Refugee Ship from documenta14 tours German canals
Right now cities along the German canals are met by a Refugee Ship with 80 copper Refugees. The art manifestation was last seen at documenta14, as an unofficial wake-up call for the established art world to become an active player in the world’s development. See manifesto.
So far, the art installation has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions as it has entered the cities, accompanied by cultural events like music and theatre, all related to the awareness about refugees and their current situation. In spite of the positive reactions, there have been drawbacks:
In Bremen (Germany) a huge barge sailed directly into the Refugee Ship MS Anton! The German captain claims he gave audio and radio signals, but MS Anton's experienced crew is convinced that the captain was fully aware of his actions and that the barge could easily have avoided the confrontation. In addition, the German boat subsequently made a similar manoeuvre, which the crew managed to evade.
Luckily nobody got hurt and the Refugee Ship is okay, but the crew was quite shaken and the German police has been involved in the case, though it hard to prove anything. Anyhow, the campaign goes on, and if you are in the Northern Germany during the next couple of months you should come visit us! See sail plan etc.
Artist Jens Galschiot says about the project: “With the sculpture installation and its 80 copper refugee sculptures the Mediterranean’s desperate refugees suddenly appear up close, to remind us of our human responsibility towards our fellow man”.
The refugee ship campaign is organized by Outlaw.die Stiftung (DE), which will visit 23 German harbours ending the 3rd of October in Berlin. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the refugees knocking on Europe’s door, their plight, and our responsibility to help them.
Best regards
Lasse Markus, Communications Officer at Gallery Galschiøt
Contact: Outlaw.die Stiftung - Gerald Mennen, - / ph. (+0049) (0) 172 806 5028
Update from provocative Fundamentalism-exhibition in the EU Parliament
In July, 6 co-workers from gallery Galschiot pulled out their 'fashion clothes' and went to the EU Parliament where Artist Jens Galschiot presented parts of his Fundamentalism project.
The exhibition was arranged by Danish MEP Bendt Bendtsen (Christian Democrats). For four days, members of Parliament, lobbyists etc. could see and debate 600 of the darkest and brightest quotes from the Quran, the Bible and the Torah, presented in nine different languages. The exhibition got a lot of good attention and several visitors showed interest in exhibiting the 9m broad and 30 tons heavy sculpture around Europe.
The exhibition is a good example of how art can be used directly in a political forum to start a relevant and important debate about religion and culture, on a neutral and fruitful basis.
See Photos from the exhibition.
The Refugee Ships will visit 23 harbours in Germany this summer. See sail plan
The sculpture Fundamentalism
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