Davis Hammell-OL Yale University- RIP-         Georgia Guidestones Were Amended By Addition of the Year "2014"
                                                                             This Year the Ruling Elite Will Attempt to Genocide Most of Humanity
                                     In This Alert I'll Explain What is Going On, Why, & How to  Protect Yourself!!

IAHF List: The ruling elite have just openly announced their intention to commit mass global genocide in the year 2014 by making this addition to the Georgia Guidestones, the mysterious monument that was built in Elbert County Georgia to alert all of us to their evil plans for world domimination and genocide.
In part 2 of this alert, you will learn everything you need to protect your own life and the lives of those around you from the Illuminati's very serious efforts to exterminate you and to turn you into a non reproducing android and a microchipped slave.
(Mixed in with this rather depressing, ponderous info I have included such comedic stuff as "The Trailer Park Boys Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" an utterly HILARIOUS movie that will cause you to laugh your ass off! Then its EASIER to keep reading my "deep" survival info, but you NEED to know it to stay safe!
You will also learn new things that I've never discussed before about how to awaken those around you including pastors in churches who sadly, tend to be the most asleep of anyone when it comes to understanding things like UN Agenda 21, the bioappi, (the biological effort to microchip us via nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails that I discuss in part two (at the bottom of) this previous alert.)
Soon I will have a youtube channel where I'll be discussing all of this and my neighbor Lake Hughes just shot the first segment inside his parents restaurant (Cafe Capanna, the cybercafe) here in Point Roberts. Lake is a professional cameraman on the set of a Canadian Action TV show called "Arrow", and he's a talented film editor who also uses my sulfur to protect himself from the bioapi.
If you are very busy right now, please skip this next part, and scroll directly to PART TWO, below.
This next part is very personal involving the recent death of my nephew, and if any of you are feeling depressed, please DON'T read it, unless you don't mind learning some useful things that could help lessen or even eliminate your depression!!
As I ponder the year "2014" just being added to the Georgia Guidestones as you can see from this shocking youtube, it almost feels surreal that I just lost my nephew Davis who could be a poster boy for my friend Kevin Miller's documentary film "Generation Rx"  (See the trailer for this film here.
Big Pharma is robbing these kids of their souls. They are being sacrificed on an alter of extreme greed and it angers me.) My nephew Davis Hammell's obituary from the Washington Post can be seen here.
Please help me stop this genocide!!
I tried telling Davis that my sulfur has helped people get off every single solitary useless Rx drug on planet earth, especially ADD meds, but he never used any of the sulfur I sent him. If any of you have kids on ADD meds, please show them this, I have saved many with ADD by just having them drink a couple glasses of sulfur water per day and by having them utilize the info in this book.
My nephew Davis was killed by the worthless, highly toxic, fraudulently approved prescription "ADD" "medications" ritalin, and adderall which are really nothing but legal form of "speed", and their use often leads people into the hell of alcoholism, drug abuse, and a premature death.
These drugs are being handed out like candy. 24% of American kids of high school age (5 Million kids) are now on them and it is causing an epidemic of suicides and homicides including school shootings such as Columbine and others.
As a person who has spent his life lobbying on Capital Hill against these killer drugs and for safe, natural unpatentable dietary supplements like the one's that turned my life around, I feel enraged right now by Davis death, and its only by drinking sulfur water that I can be composed and grounded enough to write this alert because it neutralizes acid caused by stress thats being dumped into my small intestines in rather large quantities right now.
My nephew was a talented kid, he was the Captain of his high school football and track teams (shotputter), and at 6'6" 320 lbs, he was the biggest lineman in the Ivy league. His titanic, Hurculean pancake blocks were the stuff of legend, and he was proud to be part of the Yale bulldogs team that destroyed Harvard in '07 to win the Ivy League championship.
Davis had a summer job working for the Washington Redskins pro football team (personnel department) in which they'd send him in pads out to the practice field to beat the hell out of some aging pro who was trying to make a comeback in the NFL but the Redskins had to send these guys the message that their careers were over, so they'd have Davis deliver that message.

It breaks my heart that Davis is gone. He was a gentle giant, who loved animals, reading, astronomy, philosophy, and he was brilliant just like his sister who had perfect 1600 score on her SAT and straight A's at Yale and in University of Washington law school where she had a full scholarship. I see him in a family photo on my office wall as I type this, and the grief I'm feeling as I ponder his senseless death makes it a challenge to focus, but I want everyone to learn from his death.
He loved playing chess and scrabble. His dad was my brother Rob who I dedicated this previous alert to. He understood all the things I used to tell him about the New World Order, and he appreciated my efforts to warn people.
