, UNICEF, and Doctors without Borders are being accused of causing ebola with vaccine campaigns.  http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/rethinking-the-goodness-of-doctors-without-borders-outbreaks-coincided-with-their-vaccine-campaigns/

And so is the Red Cross.  http://www.abeldanger.net/2014/10/from-ghana-ebola-is-not-real-and-only.html
So, it's plain to see the ebola pushers who planned to move forward based on "uncertainty" are finding themselves shorter and shorter on credibility, with people questioning their tests and their numbers.  This won't do since an ebola emergency is required to take over and declare medical martial law and get this 1918 replay on the road.  Back then in 1918, before viruses had ever been identified they could claim "a flu did it!"  but today, that won't do.  They  need a virus.  And Jon Rappoport has reported:

Bombshell: scientist finds no reliable evidence Ebola virus ever isolated from a human being

So what are you going to do to fix tha?  You need a virus that is - wouldn't you just know! - undetectable. 
Halleluyah, ebola - the McCarthy virus!  100% suspicion. 
Let the financial plunder, Amerian asset stripping,  and forced untested vaccines loaded with God only knows what all and coming from criminal companies with Nazi pasts, begin!