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Last night I had an hour and a half conversation in my house with the Pastor Emeritus of a Church I go to in an effort to educate him in the hope that he might be able to assist me in reaching out to more people for the Civil Libertarian Discussion Group that I hold at my house on Codex and related matters pertaining to living free in an unfree world as the NWO brings the hammer down.

I could tell from my conversation that I reached this man with some points, but not with others, and that in many ways he, like many in our society, are largely blind to what is coming at us and he's not connecting the dots very well. Thats ok though. I planted some seeds of awareness, and I will go back a couple more times to this guy to see if any of it "took".

If he seems like too much of a "brick wall" after 3 tries, I'll just move on to other people because we must deal in volume to reach that 5% of the population who can think outside the box enough to understand our message and to act on it. We can't act like deer caught in the headlights, and we MUST deal in volume, our LIVES depend on it.

Show this 10 minute documentary film to everyone you know- it skillfully gets the message across that the REAL ID ACT, the "PATRIOT ACT", and related liberty destroying legislation has NOTHING to do with "protecting us from terrorism" and EVERYTHING to do with controlling US:

(Seeing this will help make ANYONE more open to our Codex message- that we're up against a NWO population control and societal control agenda, that food control = people control. It will help people see the enormous threat posed by legislation such as the "REAL ID ACT" and the "North American Cooperative Security Act". It will help the meek to grasp that even though they have "nothing to hide" that THAT is NOT the issue here!!!)



1. We use our painful situations to wake us rather than put us to sleep.

2. We invite what we would usually try to avoid.

3. We realize that only to the extent to which we expose ourselves to annhilation can that which is INDESTRUCTIBLE be found in us.

4. We learn that bad news, pain, fear, loss, and tragedy are actually very clear moments that teach us to LEAN IN and FEEL rather than to back away from feeling and experiencing. And in that sense, tragedy can be seen as good news, not bad.

LEAN IN (to Codex, to Chemtrails, to GE Foods, to Globalization) You LEAN IN to what torments you and ask it to ENGULF YOU so you feel empowered by the RAGE you'll feel. You receive it in all its terrible entirety. And you find that it leads you to a whole set of amazing possibilities, things you might never have imagined. Even the worst scenario can lead to a place of FEARLESSNESS, and thats where we need to be as you knock on all your neighbors doors to hand them the flyer about the meeting at your house where you will show "WE BECOME SILENT" and give them their marchin' orders so they'll join our grass roots anti NWO army.

Its very easy for almost anyone to feel overwhelmed when pondering the enormity of the global population control & societal control agenda being arrayed against us. Our would be controllers WANT us to act like deer caught in the headlights and to go into denial. This mssg provides powerful insights and psychological tools to help you remain in motion and not get "stuck" as you strive to help others to open their eyes so as to escape the Matrix.

As our would be controllers continue to "boil the frog slowly" (in the hope of not provoking a public backlash), many on the IAHF list who have attempted to alert health food store owners, vitamin company owners, family, friends and neighbors regarding the Codex vitamin issue, and related matters have run up against seemingly inpenetrable walls.

What you're all reporting back to me runs the gamut from merely non comprehending blank stares and looks of abject bewildernment, to annoyed shrugs, to irritating smiles of concern by those who think anyone discussing such matters has "questionable sanity". If someone is approached too abruptly with information that is "too much at once", its easy to elicit outright ANGER when we confront deeply held belief systems head on and the person we're trying to communicate totally shuts down and just wants us to be as far away from them as possible. With practice, this will happen to you less and less often.

Reading body language and striking the right balance and tone with each person we attempt to educate is an art requiring practice and none of us can expect to become an instant expert when awakening people to issues such as Codex & the NWO's population control and societal control agenda. Doing this work is even challenging to professional PR people, but we HAVE to do it, because the hard won freedoms received from pushing the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act through congress are at stake along with EVERYTHING enshrined in the Bill of Rights which our ancestors fought and died for. If we don't stop America from being pushed into a North American Union, if we don't foil the CFRs evil plans, we'll find ourselves being forcibly lined up to receive a microchip in the back of our hand and every single solitary thing we do can be monitored by a total Police State- IF WE REMAIN SILENT.