When I used to lobby on the Hill regularly, I'd often stay at my brother Rob's house in Alexandria VA, and Davis was always around. I remember taking him to the movies a lot when he was a young child. My brother marked his height as he grew to 6'6" on the edge of a doorframe in the kitchen and we'd all wonder how tall he'd end up being.
Too much pressure was put on Davis to follow his brilliant sister into Yale, and that pressure was a factor in his alcohol and drug use which began in boarding school. I tried so hard to help him. I tried to lob in the message that you can treat "ADD" with probiotics to heal and seal a leaky gut so he would have been able to properly absorb the nutrients from the foods he was eating.
The opportunistic yeast candida albicans takes over the small intestine when you eat too much sugar, junk food and drink too much alcohol. Candida tears microscopic holes in the gut walls allowing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic, to escape into the blood and brain causing severe depression, autism, schizophrenia, and ADD. I know. I have suffered from this myself.
I debated whether to share any of this because it is so personal, but I prayed about it and decided Davis himself would want me to because he was a deeply compassionate person who cared about others and he would want people to learn something useful from his death, and I decided it would piss Davis off that his mom and or sister censored what I attempted to post on his obituary web page, so I decided to tell the unvarnished truth about him in this alert- regardless of whether they "like it" or not.
I still have an image in my mind from when he was an alter boy at Christ Church in Alexandria VA, the same Episcopal church that General George Washington once attended. It disturbs me that this church is so much a part of the Illuminati's culture of death that today it pushes UN Agenda 21 population control by tying directly in with the gay agenda, but then again....
this shouldn't surprise anyone since Washington was a damn Freemason and Illuminist- so Christ Church in Alexandria is actually a stronghold of satan's, just as any Masonic lodge is.
I encouraged Davis to read "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" by Natasha Campbell McBride, MD, explaining to him that her info helped me to cure my OWN "ADD", but he wasn't able to hear me, for whatever reasons, perhaps because his psych meds had already caused too much damage to the Hippocampus region of his brain as he was gradually chemically lobotomized by his killers.
I tried lobbing this message in to him when he was incarcerated for stealing things to support his heroin habit, but by then I think it was simply too late. He was a tortured soul, whose life had gone just too far off the rails and he already had one foot in the grave.
My only solace now is that maybe the books I donated to the Prison library about how to break addictions using vitamin C (which attaches to the same receptor sites in the brain that opiate drugs attach to, helping anyone to easily get off heroin and other drugs) might help someone else.
I also take solace in the fact that my nephew is no longer suffering. We have a just and merciful God who we can always pray to in times of sadness, and I've been doing a lot of praying today as I write this alert for all of you. I've also been drinking more sulfur water than usual because it really helps me be calm and grounded, and few things are more stressful than losing a loved one.
The Rockefellers have their evil tentacles deep into the Christian Church not only in America, but world wide, and they pose every bit as much of a threat to destroy Christianity as ISIS does, if not more!
They wield this control via the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches which they control, and they've been using these organizations to hijack and water down the Christian Church so that Christ's teachings are being literally thrown out the window as these churches start walking in lockstep with the United Nations via ecumenicalism, utterly oblivious to the fact that there is an Alter to Satan directly inside UN Headquarters that I witnessed first hand during a high school field trip to the UN in NYC while I was growing up in North Eastern New Jersey.
Many churches are directly assisting the UN in their efforts to destroy our second amendment, as well as our whole constitution, failing to grasp the fact that they are being used to usher in the elite's intended world religion of Gaia Worship (Earth Worship), in other words, worshipping the CREATURE rather than the CREATOR. FEMA has been directly training moronic Pastors to assist with Gun Confiscation under martial law.
If you belong to one of these satanic churches that is attempting to assist FEMA in rounding up anyone who won't go along with N.W.O. genocide, do yourself a huge favor and QUIT NOW before your satanic pastor gives your name, as a gunowner, or as an opponent of abortion, or as an oppenent of the Antichrist (Obama) to FEMA and you end up locked up in one of the more than 800 concentration camps FEMA is now running across the USA where you will be executed if you refuse to pay homage to satan by getting microchipped as has happened to my T.I. friend Magnus Olssen in Swedens Olssen in Sweden who is courageously attempting to warn the worldhe world regarding these evil psychopaths intentions to enslave humanity.
Sadly, this goes directly along with UN Agenda 21, and so do all the churches currently embracing gay clergy, gay marriage, and abortion. These churches have become so much a part of the elite's "Culture of Death" that they're immersed in it, and they will do all in their power to assist the ruling elite with their transhumanist genocide agenda, and they are!
We all need to pull out of these hijacked Satanic Churches en masse while explaining our reasons for doing so as we band together to form our own home worship groups where our pastors will be volunteers who won't assist the NWO with their firearms confiscation plans, or anything else tied in with their culture of death!