THIS is why Kevin Miller and I and our team of health freedom fighters will be working hard to make the expanded, updated version of Miller's documentary film "We Become Silent" at Expo West in Anaheim CA at the end of March, and if anyone on the IAHF list can join us there, and participate in a meeting of activists, please let me know- we can use ALL your help on the Show Floor as we work to get our message out. By donating funds to get the IAHF Education Kit, and by holding meetings in your area, you are defending your own LIFE and the lives of your family members, friends and neighbors because together we must SHOW them the threat posed by the North American Cooperative Security Act, the threat of a planned North American Union, the threat collectivism robbing us of our individual rights (See instructions @ the end to get your Kit.)


The average person gets up in the morning, flips on the news and begins the daily brainwashing process as he eats his SAD (Standard American Diet) unhealthy breakfast of coffee, white flour toaster cooked jiffy waffles, some form of processed cereal full of preservatives and hormone laden, non organic cows milk, or maybe grabs an "Egg McMuffin" from the drive in window at McDonalds which he eats "on the fly" while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while en route to the office.

By the time this all too typical robotic automoton successfully navigates the return bumper to bumper traffic at the end of his busy day and gets home, he's beat.

He (or she) in no mood to hear us talk about Codex, GE Foods, Chemtrails, Globalization, or any other aspect of the REAL WORLD. If he doesn't brainwash himself still further by watching network news, he or she will likely escape into some sort of fantasy via a movie, some inane show on cable TV, or submerge him or herself in watching sports which can be quite an opiate.

Most of these people aren't worth the effort to reach. If you try with them, you will rapidly burn out. What you want to look for are people who are at least PARTIALLY awake. You'll find 'em in gyms, health food stores, anywhere where HEALTHY people gather. REMEMBER: We're trying to reach the 5% of the population that is the healthiest and the most open minded as fast as possible- to do that we must be SELECTIVE and DEAL IN VOLUME. Once we get a lot MORE of THEM helping, THEN it will be much EASIER to reach the ROBOTS.


Take a moment to scroll up and re-read the 4 simple guidelines that will help ANY of you to hang in there and educate those around you:

They have to do with LEANING IN, and EMBRACING THE PAIN that goes with awareness of these matters.

They have to do with letting the pain ENGULF YOU in order to TRANSCEND IT and be able to calmly educate others, to plant seeds of awareness, and to not feel bummed out when the person you try to talk with doesn't understand right away or even on the second, third, or fourth try.

(I never let it get to a 4th try intially, if by 3 tries someone doesn't "get it", I move on to other people, then maybe try going BACK to that first person a month or two LATER. Sometimes something happens to the person in the mean time that causes a cognitive SHIFT which enables him or her to think about what you said previously so that now they're in a better position to HEAR you.)


I learned to LEAN IN and EMBRACE pain in order to HARNESS it so that it would CATALYZE ME to move beyond it when I was locked up in a place called Brigham 2.

This was my own private hell. It was a corridor 44 yards long full of so much cigarrette smoke (to which I was violently allergic) that you couldn't see your hand at times when you stuck your arm out in front of you. Despair hung heavy in the air so thick it enveloped everyone like an omnipresent lead blanket. Street drugs were smuggled in along with razor blades and suicides weren't uncommon.

I'd been thrown bodily into this hellhole due to rebelling against the Cartel's control system in the IOL in Hartford Connecticut, a psychiatric hospital that I saw destroying everyone in my midst, and I was trying to keep it from destroying me. After being forced out of college by serious biochemical imbalances which are genetic in my family, they'd taken the one thing away from me that had been helping: long distance running around the perimeter of the grounds and when they threw me into that locked ward, they told me they were "stopping me from running away from my problems."

It would have been very easy for me to throw in the towel and give up like 99% of the people around me, but something inside me wouldn't let me do that, and I learned years later that a lot of people had been praying for me and I didn't know it. I am sure their prayers had something to do with my not giving up and eventually coming to see that our Creator had a whole system employing the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, hormones, probiotics, herbs and other natural substances that could and would enable me to experience real and lasting healing at the cellular level.

When I was thrown into the locked ward, I'd already been locked up for a year in a previous hospital, a state hospital in New York City where I'd been a voluntary medical guinea pig in a genetic research study. Several of my fellow patients committed suicide due to the gross inhumanity of what we were subjected to. We were nothing but numbers on a clip board- human lab rats. I'd go to sleep at night listening to the sound of the centerfuges in the lab across the hall spinning our blood.

They injected us with radioactive isotopes in order to put us into a machine called a "Body Count" machine which is like a gigantic Geiger Counter that you're immersed in just like going into a CTSCAN machine. Your body is put on a guerney that slides on a track when they press an electric button, you go inside a giant metal tube where they zap you in order to measure the concentration of sodium and potassium ions in your brain cells so they can correlate that data with other lab work.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was part of the Human Genome project, and none of the research these people are doing is ever going to benefit anyone at all in any way. Its just used to justify laying ineffective, toxic drugs on people as part of the New World Order's population control and societal control agenda and the people conducting this "research" are modern day heirs to Josef Mengele, the infamous "Angel of Death" who did his heinous twins studies in the Nazi concentration camps in an effort to learn how the human mind could be dominated and controlled.

I went into this State Hospital firmly believing that these people were going to help me so that I could get on the "right combination of medication" in order to be able to return to college so I could once again resume my life. I went in to my voluntary stint as a medical guineapig firmly believing that these people had the answers, and that they would be able to help me because they were very convincing and I didn't know any better at the time. I'd been forced out of college by a host of debilating symtoms known to mainstream medicine as "schizophrenia" (even though that is a misleading, meaningless, wastebasket term) and they have no idea how to effectively address the underlying symptoms which can only be successfully addressed using non toxic micronutrients to bring about genuine HEALING at the cellular level.

The three months they told me it would take to "fix me up" stretched into 9 as none of the different drugs they put me on helped me at all, and every one made me that much sicker. At a certain point, after they'd come close to killing me, they told my parents and I that "they could do nothing more for me, that I needed to be put in a long term facility."

While this came as a shock to me, at the time I did my best to embrace the situation in an effort to transcend it, to use the pain to somehow muster strength inside myself. I told myself the new place would be better, that surely they'd have the expertise needed to help me that the state hospital lacked. After all, it was private, and expensive, and even famous celebrities had been at the IOL in Connecticut.

When I got there, they assigned me to a first year physician who lacked confidence, and whose style of so called "therapy" was to sit there impassively and not say a word. Talking with him was about as useful as talking to your average brick wall, so after three sessions, I asked to be switched to someone different, but this request was refused. So I stopped seeing him entirely, opting to increase my mileage around the grounds since long distance running was the only thing helping me anyway.

I got a release of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that is a natural antidepressant from running and it also helped detox the toxic meds they were forcing me to take. It helped lesson the anxiety I felt from the situation so that I could sleep at night without having to ask the nursing staff for sleeping pills which most of the other patients popped like candy. It gave me a feeling of being in control of my own destiny every time I went for a run, and brought back memories of happier times when I ran cross country and track and played ice hockey.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when seconds seem like minutes, and hours seem like days? Few people know more about the meaning of suffering than those mired in the psychiatric gulag, and transcending that situation where I spent 4 long years taught me a lot that I need to try to pass on to anyone trying to stop the New World Order who cares to listen- because it takes a lot of patience to educate sleeping people who fail to grasp what we're up against right now.


After I stopped going to "doctors sessions" and increased my mileage around the grounds, the control freaks in my charge "hall bounded me" by stripping me of my "grounds card", they "upped my meds" (for control purposes), talked down to me as if I were a 5 year old, and informed me that they were "gonna stop me from running away from my problems."

Their goal was to FORCE me to continue having sessions with the laconic Texan who gave zero feedback and who said absolutely nothing during sessions, but I decided I wasn't interested in this form of Chinese Water Torture. So I asked the staff who could authorize a switch to someone different, (assuming anyone had that authority) and I was given a name of a person, and told which building he was in.)