If you want a model to follow while doing that with a local group of people, see this site. A growing number of people are pulling out of the satanic, controlled churches that have 501 C3 status which makes them totally controlled by the IRS to the point where their pastors don't dare saying anything "politically incorrect" from the pulpit or they could lose their 501 C 3 standing.
The solution is to form your own home church in which everyone has flipped the bird to the Internal Rectal Service (IRS) by going through the Freedom of Information Act to get their IRS Master Files (as I have done, and which you can EASILY DO by following these cookbook instructions!
It is a little known fact that the only people subject to the Internal Rectal Service are people in the military, people who live in Washington DC, and people who live in a US Territory or Possession such as Puerto Rico, American Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan, or American Samoa.
Most of us don't fall into these groups, and when we don't the IRS creates a FICTION by stating on our IRS Master File that our STRAWMAN, our ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME, which is NOT us, lives in Puerto Rico, or one of these other American Territories or Possessions, then its up to US to CALL the bastards on it, which is pathetically EASY to do!
I have done this. I got my IRS Master file which they have to give you if you file a Freedom of Information Request. The smarmy bastards had my STRAWMAN living in "Puerto Rico", a place I've never even set foot, much less "lived" in, so I sent a very pissed off letter to the IRS stating that "I, the flesh and blood John Christopher Hammell will have the IRS know that I am NOT my STRAWMAN, I am NOT my ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAME as shown in "my" IRS Master File, and I have NEVER EVEN SET FOOT on the Island of Puerto Rico, much less ever "lived" there, therefor I am sending you this Registered, Notarized letter insisting that you respond immediately as I am calling you on this obvious FRAUD!!"
I got a letter back saying I "don't exist", which is just fine with me, and I suspect you too will like this good feeling yourself after you do what I did! The Emporer truly wears NO CLOTHES, but so many gutless peons have no balls, and seem to even LIKE being slaves, so I sadly see most Americans and Canadians walking in lockstep straight towards their deaths on the near horizon, but it doesn't HAVE to be that way!
Please feel inspired by listening to Madison Rising as they play their heavy metal version of the Star Spangled Banner the Star Spangled Banner! I love this band. Their lead singer was a Marine, and they are all Jersey boys like me- so we have the same sort of patriotism.
Friends, I know this is deep, heavy, painful stuff to read. As I type this, I am countering those depressed feelings by listening to Madison Rising at the link above as I type!
I urge you to do the same, I guarantee if you feel the love for this country that I feel, and this love for freedom if you live outside America, you will understand and feel empowered, because there is a LOT we CAN do to TOTALLY DESTROY the N.W.O.s evil agenda, and it is FUN to oppose it too!!
Firstly, you must realize the victory has ALREADY been won! Christ paid for our sins on the cross, and those of us who believe in Him will never die, even if the N.W.O. kills our bodies, they can't ever kill our souls! My nephew Davis never understood this, and Heroin became his "God" as he was ruled by Satan who drove him to steal to support his habit. (We all have to serve SOMEONE, so make YOUR choice wisely!)
You must stay the hell OUT of hospitals by becoming your OWN doctor, as I have! Its not that hard! Start studying useful sites such as Doctor Yourself by my good buddy Andrew Saul, PhD, and The Life Extension Foundation (who are clients of mine.)
Also see the Weston A. Price Foundation where you can learn to use and prepare nutrient dense foods for perfect health! I run my local Chapter, and you can either join a chapter near where you live, or start one!
These are just a few of many examples I could have listed of sites that help you become your own doctor, there are many more, so seek them out, its FUN and you can save a lot of money this way that you can use to buy more important stuff like weapons, ammunition, first aide supplies, body armor, and other survival stuff that you can learn about here.
Also, if you live in or near a major city, GET OUT!! Utilize the info in this book to find a better place to live as I have! (If you prefer to watch a video of this relocation info, you can- here!)
If this stuff is getting you down, take some time off from reading it, then come back to it after watching " Trailer Park Boys Say Good Night to the Bad Guysto the Bad Guys" (The Trailer Park Boys, it will cause you to laugh your ass off!!)
See part two of this previous alert.... scroll down to it.
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Buy 10, 20 or (wholesaler's only) 50 or more pounds of sulfur and I will have this nebulizer shipped to your door direct from the manufacturer and you can then breath easy knowing the ruling elite will never succeed in enslaving you by merging your brain into the borg, the array of NSA fusion centers where they're busy data mining all of us!0 or (wholesaler's only) 50 or more pounds of sulfur and I will have this nebulizer shipped to your door direct from the manufacturer and you can then breath easy knowing the ruling elite will never succeed in enslaving you by merging your brain into the borg, the array of NSA fusion centers where they're busy data mining all of us!
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