So the next time the door was opened on our "semi open" ward to let someone in from outside, I blew past the guard, raced like a streak across the field to the building where the "Section Chief's" office was, I went to his door, and cleared my throut to get him to turn around. He turned his gaze from the papers he'd been hunched over, looked at me as though I were some new form of microbe he were examining under a microscope, and said in his most condescending, authoritarian tone: "Who are YOU and WHERE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?"

I stared him down and said "Sir, I need to be right here, right now, in your office, in order to inform you that I have FIRED my doctor, and I need YOU to authorize a switch to someone ELSE."

Stunned by my "insolence" he angrily informed me "You must LEARN to WORK with your therapist" and shot me a look indicating that he clearly regarded me to be lower than dirt, whereupon he gestured imperiously to the door demanding that I "Get BACK to WHERE you're SUPPOSED to be."

I slammed his door so hard I knocked all the framed diplomas off the wall. They fell to the ground and you could hear the sound of glass breaking. All I wanted was to be treated like a human being, to get the help I needed to be able to heal, and to return to college. An adrenaline rush carried me down the stairs in 3 jumps, and he was on the landing, bellowing at the top of his lungs, the veins in his neck popping out DEMANDING that I "GET UP HERE IMMEDIATELY."

I flipped him the BIRD, told him to F off, he hit the emergency buzzer, and the next thing I knew a half dozen GOONS came streaking toward me from the basement entrances to all the buildings which were interconnected by tunnels so you could go from one to the other without having to go outside during the cold Connecticut winters.

There was a good ol' fashioned hockey fight in the middle of the field, they had to summon reinforcements, and after a half hour they were able to get me off my feet and carry me to Brigham 2 where I felt like I'd just been dropped into the stygian depths of hell as the choking stench of hours of chain smoking triggered a massive flood of histamine which my body is unable to easily eliminate (unlike most people.) This worsened all the symptoms I'd entered the gulag for in the first place but I didn't realize at the time what was happening to me- that awareness came much later after the LIGHTBULB finally went off in my head and I could finally see the path out of the swamp....

I'd been wracking my brain for months on Brigham unit trying to figure out what to do. It seemed incomprehensible to me at the time that everyone around me kept getting sicker and sicker and that everyone around me had totally lost hope of ever seeing the outside world again. They'd all resigned themselves to their fate except for just 2 other guys, one of whom was to later take his life.

After being locked up for more than 3 years, with each passing day it became harder and harder to tie a knot in the end of my rope to hang on- but one day a package arrived from my Aunt Jane that was to change my life. It contained 3 books about orthomolecular medicine http://www.orthomed.org http://www.alternativementalhealth.com They were Mental and Elemental Nutrients by Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD; Fighting Depression by Harvey Ross, MD; and The Eden Express by Mark Vonnegut (son of the famous writer, Kurt Vonnegut.)

Doctors alienated me so much by then that at first I didn't even want to read the books by Pfeiffer and Ross and might not have if it wasn't for Vonnegut's story of recovery via orthomolecular medicine. I was amazed by what he had to say! For the first time, I dared feel hope. His book didn't require the concentration the other two did, and I was so messed up I had great difficulty concentrating well enough to read. I ran in place by the open window at the end of the corridor to get away from the cigarrette smoke, and did calesthenics, yoga, tai chi and taekwondo til I'd brought about a sufficient physiological change that if I read with my finger, and read each page 10 times, I could retain enough to go on to the next page. Thru this means I skimmed the books and gleaned their essence.

I realized for the first time that it actually WAS possible to heal my broken brain and body, that I COULD regain my health and reenter the outside world again if ONLY my control freak doctor would let me. When I adamantly refused to see the first doctor they'd assigned, they retaliated by assigning me to a man hating lesbian, an ugly evil bitch of a woman who roughly resembled a Beluga Whale and who seemed to delight in constantly insulting people and putting everyone down because she obviously had never dealt with her own issues and had gravited to psychiatry in a probable effort to try to control others due to her own extreme insecurity and obviously unresolved problems.

Not realizing that orthomolecular medicine was being politically suppressed, I went to my next session with this monster and naively held up the books Aunt Jane had sent, innocently inquiring if I could please try what had helped her and what had helped my cousins.


It was as though I'd zapped her with a cattle prod. I didn't know she could move that fast and was astonished, but didn't like being yelled at so I jumped to my feet and yelled right BACK at her at the top of MY lungs "If you're that much against 'em, those vitamins MUST be good, and I'm gonna get my HANDS on some. This session is OVER, you're FIRED, get out of my WAY!!"

The moment I exited the room the GOONS were on me like glue, led by Norman Virgo, the 6' 10" Jamaican hulk who got his kicks from murdering people behind the walls. I wasn't just PUT into a seclusion room, I was AIRBORN going through the door. When I hit the rubber mat in the corner, he pounced on me, grabbed my shirt and beat my head into the cinderblock wall til I was out cold, then for good measure shot me up with enough thorazine to kill an elephant in the hope that I would lose my gag reflex and choke to death on my own saliva.

I was very lucky to get out of this "hospital" alive, however the next one I was put in also refused to let me try orthomolecular medicine- showing me as their excuse the APA Task Force Report # 7 "Megavitamins and Orthomolecular Therapy in Psychiatry". I didn't believe a word it said, and it turned out it was a grossly biased mine of misinformation- see Hoffer and Osmond's scholarly Reply to it in the Orthomolecular Section at http://www.iahf.com

At Fair Oaks in Summit NJ, I finally escaped the hell of the psychiatric gulag by smuggling vitamins in after my mom took me during a routine weekend visit home to see Dr.Pfeiffer. After doing a lot of labwork that mainstream doctors don't know how to do due to the suppression of orthomolecular medicine, Pfeiffer discovered that I had an overproduction of an enzyme called kryptopyrolle that was robbing me of zinc, a copper antagonist, and that extremely high copper levels were interfering with my neural firing. I also had extremely high histamine levels due to inability to eliminate excess histamine being secreted in response to food and inhalant allergies and this too was contributing to my inability to function. Then I also had extremely high aluminum levels from cooking being done with aluminum pots and pans in the hospital and it screwed up my memory and ability to concentrate. All of this caused extreme frustration, anger, rage, pain, depression and despair by I worked my way out of it by EMBRACING IT and by ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY for my medical condition which I learned as much as I could about in order to TRANSCEND IT.

I learned the 4 steps discussed at the beginning of this article from hard experience. They enabled me to chart a course out of the swamp, and they will help us ALL to defeat the New World Order's control plans just as surely as I defeated their effort to destroy me during those 4 long years I spent locked up over 20 years ago.

PLEASE folks: I can't do this work without your help. I need you to get IAHF's Education Kit and to ORGANIZE people in YOUR area just as I am doing in mine.

I need you to hold meetings at your house, at the community room of your local library, at a room in a church, or any other place you can get your hands on. I need you to show WE BECOME SILENT and to get people moving against the North American Cooperative Security Agreement and other liberty killing legislation so that we can stop Codex from coming here by STOPPING the Shadow Government's planned destruction of America.

Our kit contains:

1) DVD We Become Silent
2) Hour Long Audio Tape of Talk by John Hammell on the Codex Issue Given At PANLA Conference Last Summer
3) Special Anti Codex Issue of "The Crusador" Magazine (You can get a bundle of these from its publisher for just the price of postage to hand out at your meeting)
4) Special Up to the Minute Outline of Information to Convey At Your Meeting
5) An IAHF Bumper Sticker to get more people to our website so they too can get our alerts..... theres SAFETY in numbers!!!

We're sending this KIT out for a minimum donation of just $50., but if thats too much, ANY amount will help!

TOGETHER we CAN Defeat the New World Order's Population Control & Societal Control Agenda! Soon, IAHF will have copies of Greg Sarwa's useful book THE CATTLE to get out to you as an ADDITIONAL TOOL to help awaken sleeping people. Please take a moment to peruse his website http://www.gregsarwa.com/book.html, especially the REAL LIFE LINKS section at http://www.gregsarwa.com/real_life_links.html

Can you send $1000? $500? $250? $100 ? Please do! We need funds for not only Expo West, but for DC lobbying against North American Cooperative Security Act, to amend the REAL ID ACT and for trips to do public speaking on these civil libertarian issues nationwide and world wide.

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